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A MUST SEE! This fabulous Design House is open to the public only until Sunday, May 13th! This 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival home is know as Casa de las Puertas or house of doors, and gained its name from its splendidly designed wood-carved doors throughout the home. These many doors provide an opportunity for the occupant to easily access the beautiful grounds and nature. There is a restaurant catered by Wolfgang Puck, on the grounds making this a wonderful opportunity to take mom for Mother’s Day and after the tour treat her to lunch with the restaurant open until 5:00 pm! Information available at or call Admit One Products 714.442.3872. Price $35.00 online, $40.00 at the door of the House. Parking complimentary at the Pasadena Rose Bowl – Lot 1.

2012 Pasadena Showcase Photos - LA Times

Pasadena Showcase House of Design ( Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / April 13, 2012 )

2012 Pasadena Showcase House of Design
This 6,429 square foot house with its eight bedrooms, on approximately two acres has been transformed by 42 exterior and interior designers in the area. Outdoors you will find pool, barbeque, dressing rooms, greenhouse, waterfall, rose garden, writers retreat, casita, and for the men they will love visiting the Connoisseur Cave, by Garage Envy, Inc., in the Guest House Garage with walls adorned with custom wood cabinetry and a custom cigar humidor. The game of choice in this cave is Poker to be played on a custom poker table that sits on a French Oak barrel. Display cases house the automobile memorabilia from the connoisseur’s private collection as well as antique auto parts.

The Writers Retreat, by Cynthia Bennett and Associates, Inc. also separated from the home is more contemporary and features a fun interactive large television screen to showcase multiple images that, when touched, expand in size and display a quote. Visitors on tour enjoyed discovering the various images and quotes which were the center of conversation. The designer did a great job of involving the visitors in his space. The massive organic slab of redwood was an excellent way to bring warmth and nature into the room, placed at an angle, it anchored the room while allowing the writer to take in views of the fireplace and tree tops outside.

2012 Pasadena Showcase Photos - Casita - LA Times

Pasadena Showcase House of Design ( Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / April 13, 2012 )

The designers began by selecting a double complementary color scheme. This color palette was included with the design house tour magazine which featured each room. The selection of the color scheme is so important when working on such a large space with so many different designers coming together. The Casita, designed by Mark Cutler Design, Inc., brought ALL four colors into their space making it feel alive by their use of brighter shades of the same color palette. This worked well in the casita because this area stood on its own and did not compete with the dining or living room in more subdued colors that might have been adjacent to it in the main house.
As for the main home, the designers created a very synergistic home without compromising their own unique design for their space. They did this by keeping a unified color palette and the use of furniture period styles. The creativity of the designers still shined with the Master Bath, designed by Kathryne Designs, Inc., displaying a unique self cleaning toilet which played classical music when the lid was lifted, next to a shower with chocolate brown and taupe Spanish Moroccan tiles. The designer did a great job bringing enlarging the room by decreasing the shower size to make room for a luxurious and relaxing stand-alone bathtub, gleaming nickel fixtures, a striking contrast against the tiles.

The living room done in monocromatic colors (shades of the same color) created a very relaxing space because your eye did not jump from color to color. This designer did a great job using proportion. The grand piano is dramatically displayed against an eight foot long oil painting. This is often the biggest mistake made by a novice designer is to bring in a small accessory in a massive size room. To bring in fun and humor, always an important part of any space, this designer included the family dog, and a corner desk with a puzzle made in the image of the room!

2012 Pasadena Showcase Photos - Beams - LA Times

Pasadena Showcase House of Design ( Al Seib / Los Angeles Times / April 13, 2012 )

Although beams are not encouraged in Feng Shui because they cause air to hit the beam and flow downward on the occupant seated or sleeping below, the designer decided to keep this home in its original Spanish Revival Theme which included the overhead beams in many of the rooms.

The Family Room & Bath followed the rule of form follows function. I had the opportunity to hear the intention behind the design of this room from the designer herself, Karen Shoener, President of Designs of the Interior. Karen told me that she planned the furniture to allow both doors in the middle of each side of the room to be opened for entertaining to the two outdoor patios. She placed a sofa table to be used to open with the idea of placing a large buffet in the center of the room for guests to mingle, socialize and eat. The small sofa at one end of the room was designed with a cut out the center of its back to keep from blocking the beautiful views out the french doors behind. Her color palette for this room was tied together by an inspirational fabric; of Spanish and Moroccan pattern chosen to blend its authentic roots with contemporary twists, rich in hues of paprika, Prussian blue and sage.
For the Feng Shui client who constantly asks me, “How can I bring my metal remedy into my space?” I was excited to personally speak with the room designer Jon Jahr & Associates, Inc. who told me that gold metal tree stump cocktail table, from Century Furniture, weighs around 200 lbs, and nicely complimented the rich real woods of this study applying the principle of repetition of design.