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Have you experienced any frustration earning the money you feel you deserve in today’s business world? Here are three common mistakes women make whether you are a business owner, independent contractor, or loyal employee that keep you from earning what you are worth.

3 Mistakes Career Women make Relating to Wealth!
3 Mistakes Career Women make Relating to Wealth!

The #3 mistake that keeps a woman from earning what she is worth is her poor boundaries that show up as her inability to say “no”. Often women are so concerned about looking inadequate, or not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings, or appearing to be unsociable that they avoid telling friends, family, clients, volunteer organizations, and employers, “no”. By taking on more than they honestly feel like doing, woman compromise their own lives, in order to send a message they can always be counted on.  Often grandmothers are guilty of never saying “no” in order to avoid being perceived as not loving their grandchildren.

I remember a business associate once told me when she would ask me if I would come speak at her event, I would say, “Let me check and get back to you in a day.”  She said, “You taught me how to take time to think things through before saying yes, first deciding if it was in the best interest of myself as well as others”.

How many times do you say “yes” when you would like to tell someone “no”?  My sister-in-law just retired and after she left she learned that the company had divided her work among six employees. What does that say about how woman are willing to do what it takes without complaint for the good of the company? Saying “no” is about creating healthy boundaries and will be one of the first requirements of a leader. If you want to be promoted or build a bigger business, it is important to be a team player, but also willing to delegate, get help, and show you can “let go” of mediocre tasks that others can do, taking the lead to get the job done.

An entrepreneur may wonder how you can afford to hire someone when you can hardly pay yourself, but studies show when you say “no” to doing unimportant tasks by delegating, and spending money to gain knowledge from an expert mentor to guide you, then your energy vibration changes, trusting that you will always have enough, and you will attract more.

The #2 mistake keeping a woman from earning what she is worth is a lack of balance in her life resulting in her inability to receive. Learning how to receive is very important and is based on the ancient Theory of Balance in Feng Shui, called Yin and Yang. The Yin and Yang Theory is so important, it is why I cover it in depth in my online Feng Shui Crash Course. Much of the time a women prefers to give rather than receive, because it makes her feel needed, knowledgeable and important. The lack of having balance in your life keeps a woman from having the wealth she desires by giving more than receiving. Often women have been given the task at a young age to help care for siblings and this behavior forms a habit which continues in her relationship with her husband, and again when children arrive as they become her first priority. It is important to remember that when you receive you allow another to gain pleasure in giving.

I remember when I told my mother that I was going to a Bed and Breakfast by myself for a weekend. Her first reaction was to say, “What is wrong? Are you and Sal having marriage problems? I reassured her that was not the case. Then she said, “I never did that when I was married!” I responded with, “Yes, and that is why I am doing this, mom. You never took care of your own needs as much as the needs of your family.”   My mom was the example of a mom that was always there for her kids, turned down a career to be a homemaker; always being available for her family.

How much time do you spend doing things that personally bring you joy; taking time for a massage or a relaxing bath, going to the movies or dinner with your girlfriends, or taking time to go off alone to read a good book? When you spend time on yourself, everyone benefits because you are calmer and rested, plus you have strengthened your muscle of receiving which transfers over to the fact that you feel you deserve to receive more wealth and is also a good model in a family for a daughter! A couple of years ago I took a big step and allowed myself to be mentored by some of the top gurus in business. It was a costly, yet valuable and a humbling exercise where I learned how to receive because I was able to admit I did not have all the answers and allowed another to guide me.

The #1 mistake keeping women from creating more wealth is not having a supportive environment. I have observed this to be the most important contributor and is often the last thing women consider when faced with financial, health and relationship challenges. Changing your environment is one of the fastest ways I have found for career women to create increased wealth!  Often overlooked, your environments cause you to feel depressed, stuck, and also frustrated about your financial success. When your environments look and feel good, you feel good and you have the energy to go out and do what you love.

There are lots of ways to create an environment that feels good, placing the right Feng Shui colors that encourage calmness in order to reduce arguing, adding proper lighting that makes you look your best, furniture placement that supports the flow of energy allowing you to better receive. Did you know that in Feng Shui the bed placement can hinder your sleep? According to the Institute of Medicine 50-70 million adults in the U.S. have sleep difficulty. Studies have proven that lack of sleep can cause lost memories, anger, slurred speech, and of course a lack of energy and concentration, and a feeling of being overwhelmed?  Don’t forget the areas outside of your home, even if you live in an apartment. Your landscape can contribute to your feeling stuck, cause blocks, and result in money loss.

After 25 years of practicing design and architecture, I found Feng Shui and was amazed to find that when I added Feng Shui to my design consultations, my clients quickly moved forward with more wealth, improved health, and more harmonious relationships. Feng Shui is one of the main concepts I use to guide Career Women. That is why I created an easy to understand online Feng Shui Crash Course which offers many important concepts to help you understand how to make simple, but powerful changes to your environment in order to best guide you to increase your wealth.

This course prepares you for my certification course in the fall, and allowed me to cut the live event down from my previous 4 days to 2 days, without sacrificing important content. Also you can fly into L.A. from anywhere in the country and save money with an intensive two day commitment, in order to prepare for a career if you choose, which you can do anywhere!

The first step to change your home to a more supportive environment is to register for my online course which is absolutely the fastest way for Career Women to understand and implement Feng Shui and good design into their lives and is available at: Sign up now and for a limited time and save on this course!  Give yourself the summer to enjoy and review the easy to learn videos.

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So in summary remember the 3 top mistakes keeping women from creating more wealth is the need to have boundaries, balance, and the knowledge to create a supportive home environment!

Patt Sendejas, Certified Interior Designer – (CID) author, speaker, and consultant is available for Feng Shui and Interior Design speaking and consultations on commercial and residential spaces. Patt teaches how to create wealth, improve health, and enjoy harmonious relationships by changing your environment. Patt is also a National Trainer for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness and is available for on-site school trainings on Classroom Management.