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The Feng Shui visiting energy that arrives April 5, runs through May 5, 2015, brings greater opportunities for you to create more abundance, new relationships, and improved health.  The traditional Feng Shui is a nature science which is based on the study of nature to bring harmony to your life.  To see the visiting energies in each of your nine building quadrants, scroll down this page to read.



The productive cycle pictured here illustrates how harmony occurs in nature. The Chinese Feng Shui masters observed nature for thousands of years.   This Productive Cycle Chart is the foundation for placing remedies in your building.  Fire burns and leaves ashes and replenishes the earth.  Earth supports metal, with metal coming out of the earth.  Metal strengthens water and that is why it is recommended to always have a fountain made of metal not earth, because earth blocks water according to the Dominate Cycle.  Water supports wood, like when you water plants and trees to help them grow.  Wood supports fire, as the more wood you add to fire, the more fire burns.

Each of the elements have directions, and colors associated with them.  .The numbers on each element are associated with specific energy potentials.  For example the number 2 is associated with sickness and separation and the number 8 with expansion of wealth, good health, and increase in new relationships such as: clients, friends, and/or family.. Both the 2 and 8 are earth energies.  As you can see in the productive cycle, fire increases earth energies.  Therefore if you used fire you would increase the earth energy.  If you use metal it would reduce the earth energies according to our Reductive Cycle.. You would want to use fire when there is an 8 earth energy representing abundance and metal when there is a 2 which represents separation of anything from relationships, to money, to your possessions.

In addition, you want to eliminate water elements when there is a 2 or 8 energy in any room of your home, whether the 2 or 8 is coming from the permanent energy, monthly visiting energies, and/or yearly visiting energies..  Note: water reduces metal, and puts out fire, so when you add water colors: blue and black. or water elements in any room you negate metal and fire remedies.  Water would be represented by  a  fish tank or water fountain.  It is important to know that when you need fire in your office for example, and then you add a large black leather office chair, you have added water, which puts out the fire energy that you were introducing to expand the 8 earth energy of abundance.  Yes, you can use earth colors of yellow, tan, and beige in your decorating when you want to increase the 8 energy of earth. When using metal to reduce the 2 earth, remember to use only pastel shades.  Any earth in more intense colors such as deep yellow, or browns will increase the energy you desire to reduce!.

All of this will be discussed in my upcoming course the New Ultimate Feng Shui Experience, to be held online and live May 16 & 17. CLICK HERE FOR EVENT DETAILS.  I will be teaching you how to read any building’s permanent energy, PLUS  the yearly visiting energy and the monthly visiting energies.If you have ever entered a room and felt calm or uplifted it was most likely the colors and elements were in harmony with the buildings energy.   Being able to properly remedy a building is what causes the energy to feel good, and attracts what you desire and will be what I will be focusing on in this upcoming event!

When you have the right elements in the proper places in your building, you will experience more abundance, feel calmer and at peace, and move forward easily enjoying increased success. Colors of wall paint and floor materials can increase the energy within the room.  So if you have a 2 Feng Shui energy in a room, based on when the roof captures the energy, it is not good to have fire in the room, especially having an entire wall painted red! 

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See below for the energies in each area of your building ~ for April 5 through May 5, 2015

Center: You may find people whining and complaining more often this month because next month in the heart of all buildings comes the energy of separation and/or sickness. With the shift in higher consciousness that is happening now, many will be letting go to make room for a more passion based lifestyle.  You may change residence, expand or change your career, or make a change in personal or work related relationships.    Before change occurs we often see resistance and complaining..  Be clear on what you desire because we are now in the new energy with manifestations happening quickly to those who are positive and confident and taking action to step forward.  Dream BIG!

Southwest: This month’s visiting energy AND the yearly visiting energy in this quadrant causes the permanent energy in the Southwest to reach its highest potential all year.  The permanent energy never changes, but the yearly and monthly energies can make your permanent energy more intense.  That is what this month brings in the Southwest.   If I have done a comprehensive report on your building then you will know the permanent energy which is always in the Southwest and being increased this month!  Some of you will have delays, others may experience an increase in wealth according to your building’s specific energy blueprint. .

West: This month brings the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles. Make sure clutter is cleared from this area or you may end up with additional delays.  If this is where you conduct business, you may have more success spending work related activities in the North this month if possible for business expansion.

Northwest: This month has the potential for creativity, travel, speaking, and learning new information. This is a good area of your business to do marketing or in your home to study, or do any creative activities or project.  This energy is extremely good for creative writing.

North: This area is very auspicious this month with a potential to increase wealth, good health, and/or add new relationships to your life, such as; additions to the family or new clients to your business. Spend as much time as possible here this month to expand your abundance.

Northeast: This is a great area this month for power and authority for those who occupy the Northeast. Take action to empower and gain support with this good energy. Combined with the yearly visiting energy, this is a very prosperous place to spend time this month.

East: This area brings the potential for wealth and fame this period. It also increases the energy it is with. Check your building’s permanent energy if you have had a consultation with me. Like the energy in the Southwest this month, your permanent energy here in the east will be increased by this visiting monthly energy peaking from April 5 through May 5, 2015.

Southeast: The potential in this area brings separation and/or sickness. The Southeast is a good area to clean and sort and shred paperwork. It will be easy to let go of things this month in this area. If this is your front door or bedroom you may be moving or changing jobs this month. Remember “letting go” always creates a void for new to come in.

South: This area brings the potential for money. This energy may also bring feelings of betrayal or craving for sugar, or a desire to shop for clothes.

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