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You can choose to feel joy and attract more of what you desire.  I look back over the past 9 years and feel very blessed that I am so much better off now than I was in 2007 when I wanted to reach more people with Feng Shui and I thought that becoming a realtor could help me do that better.  There is no way I could have known that was not the right path for me until I took the step forward to experience that occupation.   I now have great respect for the knowledge that goes into being a successful realtor.  I know how important it is to keep up with changing laws in order to best serve clients.  I realized I have much more to give when I focus on environments, making them better, and combining my knowledge of Feng Shui in the design process.I realized this is what brings me the most joy!

Teen's BedroomI had a great opportunity to help parents of a 13 year-old girl redo their daughter’s room as a surprise while she was away in Washington at her 5th grade field trip.   I met with the parents on Saturday, helped them select the flooring, talked about a color palate and accessories for the room.  The new floor was installed on Monday.  The parents painted and accessorized the room on Tuesday, and on Wednesday at midnight their daughter came home to be surprised by a new room.  What fun to participate in the joy they brought to their daughter!

I feel the secret of success is to follow your joy but understand that if you are not making money your efforts may be just “a hobby”, not a career.  I have seen many afraid to try something new, afraid to hire help. Do you feel if you are not making money, how can you pay others?  Are you afraid of change?  That is the path that allows you to learn who you are and feel more alive.

So often we focus on helping others to the point of putting ourselves second and ignoring what brings us joy..  Especially, women and mothers.  It is so important now during these times of change to strengthen your ability to listen to your inner voice and follow your joy..   Rest when you feel the urge, get together with friends more, laugh more, and don’t forget what makes you happy.  Do what makes you happy each day, even it is only to walk your dog or soak in the bath.  Your light is so needed on our planet now.

If you want to attract more of what you want, you must realize that your words, thoughts and feelings of joy are creating your reality now more than ever before.  If you think you will fail, you will.  Happy attitudes make for happy lives.  I am concerned about the visiting energy coming next month in August to the center of all our buildings and to the heart of our country.  I know that the people I come in contact with, and all of you reading this, want a world of peace.  We get what we give away.  If you want more peace, be the peace to calm others, if you want more money, give money away, if you want love, give love away, if you want to be listened to, then listen to others.

The energy coming during August is called “death of the old”.  We have endings coming.  New beginnings will follow.  What will you do to help promote love, peace, and happiness for yourself and others during these times of change?   What we choose now more than ever will bring about the most positive change we have seen in years, take it up a notch.  What can you do to help lift others and yourself?  Take action, but make it inspired action. 

I remember when I read the book, “I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams, I Am, I Am, I Am.”  I decided I wanted to expand my income, so I started to follow the suggestions in the book and set aside 10% of my income to give away.  I asked for guidance to know who to give the money to. 

The first experience was when I was in a movie theater and did not realize I had left my purse in the theater until I got home.  I went back to the theater to see if it was turned in.  It was not.  I had $200 cash in my purse waiting to decide who to give it to.  I thought I needed to call banks and close my credit cards when I received a phone call.  The woman on the other end of the phone said, “My daughter found your purse in the theater, we were sitting next to you!”  We met up later that day, and sure enough the $200 and all my credit cards were still in my wallet untouched.  I offered to give her daughter the $200 with my appreciation, and she refused.  So I asked for the church she attended so I could donate the money in her name.  She told me it was the Philippine Church in the San Fernando Valley.

I proceeded to write a letter to the pastor and share what the daughter had done.  I included a check to the church for $200.  She phoned me later to tell me she was moved when the pastor read my letter to the entire church during their service.  I listened to my inner guidance and I did not regret it.

In 1998, I had another experience of giving my 10% when I had $170 saved in my wallet. I went to visit and comfort a woman who had just lost her son from suicide.   She was very sad because she said to me that she did not have the money for his memorial service.   I asked her how much it was, and she said, “The rental of the chapel is $170.”  Right then I knew the money I had been looking to give away was to go to her.  Listen and look for guidance.  I believe there is always guidance along our path if you will ask and listen for the answer.

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