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The new Feng Shui energy in the center of all buildings for August 2015 officially arrives a bit late this month, on August 8th, and  brings abundance like a rich uncle coming to visit you.  When this expansive energy visits in the heart of all buildings, the receiving of wealth, good health, new relationships; clients, friends, and/or additions to your family has the greatest potential to be experienced.  This energy is represented by the number “8” and is one of the best, most auspicious energies in Feng Shui.  This is in alignment with the abundance many healers are claiming will be showering us on our planet in August.  More abundance and love are coming for those who are asking and who are ready to receive.  If you have been letting go and getting clear about what you desire, then you have room to receive more of the good stuff coming during August’s abundant energy!

Fpuntain PhotoHere is a great fountain a friend of mine told me about.  She received it as a gift and when I asked where I could find one like it, she told me, “They have them back-ordered at Rains General Merchandise Store in Ojai, California.” The store is full of great things from wind chimes, to gardening supplies, dishes for summer fun, cooking items, and one of a kind artistic glassware to name just a few things.  They also have clothing.  You’ll love the sun hats they carry.

If you have never been to Ojai, you must put that location on your list.  My favorite place to eat is the Ojai Cafe Emporium that bakes fresh bread in their bakery every morning.  I first found Ojai when I stayed for a weekend at the Lavender Inn.  It is a 100-year-old Bed and Breakfast that is located in the center of the town and is walking distance to everything.  On my first visit it was painted lavender, and has since changed to beige and white with a lavender door.  All the rooms have hand-made quilts, and bed frames of brass or wood adding to its cozy atmosphere.  They offer wine and cheese early evening and a full breakfast in the morning.  Don’t forget to checkout Nutmeg House right around the corner, and if you are lucky you will get to meet the owner Meg Goodman who has a long history in the entertainment business.  That store also has many unique gifts, gem stones, greeting cards and other fun things to take home in remembrance of your visit to Ojai.

The fountain is a perfect remedy for Feng Shui and before I tell you where to place your fountain, let me tell you why its composition is so important.  I love the silver finish on this fountain, because silver represents a Metal element in Feng Shui.   Before I tell you where to place your fountain, let me explain why you want to avoid getting a fountain made of Earth.   You are best to use a fountain made of Metal and if you can’t find one, the next best is one with a silver finish, like this one pictured on this page. The reason you want to have a Metal fountain is that according to the Productive Cycle, Metal strengthened Water.  It is like water that forms on a metal car with the morning dew. If you are using an Earth fountain now, remove any rocks it might have and fill it with pennies to help strengthen the water!

When you have “7-7” energy in any quadrant of your building, whether from your permanent energy or a combination of yearly, monthly, or permanent energies, the “7-7” energy is good for wealth and increasing your connection with the entertainment business or entertaining more often.  The problem is that “7-7” can also cause arguing, so by adding a little water in the “7-7”  energy along with your Metal remedy, it helps reduce arguing.

Most months a fountain placed in the East or the Southwest inside of your home will help increase your wealth!  It will be important to avoid a fountain in the Southwest in August due to the visiting delay energy coming August 8th for 30 days.  Only Metal should be used this upcoming month in August in the Southwest.   Don’t get the Southwest mixed up with your South or West areas which are adjacent to the Southwest.  If you want to know how to properly lay a grid over your building you may want to purchase my book Feng Shui for Career Women: The Ultimate Women’s Guide for Advancing Your Career & Increasing Your Wealth.

If you have a red rug, red represents Fire and will negate your Metal remedy.  Earth comes in the colors yellow, tan, and beige and is also represented by tile floors and items made of porcelain and ceramic materials and will actually increase your delays if placed in the Southwest in August.  Since my sofa in the Southwest is rust in color, I will cover the sofa for 30 days with a white or silver-colored sheet or fabric.  Then I will be contributing to the vibration of Metal using the colors of Metal to help reduce the delays.  The only other thing that you must be aware of is if you do not know what the permanent energy is in the East in your building then you do not know if you have the potential for delays there, or separation energy which would both require a Metal remedy for your specific building’s energy.

Energy Changes beginning Aug. 8th through Sept. 7, 2015

Center:  You can expect to have more visitors this month and/or increases in your wealth.  All buildings have this abundance energy visiting after August 8, 2015.  Expect to see expansion of abundance, relationships, wealth, and/or health!

South:  Whining and complaining occurs here.  If this is a child’s room, you may find they complain more this month.  If it’s the location of your office, you may find more complaints by clients this period.

Southwest:  Delays, pain, and/or struggles occur here this month in the Southwest and can be frustrating if you have been working on a project you want to complete quickly.   Often when people are beginning a new job or new business I see the energy of delays showing up.  I feel this is to slow people down so they can keep from making impulsive decisions and absorb the new job information easily.

West:  Wealth and fame is a welcome energy after the separation energy here last month.  This energy also increases the yearly visiting energy and your permanent specific to your building..

Northwest:  This energy increases what it is with and needs a deeper study of the energy here specific to your building to understand how to remedy and what the impact of the energy will bring..

North:  This energy brings the potential for travel, creativity, increase in speaking and teaching, and an increase in dreams if this is your bedroom.  This energy is also good for intuition and is good for problem solving.

Northeast:  This energy brings the potential for separation and/or sickness.  This could mean you receive a promotion moving to a new position at work, an increase in travel separating you from your home or work this period, or you may experience a separation of a relationship that no longer serves you, or the separation energy could relate to more money being spent this month.  The monthly energy of separation can affect money or relationships and is more important when located at your front door or in your bedroom.  If the Northeast is your front door, you may move from your home or sign a contract to list it this month!.  .

East:  This area brings the potential for power and authority.  This is a very auspicious energy!

Southeast:  This energy brings the potential for an increase of money, but may come with obligations that cause you to feel imprisoned or trapped.  It can also bring the potential for feelings of betrayal or robbery to this area this month if you also have a “3” energy here..  For others the  “7” visiting energy here if joined by a “5” energy in this Southeast quadrant may argue more or have teeth problems this month.


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