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In June I attended the Forever Friends Golden Retriever (FFGR) dog reunion fundraiser.  In 2012, we rescued an 8 week old Golden Retriever pup.  She looked like the children’s verse, “Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear”, so I named her Bear.  I took my two grandsons, son, and son’s girlfriend to the reunion.  We enjoyed lunch, participated in relay games, and took this group photo below.  I am the blonde in the long sleeve navy top with grandsons to my right and Bear in front.  Foster homes are needed.  Visit the FFGR website to learn more about providing a foster home. 

Forever Friends Golden Retreiiver Reunion

Forever Friends Golden Retriever Reunion

When we arrived my son said, “Wow, I see Bear everywhere!”  It was amazing how much all the dogs looked alike.  I purchased tickets for each of us to enter the  drawing for door prizes.  My grandson, Tanner, said, “I want to win that one for you grandma” as he pointed to a gift basket, and put his ticket in the bag below it.

Yes, he won the exact one he picked.  It was a gift basket with lots of goodies; a $25 gift to the local pet store, $396 worth of training sessions, pet walking, grooming, and a pet massage!  Tanner is always a great example of how being clear on what we want without doubt, attracts.  I am no longer surprised when he declares he is going to win, and does!  Read on to learn design tips for your environment to help prevent hip problems in your dog.

Yesterday I scheduled our gift massage for Bear.  She loved it.  When Valerie, the certified CE, SAMP arrived, she first spoke to us about successful things proven to help avoid hip problems in dogs.  They are such great ideas that I immediately wanted to share with you.

Having a supportive environment for everyone in your space is important and includes your pets.  We all know that during this hot weather cooling down our pets with a hose can help keep dogs from becoming over heated and dehydrated.  Having cool water available at all times is important.  Watching to make sure they do not get overheated since their cooling system is in their paws.

I have shiny wood floors in all traffic areas of my home including my kitchen.  Valerie told me that what happens to a dog when walking on slick floors is much like humans walking on ice.  It immediately made sense to me.  She said getting the long runners and placing them end to end for better traction in your home to cover the woods floors makes all the difference in your dog’s hip and body support.

She shared a story about her client’s dog.  When she came into the home through their garage the dog greeted her and she noticed that as the dog walked with her through the house, he stayed on the rugs.  She said, “They know what feels right to them!”

Valerie  also mentioned that when a dog jumps down from a high bed, or sofa, it puts stress on the shoulders.  I have seen steps near a bed for small dogs to help them up and down.  She also said,”If you take your dog in an SUV it is best to help him in and out because the jump from that height can also put stress on their shoulders”.

When you purchase your runners, you can purchase the ones that are washable with a rubber backing.  That will make cleaning simple, and remember to keep the runners in the same color as needed for your Feng Shui remedy.  Do not put a fire (red) color runner in any area that needs metal.  If you are unsure about your remedy call me for details about having a consultation at 805-523-8488, (mention this blog and receive a $50 savings.  Also green is a safe color when unsure.

I hope this helps you enjoy a happier and healthier dog!

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