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Feng Shui by Within Your Space

Feeling overwhelmed by so much clutter?  Think you might have to add-on a room to have the space you need?  Not so, with this simple and low-cost solution to add more space to any home or business.  According to feng shui simplicity is important, but “letting go” to get there can be difficult for many.

Talk Control of the Clutter

Talk Control of the Clutter

This wall unit pictured here is a great source of storage for a small bath.  I shopped everywhere to find this small but useful adjustable shelf wall unit which measures 16″ wide, 11″deep, and just under 7’0″ tall.  According to feng shui clearing clutter, letting go of excess, and avoiding open shelves filled with stuff will help make your environment feel clean, more relaxing, and clutter free, plus provide you with more room for storage!

Each person in the home can have their own basket to pull out and utilize and move from room to room for convenience.  You can even set up a basket just for a guest, with extra tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, and anything you think your guest might enjoy.  Even a surprise box of chocolate!

This unit is at IKEA and sells for under $40.00.  The price varies with the type of baskets you select.  I picked multi-colored baskets in a 10″ X 14″ size, from Pier One.  I choose more expensive baskets because I wanted to pull out the colors in the picture; blues, reds, silver and whites and I liked the unique look which brought the cost including the wall unit to around $150.

By selecting dark-colored woven baskets you can save money and completely change the look of the room available at Target, and Cost Plus to name a few stores.  Prices for baskets range from $9.99 to $30.00 on average.  You can also find solid color baskets in greens, reds, and natural.  You can change your look just by changing the baskets which is one way to use color to adjust your feng shui remedy from year to year!

Get Organized!

Get Organized!

The baskets introduce texture.  Texture warms up a space and makes an interior feel warm and cozy.  Because a bath has so many shiny hard surfaces from sinks, toilets, metal faucets, and smooth surfaces on mirrors and pictures, the introduction of baskets is a way to help make the space become more inviting.  Wood grain also provides texture to a space, and this wall unit comes in your choice of finish; wood, black, and white.

By using the same color, white throughout this room, I was able to get the feng shui metal remedy I needed for this space.  To help this small space feel larger I used white rugs, white towels, white distressed wood furniture, and white accessories.  Your eye goes immediately to the picture which brings in the only color in the room other than the beige wall background.  By selecting baskets with small amounts of multi-colors the room sparkles without making this small room appear too busy.  Remember that every time you change colors you cause your eye to bounce from object to object resulting in a feeling of disconnect.  Too many colors reduce a calm feeling and cause more energy in the room.    A good rule to follow introduce only three colors in a room.  When you do this, the space feels large and calmer!

Patt Sendejas has over 35  years experience in Interior Design/Architecture and consults with residential and commercial clients to incorporate feng shui in their space for a more relaxing and stress-free environment.  Patt is a published author, speaker, and the Founder of the Make Room for the Magic™ program.