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Jessica Sitomer, Actress/Writer/Speaker, and host of iTunes show for Career Women just posted her recent interview with me ~ Finding Happily Ever AfterCLICK HERE to listen to this 13 minute interview full of Feng Shui tips.  Jessica took my Online Feng Shui Crash Course and shared her bedroom clearing clutter results after completing the 30 video online Feng Shui Crash course.  See her comments and photos below:

Jessica Sitomer ~ Actress/Writer/Speaker

Jessica Sitomer ~ Actress/Writer/Speaker

I really enjoyed the Feng Shui Crash Course and was motivated to remove 18 bags of stuff from my home!  I rearranged my bedroom according to the course suggestions so that my bed is in my best direction for my Feng Shui personality type.  I find I sleep better and I feel so much better with less clutter.  The course was so easy to understand with sample photos for outdoor and indoor Feng Shui suggestions.  It is a great DIY Feng Shui course.  I also liked the fact the videos were short so I could take in the information at my own pace coming back to watch a video 24/7.  The member site makes it so easy to access the course.  Jessica Sitomer, Actress/Writer/Speaker ~ Host of Finding Happily Ever After – talk show.


I don’t have any “before pics” because I got caught up in the moment and just went for it, and I don’t typically take pictures of my bedroom clutter, but now that I have maintained this for almost a month, I thought I’d share my “after pics”.  Before, most of the stuff was on the floor or overflowing in baskets.  Now it’s neat and uncluttered and there’s nothing on my floor.

Jessica’s NEW Clutter-free Bedroom

Bedroom Reorganization

Bedroom Reorganization

In the second picture below, you can’t tell, but that is a Queen sized bed that was facing West.  Being a Water Feng Shui Personality Type, I was supposed to sleep head facing north, so I switched the mattress around but still have the pillows facing west during the day.  Now it’s opened up the room for more space AND I sleep better.  I also don’t have all of the electrical plugs and products by my head anymore.  There was also a big desk that took up most of the space on the side of my bed and blocked my sliding doors.  All I did was pile stuff on the desk, so when I removed the clutter, I no longer needed the desk, again, opening up more space in the room, and no longer feeling like I have an office where I sleep.

Notice in the photo above, Jessica selected blue accent colors.  This is typical for people to select colors that support their Feng Shui Personality Type.  Since Jessica is a water type, blue would be one of the first colors she would select.

Only after taking a compass reading and determining the Feng Shui energy in the room, would we be able to determine the exact colors best for the room’s energy.  Blue or green are often used in bedrooms for a more relaxing feeling.  To learn about your Feng Shui unique personality type  ~ CLICK HERE and enter your month and year of birth.

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