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Have you felt the energy shift?  After the Feng Shui energy of delays in the center of all buildings in November, and a 3 week long retrograde, my clients are reporting a sudden movement forward in the past day.  The December energy shift arrives officially on December 7th and changes on January 4th.  This new energy brings the potential for an increase in creativity, movement, speaking, teaching, and is great for learning new information, and also a higher potential for travel.

Speaking of travel and learning new information; I am off to a very important conference presented by James Malinchak, this weekend, so I want to make sure I post this energy blog for you  before I leave!  I am looking forward to learning more from James and sharing plans for upcoming events in 2013.  Be sure to watch for details of my future events to come.  To be notified of my upcoming events be sure to sign up on the right of this blog by submitting your name and e-mail.  You will need to confirm your request to be on my list and once you do you will receive my 25 page Special Report Living Your Life in Balance, filled with Interior Design and Feng shui tips for your home.

Now for the energy in all the areas of your building arriving December 7 through January 4th….See below:

Center:  Great energy for creativity, coming up with new ideas for your future, your business, your marketing campaign, or just great for learning new information, creative writing and travel.  If you need to learn something new to improve your life, this would be the month to do it!  And for some of you with a “1” in your permanent energy of your building, you may start a book, find a new love this month, or be seen as a pillar in the community!

South:  Anyone occupying the South quadrant of the home or office will find the potential for unexpected money, expansion of friends, additions to your family, new clients, and/or good health this month.  For anyone wanting to become pregnant this month, the energy in the South would support that desire.   Don’t worry you if that is not your wish focus on experiencing expansion of abundance in other ways!

Southwest: This month comes the potential for wealth and fame.  If you have a “4” energy in your permanent energy chart in the Southwest than this area could bring you a higher potential for a new love than people in other areas of the building this month.  this energy in the Southwest this month increases your permanent energy along with the 2012 visiting yearly energy!

West:  This energy is great for anyone wanting to increase their power and authority and make wise decisions.  This energy is very auspicious.  You will have an edge on your competition in love or business if you occupy the West quadrant of your building more this month or if this is an entrance you use often.  Be prepared for good experiences to come your way in personal and business areas of your life.

Northwest:  For those who occupy the Northwest quadrant this month you will find a higher potential for delays.  It may feel like nothing seems to be moving forward for you. Often I find this energy in the entrance or office of a new business owner during their first year in business.  It seems to help slow down the new business owner keeping them from making hasty and unprofitable business decisions.  If you occupy the Northwest more this month, you may find you will return for things you forgot, or just have a hard time meeting deadlines or being on time for appointments.  If this is your child’s bedroom, be sure you put things by the door so they are not forgotten in the morning.  That child may experience more fatigue this month or just have a hard time getting up in the morning.

North:  The energy here this month brings an increase in separation to its highest peak all year.  If you have been thinking about letting go of a job, relationship, employee, or item that is no longer serves you, the energy in the North will help you “let go” in December.  When you do “let go” watch for good things to come in for you in January!

Northeast:  This energy brings a potential for money, but can also bring a potential for feelings of betrayal, entertainment business and/or teeth challenges this month depending on what your building’s permanent energy is in the Northeast.

East:  This is also the energy for “letting go” this month, so use this energy to help you clear clutter in the East, and find yourself able to move forward easier.

Southeast:  This energy brings the potential for whining and complaining.  If this is an office you may find more customer or employee complaints coming to you this month.  If it is your bedroom or your child’s  there may be more complaining and/or arguing this month.  This energy when combined with a permanent energy of the “2” can bring legal concerns.  If you occupy the Southeast for your bedroom, make sure you have a living trust in place and good insurance.  Use this legal energy potential to make sure you are covered with good protection in all areas of your life.

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