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I am always fascinated by the way the compass reading reveals the energy within your space.  I recently had a client who was purchasing a new home. She found one she wanted to put an offer in on but decided to do a 1 hour phone consultation with me to learn more about the energy within the home.

Does the Energy in Your Home Support You?

Does the Energy in Your Home Support You?

She did a rough sketch of the floor plan and then took a compass reading on the house. When I looked over the energy it was a match for what was happening to the occupants of this home. The home was owned by a gay couple who were adopting their first child. Earlier this year they had received a call that they would be getting twins this summer! The good news inspired them to seek a larger home. Always a good sign, that indicates to me that the lifestyle of the owners is profitable and expanding.

The center of the home’s permanent energy was very auspicious. It indicated that they would receive returned calls for business and/or social. With this energy there is little effort required by the homeowner in order to receive good results; attracting abundance in all areas of their life. Having this great energy in the center of the home indicates it will affect everyone in the home with abundance because the center energy indicates what is a predominate theme for the home or business.

The entry of any home or business indicates what is coming to the occupants from the outside world. This home’s entrance is very auspicious with the two best energies in Feng Shui, an “8” for money, and an “8” for health and relationships. That permanent energy was created when the home was built. It’s the permanent energy that shows us the reoccurring energy potential coming through the front door always. With the 8-8 energy this home has money expansion and good health and/or lots of people visiting this home regularly. What I found to be validating for my consultation was that at the front door along with the great 8-8 energies was the yearly visiting energy of a “9”. The 9 energy magnifies what it is with, and so it is no surprise that this is the year when the 9 caused the 8-8 to be greatest. That was demonstrated with the addition of a child to the family this year and the money coming to the owners from the sale of their home.

My client shared that the home was purchased several years ago by one of the owners and in 2013 they remolded the home. With that remodel they changed the energy by opening up the home which reflected the owner’s new desire to adopt a child. The energy where you live is always a mirror for what is happening in your life.

The other interesting factor was that the other door entering from the back of the home had the 2016 year’s visiting energy of an “8”. So both the front and back door has an “8” energy. This indicated the abundance coming of either money or additions to the family or both, no matter which door the owners entered and exited through in 2016!

The master bedroom is another important room to look at. Her future master bedroom has the energy of creative endeavors for the occupant related to learning, artistic interests, movement, and travel. My client loves dancing and travel. The master bedroom with its energy was a perfect match to what my client desired, and based on the law of attraction, she got exactly what she was focusing on, reflected by the Feng Shui energy potential of this home. Having confidence that this home was a match to the lifestyle she desired, my client put in an offer for the home and got it!.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.” – Napoleon Hill

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