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The Year of the Sheep began February 5, 2015 and is expected to be filled with positive change.  See the cartoon of the smiling sheep below!  Scroll down to see the Feng Shui February energy posted below for the 1st month of the new Feng Shui year beginning February 5 through March 5th.

2015 - Year of the Sheep

2015 – Year of the Sheep

Humanity has reached a new awareness that cannot be denied.  The struggles of the past are giving way to solutions and empowerment as people realize they are responsible for their lives and experiences.  Up until now many people around the world have felt frustrated and trapped.  Their feelings of hopelessness gave way to fear.  Fear uses force, and love empowers.  People are becoming more discerning turning off the nightly news in order to focus on movies, thoughts, discussions, and music with a central theme of love and joy. We are now in the Age of Aquarius.

Much has been revealed about our human potential over the last 100 years with the works such as; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie’s teachings on positive thought, and the release of the movies The Secret and What the Bleep?.  Also the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks on the law of attraction, the art of allowing and deliberate creation has opened up our minds to the fact that there is an invisible energy that we can tap into and co-create.  All of these teachers have one common message; humans have more power than they realize..

In Feng Shui, the 1984-2003 twenty year cycle was the time of career growth and empowerment for women.  We saw many women join the work force and focus on successful careers while raising families.  Hillary Clinton was one of these women whose career grew along with women in the entertainment business, medicine, and business owners.

In 2004-2023 we entered the 20 year Feng Shui cycle of the young male and the shift in energy supported Obama to be elected, one of our youngest Presidents, along with youthful leaders of companies like Mark Zuckerberg; developer and owner of Facebook, and Justin Timberlake becoming a stand out young male in the entertainment industry.  Mayor Eric Garcetti recently elected mayor of Los Angeles is the youngest mayor L.A. has had so far.

By summer, mid-August, more peace will be seen on the planet with the turmoil of 2012 through 2014 making way for a more peaceful world.  People around the world will understand how we are all connected and what they can do to bring about change.  There has never been this many signs as favorable planetary aspects confirming the positive nature of upcoming change.  Many of my clients have reported to me that they are already feeling this new energy.

Recently I had a client who I have worked with for years who called me to consult with him on a home he had just rented.  In 2013 he shared with me that he had suffered a great business loss from a fraudulent business deal, and ended up working to pay clients back out his pocket while living in a hotel and struggling to make ends meet.  He said, “I am ready to move to a home again”.  He shared with me that out of all the houses he considered he was drawn to this home because he FELT this was the right house for him.

I was delighted to read the house and see how it was a perfect match for him with wealth and good health showing up in his master bedroom, coming through the front door, and in areas where he would be spending the most time.  His healing efforts to focus on what he needed to do to make things right with his clients who suffered from his loss by repaying them a little each month certainly had it Karmic rewards for him, resulting in a home he was passionately drawn to.   For men in this culture to be more interested how they feel than in having to be right is indeed something to celebrate!  He was willing to admit his mistakes openly to his clients, concerned for their welfare, being a person of integrity by admitting the his mistake took great courage!

Astrology confirms that the planets are aligning in ways that we have not seen since the lives of Christ and Buddha who brought the message of love to the world.  Feng Shui considers all cycles and changes and how they contribute to the well being of humanity.  Jupiter is a planet that is present now and is the bringer of gifts.  In March there will be an astrological shift on the planet bringing more love and compassion as people continue to open their hearts.

For several years now reference has been made to the children arriving on the planet  as “the Crystal Children” who are lifting the vibration with their love.  During March we will have a reset of energy that reoccurs every 26,000 years.   This will bring an opportunity for each individual to connect with their heart, and create a more joyful life if they chose.  We are still the planet of free choice and it will be up to each individual to take responsibility to do their part to bring positive thoughts and actions to allow the changes to occur.  As the Chinese proverb states: “Nothing great is achieved without passion.”  — If you are struggling, feeling fearful or anxious click here and read my previous blog on how you can change your life with one simple prayer.

Lots of positive changes are coming as unemployment reached its lowest in 2014 since the economy fell in 2008.  Gas prices will continue to be low, but coffee prices will continue to increase along with the cost of milk.  Real Estate is making a comeback which means construction, followed by interior design and home improvement industries will continue to see growth.  Technology continues to grow with more and more life changing products with the introduction of the 3D printer allowing medicine to be positively impacted in ways we have never thought possible.  Living a healthy life will also be the center of attention for consumers who realize their health has much to do with the foods they eat.  Solar products are making strong gains as solar costs go down.  The economy in China is struggling and is predicted to recover as this ancient country is based on the Chinese proverb: “Through crisis comes great opportunity.”    The earth is also going through changes as we will continue to see more erratic weather patterns around the world involving water and its redistribution, earthquakes will also be cause for concern which may trigger Tsunamis.

The Feng Shui energy – February 4th thru March 5, 2015. . .

Center: The energy in the center of your building this cycle has the potential for delays and struggles.  Know that this too shall pass.   Take this time to journal and get clear how you would like to move forward in 2012 when the energy comes in March.  For those who are clear about their direction, March will bring positive manifestations..

South: This month’s visiting energy increases what it is with. If you have had a report done on your building then you will understand the energy that will be increased this month.  The permanent energy along with the yearly visiting energy will be increased by this monthly energy here in the South.

Southwest: The visiting energy here this month has the potential for separation and/or sickness.  If possible avoid using the Southwest part of your home or business this month.  This is a good area to sort paperwork in order to let go and clear clutter.  The Southwest is Southern California may be a month of “letting go” and change for the Southwest part of the U.S.  If this is your front door or bedroom, you may move this month, or let go of a relationship, or job that no longer supports you. Be sure to get plenty of rest as to avoid the flu if this is an area you cannot avoid this month.

West: The visiting energy here this month has the potential to bring money, and for some comes a potential for feelings of betrayal depending on your environments permanent energy.

Northwest:  The visiting energy here has the potential to bring power and authority. If this is your front door or bedroom you may find it is a good time to proceed with negotiations for purchases you have been wanting that may require strong negotiation skills.

North: The visiting energy here has the potential for wealth and fame. It also increases the yearly visiting energy and the permanent energy in the north quadrant in your building.  This year the north becomes a very auspicious space.

Northeast: The visiting energy here is awesome. It brings the potential for expansion of wealth, good health, and/or new relationships. If this is your front door or bedroom, enjoy the abundance and expansion this month!  if this is your front door, you may have more visitors this month than normal  Be sure to use the Northeast as much as possible during this cycle.

East: The visiting energy here brings the potential for whining and complaining. If this is your office know that you may receive more complaining this month from employees, or clients.  This is a good month for real estate investing for those occupying the East.

Southeast:  The visiting energy here brings the potential for creativity, travel, learning new information, creative writing and/or teaching.   Spend time in the Southeast this month if you are learning new information or working on a creative project.  This is a great area for a cash register in a business, because the cash register will open and close easily increasing your cash!

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