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This month’s visiting energy runs from July 7 through Aug. 7, 2015, and increases the permanent energy and visiting yearly energy captured within your building according to Traditional Compass Feng Shui.  We see these cycles everywhere from the changing tides to the changing seasons, to the change in the stock market and the rise and fall of housing prices.

In my blog post earlier this year, I discussed the yearly visiting for 2015, and shared that this year there is a higher potential for whining and complaining. So when the monthly energy increases what it is with, the 2015 yearly visiting energy also increases bringing more whining and complaining,   Energy is like a bell curve and it starts out gradual in February when it arrives for the year, and then increases as it proceeds each month.  When the yearly visiting energy reaches July through September, over the summer, it reaches its peak for the year being the strongest.  Then as it moves into the fall, the year’s visiting energy slowly reduces, making room for next year’s visiting energy to arrive.  Similar to the cycles of the moon changing from a full moon to a new moon to a full moon again.

New Moon - Yin & Yang

New Moon – Yin & Yang

I am always surprised when I hear people question the fact that their homes and businesses have captured specific energy. We have all felt a home that feels depressing the minute we walk in, and that is part of what we refer to as energy.   A depressing home is usually dark, referred to as too yin. A home that is too bright and sunny has an energy vibration of being too yang, and overtime can cause headaches and irritability to it’s occupants.  Balance is the key.

These cycles come from natural cycles observed for thousands of years in nature. If you are having challenges letting go of the old in order to deal with all the change going on in the world today, you may want to read my book; Letting Go to Create a Magical Life.

Your permanent energy specific to your building will also be increased this month by the visiting monthly energy that increases what it is with. See below for July’s monthly visiting energy in each of the nine areas of your building.  Being aware of the monthly energy helps me determine when a home will sell, or when someone will have an increase in wealth, just by looking at the yearly and monthly visiting energies along with the home’s permanent energy blueprint.

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Visiting Energy from July 7 through August 7, 2015:

Center: The Feng Shui monthly energy in the center of all buildings increases what it is with, so if you have had a report done on your home/business this energy increases your permanent energy captured in the center of your building.

South:   The Feng Shui monthly energy in the South brings the potential for creativity, travel, speaking, and/or teaching.  If this is your front door, or bedroom, you may enjoy traveling for business or pleasure.   If this is your front door, office, or bedroom expect more creative ideas this month, and the energy also supports learning new information, artistic endeavors, and spiritual practices!

Southwest:  The Feng Shui monthly energy in the Southwest brings the potential for power and authority.  Great area for important decision-making.

West:  The Feng Shui monthly visiting energy in the West brings the potential for separation and or sickness.  If you spend much time in this area see about spending time in a different location this month, and be sure to get rest and nurture yourself.  If your home is for sale, you may accept an offer or move this month, especially if the west is your front door or bedroom!

Northwest:   The Feng Shui monthly visiting energy in the Northwest brings the potential for wealth and fame, and also increases the yearly visiting energy and the permanent energy captured when the roof went on your building.  When you have a Feng Shui report done you will be able to determine what this energy is that will be increased this month.

North:  The Feng Shui monthly visiting energy in the North brings the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles.  Such a change from last year’s visiting energy of prosperity and expansion.  No worries, this energy of delays will only last one month, so relax.  Take it easy and enjoy the slower pace if this is an area you use often.  Use this time to be clear on your intentions if this is an area you cannot avoid in July.

Northeast:  The Feng Shui monthly visiting energy in the Northeast brings the potential for whining and complaining.  If this is your office, you may hear more complaining this month from clients.

East:  The Feng Shui monthly visiting energy in the East brings the potential for money.  This could also bring the potential for feelings of betrayal, teeth problems or potential for arguing.

Southeast:  The Feng Shui monthly visiting energy in the Southeast brings the potential for expansion of wealth,relationships and/or good health.  It is like having a rich uncle coming to visit you!  Enjoy this prosperous energy.

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