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Are you ready to experience power and authority? That’s the new energy arriving October 9th to all buildings.  The secret to getting the most out of this month’s Feng Shui visiting energy is to stay positive! Anything you focus on will have more power and authority this month.

It often takes work to focus on the positive especially when so much is changing so fast in our lives. Change can be very stressful for people and those who ride the waves of change the best are those who have trained their thinking to let go of any negative situation, comment, or experience as quick as possible.

change-your-thoughtsLately I have observed that many people get stuck in what they expect to happen and end up disappointed when things don’t go their way. So much can happen with our technology that you sometimes have a challenge keeping up and if you can give others a break with compassion and understanding then your vibration shifts and is able to attract more of what you want.  Understand?

I have been practicing the habit of shifting my thoughts for years in order to think positive. I am getting pretty good at recognizing when I am focusing more on the problem than on the solution. Remember you cannot solve a problem when you are focused on the vibration of the problem! Stepping away and relaxing usually brings in a solution pretty quickly.  You can’t be sad enough to help a disappointed person be happy.  Energy doesn’t work that way, you will both be pulled down.

Another outdated behavior that no longer works in our new earth energy is blame. Taking responsibility is key.  If you are part of the experience, ask yourself what you have to learn from it and why did you attract it in your experience?  If you understand that every time you make a mistake or experience something unpleasant, it is an opportunity to learn how to make your life flow easier. Some people still love the dramas. Personally I love being in the flow. I often say, “Everything always falls in place easily for me.”

Recently I had a client who said she has to worry about her family because God can’t be everywhere. Maybe she is thinking of God as being human. She reminded me of the time when I was with my dad driving to the post office. He was going to wait in the car while I ran into mail a package. It was a warm day, and I said to him as I hopped out of the car, “I will ask God for short lines in the Post Office so you won’t have to wait long.” My dad said to me, “You can’t ask God for that!” Being a very religious man, I turned to him and said, “Gee I didn’t know that, I never got the list of what I could and could not ask God for!   LOL!

Is that what you think also? If so, you might want to include God and your angels in your thoughts each day. I think you will be surprised at how your life will improve, just by teaming up with a higher energy as you go through your day! Focus your thoughts on what you want, because this month’s energy of power and authority is going to bring in what you are thinking about, and it might not be what you desire.

Notice how when you hear an incident on the news the next day you hear a similar incident reported?  Why do you think that is?   Many watch the news, and fear that the same thing could happen to them and focus their thoughts in sadness, worry, or fear. If you must watch TV make it something funny, educational or uplifting. Keep your thoughts positive!

I have been meeting with clients for one and two hour consultations on their homes to consult about paint color selection for inside and out, furniture arranging, Feng Shui energies and remedies, kitchen design, space planning, creating a color palette, plus the selection of floor and window coverings. It has been a treat to get back in the field and help the DIY client to have a plan of action to save them money and time!

Learn what to do to make your space feel larger, understand how to gain more storage space, find out how different patterns and lines in your space create different emotions and energies which contribute to relaxation or conflict.  I can be reached at 805-523-8488 and I would love to help you formulate a direction for your next project. To become a California Certified Interior Designer I needed to sit for an 11 hour exam, and now keep up with my continuing education. Use my education and years of design experience to allow me to help you create the best possible environment for you and your needs.

Here’s the Feng Shui Visiting Energy for October 9 through November 7, 2015:

Center:  The potential for power and authority comes this month, read above to better understand how you can use this visiting Feng Shui Energy to your advantage.

South:  Wealth and fame is the potential here and also increases the permanent and yearly energies it is with in the South.  For those who have had your report done on your building, use more of the remedy specified this month in the South specific to your building’s energy..

Southwest: Brings the potential for whining and complaining.  You may complain more this month, or have clients or family members that come to you and complain in October if you are spending a lot of time in the Southwest this month!

West:  Has the potential to bring the energy for expansion of wealth, health, and new relationships.  If this is your bedroom you may find additions to the family this month, or more money coming to you this month.  If this is your front door entry you may have more people visiting your home this month.  If you are operating your own business you may see more clients this month or you may enjoy more sales by spending time in the west!

Northwest:  This energy brings the potential for wealth and can also bring a potential for back problems in 2015.  When you add water here you may be more creative, travel more and your back problems may reduce, but the money may be reduced also.

North:  The visiting energy here this month brings the potential for separation and/or sickness.  Best to use this energy to let go of things you no longer need, and take good care of your health!

Northeast:   The visiting energy here has the potential to increase the other energies it is with (permanent and yearly energies) to their HIGHEST potential in the Northeast this month.  If you know your building’s permanent energy here in the Northeast, then you will know what will be expanded this month.  Increase the remedy you have been instructed to have in the Northeast according to your buildings yearly energy report.

East:  The visiting energy here brings the potential for travel, speaking, good academics, creativity and/or teaching.  Great area for learning and academic studies this month!

Southeast:  Brings the energy with a potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles.

Patt Sendejas, CA Certified Interior Designer, author, speaker, and consultant is available for Interior Design/Feng Shui consultations on commercial and residential spaces.  Patt is an award winning kitchen designer, model home designer, and holds a B.A. in Interior Design.  She is also a graduate of UCLA’s Environmental and Interior Design Program.  Call Patt today for an hourly in-home design consultation – 805-523-8488.