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This month’s energy visiting from Dec. 7 thru Jan. 5, 2016, brings you the opportunity to be more creative, travel, teach, learn new info, or just enjoy your life with more vitality. Expect movement forward after the energy of November which brought delays, pain and struggles in one form or another to many.

I received this quote in an email from Ester Hick’s ( and wanted to elaborate on this subject this month.
“The more in vibrational sync you are with who you really are, then the more you are allowing only those things that you’re wanting, and the less resistance there is. And the less resistance there is, then the less delay between the idea of the thought and the receiving of it.
Excerpted from: Tallahassee, FL Event on December 01, 2001

Who knows you better than you? If you have been focused on the reactions of others to you, then you will be constantly mislead to who you really are. All of us have unique gifts and talents. Most never use them because they feel they must work hard to achieve success and usually your gifts come to you effortless. You use them naturally and when combined with a career, earning a living becomes fun, effortless, enjoyable and passionate. Take time this month to review what you loved doing naturally when you were young. Don’t judge what you love, just continue to watch for opportunities to do what you love in your career!

Watch who you meet and what you are experiencing as an indication of your energy vibration and your Feng Shui energy within your space. If you are meeting new people with whom you enjoy their company, it is a reflection of your love for yourself. If you are surrounded by people with a sense of humor, consider it a reflection of the joy you are feeling and attracting.

At this time in our history more than ever we need people to use the gifts they have been given to contribute in a unique way to make our society better.  If you are not using your gift or even acknowledging them, then your vibration is low.  It is a high, happy, excited attitude with appreciation for your life that attracts more abundance to you.  With the new moon on December 10th, this could not be a better time to focus on what will make you happy.  Do not try to figure out how it will come in, just focus on what brings you joy!  Have a blessed and abundant holiday.

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See below for the Monthly Feng Shui energies your building for: ~ Dec. 7th through Jan. 5th, 2016

Center Quadrant: has the potential for creativity, travel, learning new information, and also a potential for a new love for some. This is a welcome change from the delays, pain, and struggles experienced by many with the monthly energy in November which is now behind us. Great energy to bring in the new year since this energy continues thru Jan 5th.!

Northwest Quadrant: the energy of delays, pain, and struggles has moved into the Northwest. If this is an entrance, best to choose a different door if possible to enter and exit this month. This energy has the potential for “death of the old”, and/or arguing depending on the permanent energy in your building in the Northwest. This quadrant is best to avoid if possible or use the area for rest and relaxation. If you are working in this energy you may feel tired or like you are not getting much accomplished. You may find you forget things and have to return if this is an area where you spend a lot of time.

West Quadrant: this energy has the potential for power and authority. This energy is good for support of wealth and good for decision-making. By February you will be glad to see the 2015 energy of delays that have been in the west this year moving out!

Southwest Quadrant: has the potential this month for wealth and fame, and it also increases what it is with bringing the potential for an increase of your building’s “permanent energy”. This monthly energy combined with the “yearly visiting energy” brings the potential for career development. If the Southwest is your bedroom or front door, you can expect a higher potential for career advancement this month!

South Quadrant: has the potential to bring you wonderful energy for abundance, expansion of clients, new relationships, more clients or expanded friendships. Also enjoy harmony, prosperity and wealth. This is a great area to do business. Abundance flows in the South this month. If this is your front door, office, or bedroom expect added prosperity this month! It is said this energy visiting in the South this month is like a rich uncle coming to visit bringing you gifts.

Southeast Quadrant: has the potential for whining and complaining this month. It also brings the potential for feelings of betrayal or legal concerns depending on your permanent energy specific to the Southeast part of your building.

East Quadrant: has the potential for separation and/or sickness, which could be a change of job, a relationship separation, more travel, or money loss. I would suggest if this is your office to work in another area this month if possible to avoid money or loss of clients. If this is your entry door or master bedroom there could be a major change happening for you this month which could have a very positive outcome for you!

Northeast Quadrant: has the potential for money to come to you! Also you may have a higher potential for arguing this month, and the potential for feelings of betrayal, potential for robberies or craving for sugars depending on the permanent energy of your specific building.

North Quadrant: the energy visiting here has the potential to increase what it is with. If you have had a report done by me on your building then you will know that the energy in the North quadrant of your building will be increased this month to its highest potential all year. For some that energy is good and for others it may be more challenging.

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