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The November Feng Shui visiting energy arrived November 8th and runs through December 6th. In the heart of all buildings comes a potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles, reaching a peak around November 23rd. Many may think this energy is problematic, but what is really problematic is resisting the energy, fearing, or worrying about the small things in your life that don’t go your way. Know that everything is always perfect and when you go with the flow everything seems to fall in place with ease.

Most of us act like we have had a great catastrophe when we get stuck in traffic, experience long lines at Starbucks, people talking in the movie theater, or people showing up late for appointments. What is really important in our lives is the people we love. Have you called to express your love for any of your friends or family members lately? My condolence to the families who lost loved ones in the recent terrorists attacks, especially having to endure the holidays without those they love.

I have been busy helping clients to get new floor and windows coverings installed before their Thanksgiving gatherings. The manufacturer I am working with is able to install next day with every type of floor you desire. I can still schedule an appointment for you to get your new floors installed before Thanksgiving, so call now at 805-523-8488 to schedule an appointment with me!

The new popular flooring being requested by homeowners now are hard surfaces that are durable and easy to maintain; laminates, engineered hardwoods, ceramic tiles. Remember to avoid Bamboo which has been pulled from the line of the manufacturer I work with due to problems with the Bamboo not holding up and having shredding issues. The hot new items for floors are the Luxury Vinyl Planks that are made of thick vinyl with a high definition photo that looks like real wood, and Luxury Vinyl Tiles with a limestone base having a high definition photo that looks just like stone.

Recent clients bathroom installation of Luxury Vinyl Tile without grout.

Recent clients bathroom installation of Luxury Vinyl Tile without grout.

The great part about the Luxury Vinyl products is that they are mold, mildew, scuff and dent resistant! Clean and elegant looking.  Great for entrances with the heavy rain predictions coming to Southern California. Easy maintenance, plus this product helps to reduce allergies for more sensitive family members and children.

I can also help you get carpet installed next day in time for Thanksgiving if you contact me now!   See my client’s home on the left which I recently helped to stage for her home sale. She replaced her two bathroom vinyl floors with Luxury Vinyl Tile. It can be installed with or without grout, and the new look most are opting for is no grout as pictured here. Vinyl tiles or planks are perfect for kitchens and baths!

May you each have a blessed Thanksgiving surrounded by the people you love and enjoy.  May your family and loved ones be safe!

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November 8th through December 6, 2015 ~ Visiting Feng Shui Energies:

Center: This energy has the potential for delays and struggles. For those who have had your 2015 Yearly Feng Shui report done, be sure to increase your specified remedy this period in the center or your building. Know that this too shall pass and take this time to journal and get clear how you would like to move forward when the energy moves forward in December.

South: This energy increases what it is with. If you have had a report done on your building then be sure to increase the remedy that has been specified for your specific building’s permanent energy.

Southwest: The visiting energy here this month has the potential for separation and/or sickness.  If possible avoid using the Southwest part of your home or business this month.  This is a good area to sort paper work in order to let go and clear clutter.   If this is your front door or bedroom, you may move this month, or let go of a relationship or job that no longer supports you.

West: The visiting energy here this month has the potential to bring money, and possible feelings of betrayal for some environments.

Northwest:  The visiting energy here has the potential to bring power and authority. If this is your front door or bedroom you may find it is a good time to proceed with negotiations for for anything you have been desiring.  You will have more success getting your way this month with this powerful and supportive visiting energy.

North: The visiting energy here has the potential for wealth and fame. It also increases the yearly visiting energy and the permanent energy in the north quadrant in your building.

Northeast: The visiting energy here is awesome. It brings the potential for expansion of wealth, good health, and/or new relationships. If this is your front door or bedroom, enjoy the abundance and expansion this month!  You may have more visitors this month than normal.  Be sure to use the Northeast as much as possible during this cycle.  If you are traveling to Vegas this month and enjoy gambling, then playing the slots or gambling has the potential for winnings if you are in the Northeast part of the building now through December 6th!

East: The visiting energy here brings the potential for whining and complaining. If this is your office know that you may receive more complaining this month from employees, or clients.

Southeast:  The visiting energy here brings the potential for creativity, travel, learning new information, creative writing and/or teaching.   Spend time in the Southeast this month if you are learning new information or working on a creative project.  This is a great area for a cash register in a business, because the cash register will open and close easily to increase your cash!

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