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Patt Sendejas, author of Feng Shui for Career Women, The Ultimate Women’s Guide for Advancing Your Career & Increasing 
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, is a California Certified Interior Designer, Speaker, and Feng Shi Consultant for Home and Business. 

The forces of the universe are constantly changing. However, these changes occur in cycles. Our planet rotates on its axis to go from day to night. We move through time as we pass week to week, month to month and season to season.

Our passage of cycles goes through many forces. The Earth has gravity and magnetic fields. Our environment is actively and passively affected by these forces as we go through our cycles.

These energy forces and time cycles have a direct effect on how we react and interact with our environment and affect man profoundly.

We have heard of the effects of time, some refer to this as “astrology”. We know that everything is based on change. Some years are marked with great benefits while others seem to be filled with obstacles and struggle. For years man has been captivated by the stars. As a result, numerous types of astrology have been developed to chart the nature of these changes over time.

The Chinese have spent centuries observing the effects of these forces. Ancient philosophers, meteorologists, and astronomers studied and worked out systems for determining how the forces of nature play out in time and space. What many in the West don’t believe is that there are also periodic changes in the qualities of the space in which we live and work. This is the art of science of Feng Shui (Chinese geomancy).

Feng Shui is an intensive study that takes many years to master. However, some aspects of it can be used, even by the beginner to improve their health and prosperity.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the traditional Chinese art of living in a harmonious environment in order to receive the greatest benefits in life: health, love, and prosperity. Feng Shui, Chinese for “nature science”, is an analytical system developed by centuries-old cumulative tradition based on meticulous observation and experimentation. It’s very name – stands for “Wind and Water” – speaks to the age old search for our home in nature. Wind and water are present whether you believe in them or not, just as oxygen and hydrogen atoms are. Many of us do not know the technical knowledge of electricity and how it works, and yet we enjoy appliances, and read by laps utilizing electricity. Don’t let your lack of knowledge of Feng Shui deprive you of its wonderful benefits.

Feng Shui shows where it’s most advantageous for you to live, how to create a beneficial environment, which colors elevate your personal living space, and shows you how to change your work place, business, or home into a center of power. The practice of Feng Shui results in the improvement of your health, love, and prosperity by determining your correct placement within the natural order. It is now providing guidance to builders, home buyers, designers, architects, and real estate brokers. Feng Shui gives guidance that enables a home buyer to decide whether or not a home is compatible with their family.

The system is based on both physical reactions of the elements in the natural environment and information about the individual. When Patt consults, she gathers information on a home or business, and determines if there is going to be harmony or prosperity for the occupant based on elements and information about the environment and its occupant. If the information indicates that the home or business is unfavorable, Patt is able to make suggestions for adjustments to that environment in order to bring about a more desirable situation. Where an architect may give advice on adding a closet to give a client more needed storage space, a Feng Shui consultant may suggest a change in furniture placement to help the client increase concentration or improve sleep, which in turn will bring better productivity at work, therefore adding prosperity.

Personality Feng Shui™ is a tool for the home or business owner, which brings about awareness by proving additional information in order for the individual to make conscious choices to improve life. If you would like to obtain more information about a Personality Feng Shui™, or schedule an appointment for your home or business complete the form under the “Contact” tab.

Client Testimonials

Rich Rose - RS Ventures, LLC
Rich Rose – RS Ventures, LLC

Patt I wanted to share with you what happened this morning. The year started out with my tenants calling and emailing me about various things needing to be fixed in their units. In all the years I’ve been managing my properties I have never seen the amount of repairs requested in a short amount of time. Usually I will get a call every 4-6 months from one of my tenants that a minor repair needs to be made, but never from multiple tenants in a week’s time!

This morning I received a call from yet another tenant that his water heater was not working. This didn’t make sense as we had just replaced it with a new one earlier last year. The water heaters in this particular complex are locked, and since I had to fire my property manager last year it meant I had to figure out how to get a key to a plumber in the area. After looking at my options I finally decided to make the 3 hour drive there to fix the problem.

While getting ready to leave I remembered reading your monthly Feng Shui energy report and seeing something on separation and/or sickness in the North. I had not put your suggested January 2015 remedies in place yet so I decided to take a minute and get that done before I made the drive.

I went to our bedroom and turned over the comforter to the white side and moved metal into the room. It was not more than 5 minutes afterwards that I got a call from the tenant that the hot water was working!! I could not believe how fast that was!! Thanks so much for being right on with your recommendations! I was so relieved not to make that 3 hour drive.

R. Rose – RS Ventures, LLC

D clair at home 2
Dr. Darren Clair

Patt Sendejas came to my office on Friday to consult with me for Feng Shui. I started making some of the changes Patt suggested immediately and by Monday I had received a $2,600.00 payment from a client who had owned me money for some time, and another client who I had not seen in a couple of years called me to purchase $2,000.00 of my cosmetic line. We have seen a noticeable increase in business expansion since our Feng Shui consultation with Patt. Dr. Clair, a co-investigator on an FDA-approved investigation of human growth hormone as an anti-aging agent and has published an article on human growth hormone in the prestigious Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Darren Clair –
Vibrance Medical Group

I wanted my practitioners to enjoy a harmonious workspace. With Pat’s background in design and Feng Shui, she created a space that has brought harmony, business expansion, and profit.

Lisa Wong
Owner- Ventura Holistic Healing Ctr

Course Testimonials

Jessica Sitomer ~ Actress/Writer/Speaker
Jessica Sitomer ~

“I really enjoyed the Feng Shui Crash Course and was motivated to remove 18 bags of stuff from my home! I rearranged my bedroom according to the course suggestions so that my bed is in my best direction for my Feng Shui personality type. I find I sleep better and I feel so much better with less clutter. The course was so easy to understand with sample photos for outdoor and indoor Feng Shui suggestions. It is a great do it yourself course.   I also liked the fact the videos were short so I could take in the information at my own pace coming back to watch a video 24/7.

The member site makes it so easy to access the course.”

Jessica Sitomer,
– Host of Happily Ever After – talk show

Terrel Miller

“I have taken the comprehensive Feng Shui training course from Patt Sendejas previously and I keep coming back for more! The knowledge I have gained from Patt and her classes have been a great help for me personally and professionally. When I first applied the information I learned from Patt, I started with my own home. I began changing the elements in each room, with my goal to get the energy addressed and corrected. I had an unfortunate situation, when I came home one night and my front door was open. My 17+ year old, vision and hearing impaired cat was gone. I did all the “normal” things a distressed “angel” guardian would do…8 days later, no sign of him. I called Patt in a panic, she instructed me on changes to make in one room of my home where she could see the separation energy was coming from, which I did. Within 18 hours, I received a call from my neighbor that he thought my cat was under his house. Yep. Recovered my guy, and he was with me for another year or so.

Patt has a casual teaching style that is enthusiastic, engaging, informative and action oriented. I am very inspired by this upcoming class. Gaining additional proficiency in Personality Feng Shui and relationships will add another “tool” in my toolbox as I assist homeowners, buyer and sellers make informed decisions about their real estate transactions. This information will be applicable to anyone interested in starting a relationship coaching career, already involved in coaching, direct sales, a corporate environment or wanting a better understanding of family and friends and their relationships, past, present and future.”


Luci LoPresti

I took Patt’s class out of curiosity. Just what is Feng Shui?? People talk about how it enhances your life and helps you achieve balance. Being a newly divorced mom, I wanted all the help I could find to assist my transition into my new life and career. Life and energy is always changing!

Patt’s comprehensive class in Feng Shui has taught me so much about how natural elements & their energy affect people within the space they live or work. Patt Sendejas is so enthusiastic!!! She has developed a great course to share her knowledge for those who are eager to learning this ancient natural science! Feng Shui has helped me improve my living environment. It is amazing to learn about how to add certain elements(remedy) to a space to get favorable results. I will continue to take more classes with Patt as she is a leader in Feng Shui.”

Luci LoPresti