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2015 will prove to be a breakthrough year in consciousness expanding the awareness of humanity and bringing advances in all areas of living.  To help you lift your spirit and live a more joyful life use the Ho’oponopono Prayer which I have written about in this blog below. In next week’s blog, I will be discussing the Year of the Goat with my monthly energy blog, listing the February visiting energies.  Be sure to sign up for my emails by submitting your name and email to the right.  Once confirmed you will receive an extra bonus email with a link to an MP3 – Mind Over Clutter – 7 Highly Effective Habits of Professional Organizers for free!  It was a phone  interview I did with Alison Carter, The Professional Organizer!

Rich Rose - RS Ventures, LLC

Rich Rose – RS Ventures, LLC

The second week in January I received a phone call from a my realtor client, Richard Rose offering to give me a Feng Shui testimony..

He said, “Patt I wanted to share with you what happened this morning. The year started out with my tenants calling and emailing me about various things needing to be fixed in their units.  In all the years I’ve been managing my properties I have never seen the amount of repairs requested in a short amount of time. Usually I will get a call every 4-6 months from one of my tenants that a minor repair needs to be made, but never from multiple tenants in a week’s time!

This morning I received a call from yet another tenant that his water heater was not working.  This didn’t make sense as we had just replaced it with a new one earlier last year.  The water heaters in this particular complex are locked, and since I had to fire my property manager last year it meant I had to figure out how to get a key to a plumber in the area.  After looking at my options I finally decided to make the 3 hour drive there to fix the problem.

While getting ready to leave I remembered reading your monthly Feng Shui energy report and seeing something on separation and/or sickness in the North.  I had not put your suggested January 2015 remedies in place yet so I decided to take a minute and get that done before I made the drive.

I went to our bedroom and turned over the comforter to the white side and moved metal into the room.  It was not more than 5 minutes afterwards that I got a call from the tenant that the hot water was working!!  I could not believe how fast that was!!  Thanks so much for being right on with your recommendations!  I was so relieved not to make that 3 hour drive.
R Rose,  RS Ventures, LLC

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If you have been bothered about any experience or person in your life recently, there is a simple prayer that can have amazing results that will help heal any situation.  I came across this prayer several years ago.  Many of you may have heard of the miraculous results in Hawaii when used at a mental hospital by Dr. Hew Len.  The name of the prayer is Ho’oponopono.

The hospital housed some of the most violent mental patients.  Employees went to work in fear each day.  Many would call in sick and others just quit.  Dr. Len was hired to turn the hospital around.  He did that and a lot more, without even seeing a patient face to face.  As Dr. Hew Len points out: “Didn’t you notice that whenever you experience a problem you are there?  He believed that everything in our life is our own making.  He said that all of our experiences our caused by memories that are stored within our cells.  The only thing that clears these old memories is Divine love in order to give us a different reality.

Dr. Len taught that, “It’s your responsibility doesn’t mean it’s your fault, it means that you are responsible for healing yourself in order to heal whatever or whoever it is that appears to you as a problem.”  His teacher was Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona and he taught Dr. Len the following:

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Reduce stress with the Ho’oponopono Prayer

“If we can accept that we are the sum total of all past thoughts, emotions, words, deeds and actions and that our present lives and choices are colored or shaded by this memory bank of the past, then we begin to see how a process of correcting or setting aright can change our lives, our families and our society.”  Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

I’m sorry,   I love you – (feel unconditional love for yourself),   Forgive me – (take a moment to decide what you are asking forgiveness for) – Thank you” – (You are forgiven), we take responsibility for ourselves and the world we create.

Dr. Len proceeded to heal patients by gong into his office and reading over patient files and repeating this prayer.  As he did this the patients and the hospital environment improved.  As patients improved they were released.  Workers returned to work to the point where there were more employees than needed due to the reduction in patients.

This process that Dr. Hew Len used himself was a simple formula from Ho’oponopono.  By addressing the Divine within you, you only have to say:  I’m sorry.    I love you.   Forgive me.   Thank You.

If you are met with a situation that you have not been able to resolve at your work, with your health, or having a challenge with a family member, client or friend, then I suggest you repeat this simple prayer whenever you feel frustration toward another person, yourself, or with a challenging situation.

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