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The Royal Family has been a fun example of how Feng Shui personality types interact and work together or have their challenges.  In contrast to Queen Elizabeth and Princess Di, according to Personality Feng Shui™ Queen Elizabeth and Kate are very compatible.   They both share the same element in Feng Shui; Earth Yang.  The Earth Yang types enjoy being around lots of different people, and need lots of variety and stimulation.



Colors associated with earth are yellow, tan and beige, supported by fire (shades of reds).  The Queen is often seen wearing yellows and pinks.  Both women are supported by Fire, which is the element type for Prince William making the marriage between Kate and William a smashing success.  The Queen, Kate and William are all three yang energy types.  This means they are all very outgoing and take action to make things happen.  As long as all three are in agreement, much is accomplished.  Sometimes yang types can butt heads because they all want to take action.  No followers here, only leaders.  As for our new Baby Cambridge, he is an Earth yin type.  He will bring calm to the family, and get along well with Kate, the Queen, his grandparents, and Harry, plus he is supported by Dad, Prince William.  This new baby boy will be a nurturer and compassionate leader relating to all people if he were to take the throne in the years to come.

Prince Harry is associated with the Metal, yin type, as is his father Prince Charles, and step mom, Camilla.  That means all three have a preference for fun, and may be referred to as a “party animal”.  This was quite clear to me when Harry traveled to Belize to represent the Queen for her recent anniversary.  Again following his true party type behavior, Harry was the one who planned the morning breakfast after the Royal Wedding. Harry was also seen partying too much in a recent scandalous photo in Las Vegas.  Being a Metal yin type makes sense that he would enjoy being in a Metal helicopter and sometimes surprised crowds by preforming tricks with his copter.

As for brother, William, he dominates Harry as Fire melts Metal, so William is seen guiding and encouraging his younger brother on occasions.   When Harry traveled to Belize, it was reported that William was mentoring Harry with phone texts.  Since William, a Fire element, dominates Metal, he would also enjoy flying in a metal helicopter or plane. Metal is where Fire gets more power as Fire melts Metal!   The fire types tend to be work-alcoholics and are passionate about their career so keeping William busy with Royal duties is perfect for him.

The Queen, Kate, and Baby Cambridge being Earth types support Metal (Prince Harry) and reduce fire (Prince William), so all three Earths bring the perfect balance to the relationship between these two young men.

As for Princess Di, was her relationship compatible with the Queen?  You guessed it, Princess Di, a Wood Yang, being kind, generous and secretive, loved her privacy, enjoyed her philanthropic work and as a Wood type dominated the Queen; an Earth.  Clearly Princess Di would not have allowed the Queen’s expectations to influence her, as she set out to create new traditions, like having her babies in a hospital instead of the Royal Palace as previous tradition had been.   Princess Di would have easily challenged the Queen because the nature of the relationship is that Wood dominates Earth.  When Prince William arrived he became the bridge for these two women as Fire (Prince William) supports Earth (Queen Elizabeth) and reduces Wood (Princess Di), bringing more balance to the relationship between Princess Di and Queen Elizabeth.   Princess Di and Charles had a challenging relationship from the beginning since Metal (Both Prince Charles & Camilla) dominates Wood (Princess Di).

Presently according to Feng Shui 20 year cycles this is the cycle of the young male which began in 2004 when President Obama was elected.  During 2004-2023 will be time when the young male is most successful.  William may soon step up in England to lead, Eric Garcetti, elected as the youngest mayor in Los Angeles recently, Justin Bieber one of the wealthiest performers today, and Mark Zuckerberg who launched facebook to its successful introduction all during this 20 year period are just a few examples.

Starting 2024 t0 2043 will be the period in history where women will once again be successful.  Watch for more world leaders to be women and to be President of the U.S. after 2024.

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