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Struggles, sickness and separation energy are soon to be a thing of the past. We are now about to experience a new energy on our planet. June 6 through July 6, the Feng Shui energy of wealth and fame arrives. Scroll to the bottom to read more about this month’s energies.  This is a wonderful time to manifest what you desire. If you have felt exhausted, frustrated, lost, had weight gain, insomnia, can’t fight your way out of paper bag, or ready to just give-up, well you are not alone. Know that these are the symptoms that your body is preparing for a higher vibration to attract more of what you want with ease. Don’t give up hope. What you needed was rest, June looks like the month that you will spring back into action with new found energy. If not, just know your body may need a little more time to adjust and rest and nurturing is the best antidote!

Refresh Your Homes Energy with Smudging!

Refresh Your Home’s Energy with Smudging!

Smudging also known as saging, helps you clear negative energies from your home.. You can purchase white sage or lavender sage at most health food stores.  Before going through your home, be sure to allow the smoke from the burning sage to clear your own body’s energy starting with your feet and rising to your head. I have even taken sage to my dog to clear any negative energy she may be holding. Have a prayer written as you circle through your home burning sage in each room and reciting the prayer calling in your angels, or loving energies to fill your home and also command all negative energies to go into the light.  Leave windows and doors open.   If you have done this right you should feel a lighter energy after, especially if there has been any arguing recently. Be sure to never leave burning sage unattended, and use a abalone shell or glass dish to catch any ashes from your sage while going from room to room.

Being in the right vibration can manifest what you want quicker. Here are a couple of examples with my grandson, Tanner, who is 8. He really exemplifies how to attract positive results. My husband, Sal and I took Tanner and his 4 year old brother to the movie theater. They have a small game room that we went to before the show. Tanner wanted to play the machine where you direct a crane in a glass case to grab small toys and then move the crane to the opening and release it.

Now I know what you are thinking, those machines are just money takers. You keep playing, but nobody ever gets the prize. Well, since I am a believer that anything is possible, and based on what you believe you will attract that very thing to you. Like Wayne Dyer says, “Believe it first and you will see it.” Most people wait until they see it to believe it. So I watched Tanner’s first attempt and sure enough the stuffed animal fell right out of the crane. So when he wanted to play again, I thought I would suggest to him a slight change. When you create what you want, you never worry how it will occur, you just focus on what you want feeling good about the positive outcome you desire!

Before Tanner began I suggested he stop for a minute and visualize the crane picking up the toy he wanted and dropping it into the hole for him to receive.  Visualization has been used successfully by many winning athletes for years. Tanner paused, and then after about 30-60 seconds he was confident and began. Sure enough, he got the stuffed animal just the way he had pictured. What was cool was he went on to win on his next 3 turns. He won a stuffed animal and a ball for his younger brother, and a ball for himself. At that point it seemed like he could not lose. With each win he became more joyful with a more elated vibration. That is the way it works unless were get in the way of the Universe and try to figure out how a new love will come, or a pay raise, or a vacation you  have been longing for, or a new home. All within your reach as long as your doubts do not set in. When I read a building I see exactly what a client has been focusing on, because the energy is a reflection of their desires or fears.  Sometimes a client has no clear intention and attracts things they do not want in order to learn how to focus their intentions in a positive way.

Visualize First to Achieve Your Success!

It happened again when we took Tanner and his younger brother to the Museum of Science and Industry in downtown Los Angeles. They have a rock climbing wall about 30 feet high. Anyone from 5 years old and up can attempt to climb to the top and ring the bell while being strapped to a harness. I watched as a line of nearly 15 people, boys and girls, youngsters and teenagers and athletic men and women all attempted to reach the top to ring the bell. As I watched everyone take their turn, i saw one fellow who looked like he was in his late twenties ring the bell. Then it was Tanner’s turn. Before he began, I whispered in his ear, don’t worry about how you will get to the top, just picture yourself ringing the bell at the top. Sure enough he did it. When I asked about his experience Tanner said, “I got to the top and felt I was slipping and all I thought about was to ring the bell”. Eight year old Tanner with no previous rock climbing experience and one other adult male out of the 15 people I observed were the only two that accomplished the feat!  Now all Tanner needs to do is to remember to visualize the end result to attract success!.

When accomplishing what you want, don’t worry about how it will occur! Could it be that simple, you ask? Yes, our past experiences and our doubts affect our results in the present and everything we desire. Don’t take my word for it, just do it, and email me your results or post your comments on this page! I would love to hear from you!

June 6, 2015 Feng Shui energies through July 6, 2015 are listed below:

Center:  The potential this month is for wealth and fame. This energy also increases your permanent energy captured when your home was built, so if you have permanent energy of delays, or arguing, or love and travel, or separation and legal issues then any of these will be increased by the monthly energy, so be sure to increase your remedy or contact me for a report on your home.

South:  Delays, pain, and struggles may frustrate you this month if you are working or sleeping in the South. Enjoy the slower pace, and plan on things taking longer to get done if you occupy this area a lot.

Southwest:  Wealth continues this month in the Southwest. You may also experience a potential for cravings for sugar or alcohol, feeling of betrayal or the potential for robbery depending on the permanent energy specific to your home..

West:  This area has the potential for whining and complaining. If this is your office location, then you may find employees and/or clients tend to complain more this month.

Northwest:  This area has the potential for separation and/or sickness. This works well if you are planning to travel and this is your front door or your bedroom. You may be away from your home more this month. Get lots of rest and plan ahead so you do not over extend yourself this month. The northwest area will support you in letting go of things you would like to get rid of, cleaning files or closets. If you have products for sale in the Northwest part of your building, then they will probably move easily resulting in higher sales for you this month!

North:  This area brings the potential for power and authority. You may receive a nice bonus or promotion if you work in the north area of your building.

Northeast:  The energy here this month brings the potential for creativity, good study and academics, great for creative writing, and also good for travel, teaching and speaking.

East:  This area this month brings the potential for abundance and expansion of friends, clients, new relationships, good health, and/or the expansion of wealth. This is a very good area to work and enjoy more prosperity this month. In Feng Shui it is said to be like having a rich uncle coming to visit and bringing you wealth and gifts!

Southeast:  This energy is expansion of what it is with. If you have permanent energy of delays in this quadrant, then you will experience more delays this month, if you have good health and wealth you will see more of that, and if you have power and authority it will reach a peak for the year in the Southeast with this monthly visiting energy reaching its highest peak for the year.

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