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We are almost through the May energy of separation and/or sickness in the heart of all buildings. People ask me what I mean by separation energy, so I thought I would post some stories of how the energy of separation around “letting go” was used in a positive way!   Also just as a reminder, Mercury retrograde runs until June 11 affecting communication and equipment related to communication so be aware that you may need to read something more than once to grasp the full meaning. Also avoid purchasing equipment related to communication during this time, especially computers, phones, or printers if possible.

Luci LoPrestiI want to share with you what my assistant, Luci LoPresti, shared with me about this month’s separation energy.   Here is what she wrote me in an email early in May. “I wanted to share with you about separation in the center of houses this month. On Wednesday afternoon I was able to purge/sell 20 of my mom’s Hummels. I have kept about 8-10 favorites but don’t need all of them. I called this lady before but she told me to call this month. She was in route to the Agoura Antique mall where she has her booth when I phoned her.   Within 2 hours – they were out of my hands and my cash fund has begun for my trip to Italy next year.   My mom passed in July 2002. I was finally able to move forward and did not resist to “let go”!!!!   So awesome Patt!!!   I hope to take advantage of this energy and keep clearing out stuff!!!

Time and time again I have discovered how letting go of the way something will occur brings about that desire with ease.   Confidently waiting allows the Universe to line up everything that is needed to support you on your journey.   Picture yourself crossing a stream, staying in the moment, and with each step a rock appears below your feet to provide the support you need to reach the other side. This is how the invisible energy supports you when you are in the flow, trusting, and aligned with the energy of just “letting go.”

The purchase of our home was a good example of what can come when we let go. After spending a year getting clear about what I wanted for our next home, I began saying lightheartedly that everything I touched turned to gold. To my surprise the home we ended up purchasing was on a street called Calle de Oro which means street of gold in Spanish.

Because of what I learned from my previous home about Feng Shui, for example, not to have a street in the front and in the back of the home, not to have another street point directly at the home, and not to select a home below the street level were just a few thing I needed to watch out for.  There were lots requirements for the home I desired.   My husband, Sal, would drive me to various newly listed homes, and I would take a compass reading to see if they were suitable.   I failed to realize that all I needed to do was to get clear about what I wanted to feel in my new home and just let go!.

We found a home that did not exactly match my desired compass reading, but there were many other things we liked about the home, and we began negotiations. The negotiations lasted almost two months with no resolution. “It must not be the right time to make a home purchase,“  I said to myself and I let go.  Not realizing this may not be the right home for us.  When a realtor phoned about a home she felt I might like, I had let go so well that I told her, “No, I’m done looking.”   Fortunately, a friend encouraged me to reconsider, and so I did.

On my first visit to the home, I noticed the same oval stained-glass white front door as the house I had been negotiating for over the last few months. The front door had been one of my favorite things about the other home. I also remember telling myself as I had stood on the balcony of our townhouse looking out over the great view, “This is the type of view I would like from my next home.”   Even though this new home was in a different city, the view was almost identical.   I had also asked for a view of the ocean and, sure enough, we do have a small view of the ocean.   The last undeniable factor of how well letting go really works was that the compass reading was the exact same reading I had been searching to find for over a year.   It did not come in until I let go!

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