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Get ready for a shift in energy coming the end of March.   Enjoy this month’s visiting energy of creativity, travel, movement, learning, love and respect arriving March 6th and running through April 4th.   This is a good month for you to focus on your intentions for 2015.  Taking action is the key to making things happen and March is a great month for action.  If you take action now it will be like having the wind at your back in 2015!  Scroll down to the second half of this page to see the monthly visiting energies in each area of your building.  Take note of areas where you sleep, work, spend the most time, and what energy is coming through your front door this month!

Feng Shui Testimony from Heather Powell

Feng Shui Testimony from Heather Powell

After 25 years of running my interior design business, I began consulting using Feng Shui principles and to my amazement I saw how my clients moved forward quickly with more wealth, improved health, and  more harmonious relationships.  Since we live in a physical world, it is not enough to meditate and wish for what you want.  Taking action moves the energy forward helping you reach your goals.   I got this wonderful email from Heather Powell, a client who hired me to do a Feng Shui consultation on her home.

Last month Heather, a mother of three wrote: “We have a small e commerce website that wasn’t doing anything so we were thinking of just closing it down. All of a sudden we’ve been getting 2 orders a day on the site since Monday.  Dan, my husband, and I laughed because now that we were talking of shutting it down, orders are coming in. Then I told Dan, I  just remembered we did our Feng Shui remedies on Saturday and added the fountain inside the house by the front door as you had indicated in your Feng Shui report!

A great  way to start the year off!” – said Heather Powell”

I have been reading various Feng Shui articles and I find there are so many myths about Feng Shui on the internet and I want to help you discern all the information so I am preparing to offer you the NEW Ultimate Feng Shui 2 Day Live Event coming May 16 & 17.   I am offering an early bird registration savings, so CLICK HERE for details.  This will be a very interactive experience where you will be taught how to read the energy in a building and gain first hand knowledge as I will be leading you to understand this ancient “nature science” of Feng Shui.  This is great for investors, interior designers, or anyone wanting to move forward in their career and life, and for those of you who just want to understand Feng Shui on a deeper level.  I hope you join me here in sunny California and experience for yourself the amazing benefits of Feng Shui.

Here are just a few of the tips I will discuss at my upcoming event in May.

  • Do not add all five elements to a room thinking you are balancing the energy.  This will cause your environment to be too busy, plus any remedy you need based on the specific energy in your building will be cancelled out, such as when using water by placing a fountain in the room and also adding fire with fire colors or a lighted candle in the same space.
  • Feng Shui has many layers and is based on a compass reading to determine the energy in a building.  People are attracted to the energy that supports their desires, such as teachers usually live in a home that is good for academics and teaching, lawyers are in a home that is good for legal issues and sometimes arguing; especially if they are a trial lawyer.  Artists, musicians, and hair stylists are attracted to homes with creativity, and dentists or people with teeth problems will be in a home with a potential for issues concerning teeth!  But what if the energy is not what you intend, then a remedy needs to be placed to reduce the tendency for any unwanted experience.
  • Certain colors need to be planted in certain areas of your yard, wrong!  Energy in nature cannot be contained. Only buildings have specific energy that can be contained and read because of the enclosed areas by the roof and exterior walls. Based on my interior design training I often suggest introducing colors in your landscape to match your interior so that people entering your home will feel a continuity between the outdoors and indoors.
  • Always sit facing the door of a room with your back to a window.  This is not always the case, facing a window looking out at a beautiful outdoor garden, especially when meditating can be very desirable.  First decide on the function of your space and then position the furniture to support the activities.
  • Glass and mirrors do not represent the element of water or any other element and is not considered a remedy.

Come to my upcoming New 2 Day Live Feng Shui Event and the next time you rent an apartment, purchase a home, or move to a new business location you will know the potential energy for that building and how to make it calmer, more productive, and attract the abundance! you desire!

See below for the energies in each area of your building ~ March 6 through April 4, 2015

Center Quadrant:  has the potential for creativity, travel, learning new information, and also a potential for a new love for some.  This is a welcome change from the delays, pain, and struggles experienced by many with the monthly energy in February which is now behind us.

Northwest Quadrant: the energy of delays, pain, and struggles has moved into the Northwest. If this is an entrance, best to choose a different door if possible to enter and exit this month. This energy has the potential for “death of the old”, and/or arguing depending on the permanent energy in your building in the Northwest. This quadrant is best to avoid if possible or use just for rest and relaxation.  If you are working in this energy you may feel tired or like you are not getting much accomplished.  You may find you forget things and have to return if this is an area where you spend a lot of time.

West Quadrant: this energy has the potential for power and authority. This energy is good for support of wealth and good for decision-making.

Southwest Quadrant:  has the potential this month for wealth and fame, and it also increases what it is with bringing the potential for an increase of your building’s “permanent energy” and “yearly visiting energy” in the Southwest.

South Quadrant: has the potential to bring you wonderful energy for abundance, expansion of clients, new relationships, more clients or expanded friendships, harmony, prosperity and wealth. This is a great area to do business. Abundance flows in the South this month.  If this is your front door, office, or bedroom expect added prosperity this month!

Southeast Quadrant: has the potential for whining and complaining this month. It also brings the potential for feelings of betrayal or legal concerns depending on your permanent energy specific to the Southeast part of your building.

East Quadrant: has the potential for separation and/or sickness, which could be a change of job, a separation in relationship, more travel, or money loss. I would suggest if this is your office to work in another area this month if possible to avoid money or loss of clients.  If this is your entry door or master bedroom there could be a major change happening for you this month which could have a very positive outcome for you!

Northeast Quadrant: has the potential for money to come to you! Also you may have a higher potential for arguing this month, and the potential for feelings of betrayal, potential for robberies or craving for sugars depending on the permanent energy of your building.

North Quadrant: the energy visiting here has the potential to increase what it is with. If you have had a report done by me on your building than you will know that the energy in the North quadrant of your building will be increased this month to its highest potential all year. For some that energy is good and for others it may be more challenging.

Patt Sendejas, America’s Leading Authority on Personality Feng Shui™ – author, speaker, and consultant is available for Feng Shui consultations on commercial and residential spaces.  She is also available for interior design consulting, personal coaching, and speaking requests.  Patt holds a B.A. in Interior Design and teaches how to create wealth, improve health, and enjoy harmonious relationships by understanding and applying ancient Feng Shui principles.