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The energy this month from May 6 through June 5, 2015 brings a strong potential for separation and/or sickness, because of the visiting Feng Shui energy in the center of all buildings.  I often speak about how this energy helps us let go of things that no longer serve us, even if it is just to clean your closet or garage donating items someone else may need. When you create a VOID, the Universe always wants to fill that void and it is usually with something much better than what you are holding onto!  We are also beginning a Mercury Retrograde in the middle of May.  The retrograde starts May 18 and runs through June 11th.

Mercury retrograde periods would not be good times to do anything involving communications, such as release a new book, website, or advertise or promote an event.  Also, a retrograde period is not a good time to sign contracts or get involved in joint ventures or new agreements, and if possible avoid surgery during a retrograde.  Also avoid closing on a home or signing a lease during this period.  Verbal agreements are considered the same as written ones.  Things always change after the retrograde is complete, revealing hidden things you were unaware of in order to make the best decision.|

Depending on what the energy is in the center of your building, this energy can be more challenging.  If you have a “5” permanent energy in the center of your home which represents delays and struggles  this month can lead to major change and/or health challenges.  On the other hand, if the center of your home has a “4” which represents travel, speaking, and creativity then you may travel and separate from your home this month.  Everyone has a “3” energy this year in the center of their home due to the visiting yearly energy.  The “3” represents whining and complaining and when coupled with our monthly energy of “2” this would bring a potential for legal issues.  So be sure to sign those papers on the refinance or new home loan or lease agreement before May 18 when the retrograde starts.



Attitude is everything.  Your attitude creates your reality.  Reach for the best feeling you can.  Remember what you feel about another is a reflection of your own energy.  Holding anger inside attracts health challenges and negative experiences back to you.

I recently had a client who was going through an unexpected divorce initiated by her husband.  She moved back to a home she had been renting and advertised for a roommate.  Her new roommate, a woman who had recently gone through a painful loss of a loved one, read my report and saw in her room the energy representing pain and struggles.  The energy was a reflection of her recent loss.  She told my client, the homeowner, that she had to move from the home because the energy was too negative.  What she did not realize is with her move she would attract the same energy in the next room she was renting.  We take our feelings and that energy with us.  We attract like a mirror experiences that reflect how we are feeling.

My client was attracting what she was going through.  Her master bedroom and the heart of the home reflected the energy of divorce and legal issues.  The divorce had come as a shock to her, but she was proactive adding all the correct Feng Shui remedies I suggested to balance the energy in her home.  She began to work on her attitude with forgiveness and gratitude toward her husband.  The experiences in her life began to shift.  She reported her soon to be X-husband had a change in attitude and instead of wanting to take all her money, they reached a good reconciliation.  I told her because she chose to take action and place the proper remedies to balance the energy and was working on her own feelings changing her anger into forgiveness, she was attracting good things, unlike her roommate who was choosing to run away.

She told me she had missed being the top selling rep at her company.  As she placed her Feng Shui remedies and choose to spend time in the prosperous energies of her home, moving furniture so she could better utilize the good spaces.  She said she spent all Saturday evening in the area of abundance watching a movie, eating popcorn and enjoying herself.  On Monday her boss informed her that they found they had miscounted and she was the top sales rep in her company after all.  This month things are really shifting with her home’s energy with having entrances reflecting more love, a new relationship, and abundance coming to her.

See Below for the Feng Shui Visiting Monthly Energies from May 6 through June 5, 2015:

Center:  this energy has the potential for separation and/or sickness.  Lots of letting go.  Expect people to experience job changes: promotions, retirement, or resignations, relationships break-ups, renters moving out, and much change coming related to major transformation.  The earth may experience changes with earthquakes, hurricanes, and/or fires that could cause more loss or change especially in the heart of the country where the separation energy is located.

South: brings the potential for power and authority.  It is a good month to go for that job you have been thinking about if you sleep, work or spend lots of time in the South.  Be sure to interview before May 18 to avoid communication problems due to the arrival of mercury retrograde on May 18th!

Southwest: brings expansion of wealth, health, and/or relationships.  If this is your front door you may have more visitors, new friendships, improved health, and/or wealth expansion!.  If this is the front door of your business you may experience expansion of clients and/or wealth.  If this is your bedroom, you may experience a raise, unexpected income, improvement in your health, and/or additions to your family this month.  This energy is said to be like having a rich uncle come to visit!

West:  brings the potential for travel, creative writing, great academics, and the potential for teaching and/or speaking.

Northwest:  this energy brings the potential for whining and complaining.

North:  brings the potential for wealth.  Depending on your permanent energy specific to your home, you may experience possible cravings for alcohol, and the potential shopping, vanity, and/or an increase in entertaining.  Your permanent energy of your building has an influence on which of these possibilities will be most prevalent.

Northeast: brings the potential for delays, struggles, and/or pain.  If this is an entrance, expect to return to get things you forgot.  This month gives you time to slow down and relax before the energy of creativity, travel and movement forward comes to the Northeast in June.   Enjoy some downtime this month if you spend a lot of time in the Northeast.  If this is your office, you may want to work in other areas of your building this month.  The Southwest or the North would be a good prosperous location this month for a second work area!

East: this period has the potential for career development and also brings the potential to increase your permanent and yearly energy in the East specific to your building.  Having a report done on your home or business will help you know what the energy is for your building’s permanent energy.  CLICK HERE to learn more about having your personalized Feng Shui Report:   Online Feng Shui report.

Southeast:  this energy could bring the potential for wealth and fame, and the potential to be a pillar in the community this month, but with the yearly visiting energy here this area brings the potential for separation and/or sickness.  This may be a welcome separation coming in May, so choose to use this area specific to your goals.

Patt Sendejas, CCIDC – (California Council for Interior Design Certification) author, speaker, and consultant is available for Feng Shui consultations on commercial and residential spaces, and speaking.  Patt teaches how to create wealth, improve health, and enjoy harmonious relationship by changing the energy of your environment.  Patt is also a National Trainer for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness and is available for on-site school visits training on classroom management.