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Tiny House fits into a parking space

Tiny House fits into a parking space

Last weekend I had an opportunity to tour Ojai’s Fifth Annual Green Home & Building Tour.  The theme was “Small is Beautiful”.  I toured a 140 sq. ft. home on wheels that is totally sustainable without having to be connected to a sewer line, with running water accessed by hooking up to a hose bib from your home.   Now you can add a guest house with kitchen, bath, and sleeping area, a play area for the kids, or a granny house for a retired parent, at a low affordable cost.

Vina Lustado spent decades working in high-end corporate architecture firms before launching her own company, Sol Haus Design.  Vina’s tiny house: demonstrates how less really is more, encouraged by architect Mies Van de Rohe, who coined the phrase; “Less is more.”

Tiny House Designer - Vina Lustado

Tiny House Designer – Vina Lustado

The Tiny House is the size of a parking space with a total cost of under $35,000.  The Tiny House is wholly self-sufficient, with solar panels, all LED lights, a tankless water heater with propane gas, a propane gas fireplace, double pane low-E windows, energy efficient refrigerator, and a composting toilet for water conservation.  Vina has added a bedroom loft to expand the use of the space, and has space for guests on the living room sofa futon.

The next home I toured was a 400 sq. ft. home built in a shop in Texas, nick-named “Sugar Box” because it reminded the owner of a long flat box of sugar…laying on its side. The home was put on a wide trailer and driven to California, in search of land for his new home.   It was made from 90% reclaimed material.

T.J. Thyne - Owner of the Sugar Box House

T.J. Thyne – Owner of the Sugar Box House

The owner, T.J. Thyne, actor on the hit TV show, Bones, was a delight to meet in person as he welcomed people to tour his home.  His passion to make the entire property self-sustaining with gardens and areas for social events and community gatherings is a vision that will be enjoyed by many to come.  On the property is also a galvanized steel barn that has been there since 1930.

Reclaimed Titles in Shower form a Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Reclaimed Titles in Shower form a Patchwork Quilt Pattern

T.J’s shower design made from reclaimed left over tiles resembles a patchwork-quilt.  The refrigerator is restored vintage, with reclaimed hooks and hardware throughout.  Like architect Frank Lloyd Wright, T.J. created extra storage space, with built-in niches minimizing the need for extra furniture.  Also part of this sustainable property is a tankless water heater, recycled glass countertops, energy-efficient dual-pane windows and doors, energy-efficient mini-split heating and air-conditioning, blown-in cellulose insulation, low-flow toilets, no carpet, no duct work for heating and air conditioning.

From the homes purchase in 2009, to housing the home on a friend’s property for a year, until a suitable and affordable lot could be found, quoted saying; “Now I had a home and land – in that order”!  Then it took another three years for permits, saving money, dealing with foundation companies, and inspectors, and modifying for California building regulations.


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