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The energy this cycle begins September 7 and runs through October 7, 2013. It will be a welcome change from the previous month’s energy of double delays I wrote about in August. Scroll down to read each area in your building for September. The energy in the center of all buildings this period brings a higher potential for creativity, travel, learning new info, moving forward, and even bringing the potential for a new love.

The retrograde which began in April has contributed to communication challenges and feeling stuck which is soon to be released on September 17th. Also the 2013 visiting energies are on their way out, but not without a big surge of “letting go” in the Southwest during September and October for one last time. This energy in the Southwest has brought the potential for fires all over Southern California, with the most recent fire in Yosemite breaking an all-time record for acres burned in that Park in our history. Remember as much as we are concerned about fires and its potential for destruction, according to Feng Shui, fire replenishes the earth.

Many have told me that August began slowly and just seemed to be very frustrating with their patience being tested with every attempt they made to move forward. Good news! This month’s energy will be about movement forward, so get ready to celebrate!

On August 19, the largest expansion of light and love spread through our planet, with people becoming more allowing, compassionate and caring for one another. This helped to make an important shift bringing us into the new age of Aquarius for the next 2,000 years. Many refer to 2013 as the 1st year of the “New Earth”. With many light workers sending love to the planet, we crossed the threshold and now more people will experience feelings of joy and ease in manifesting. This will help us to move into a life full of celebration.

More and more people tell me they are careful as to where they put their attention, often limiting or avoiding news media altogether. People realize where we focus expands and what we resist persists. That is why cancer has increased becoming widespread because the focus has been to fight it. I am delighted to see that more and more people I speak with are embracing a natural way of living. Feng Shui is based on the 5 elements of nature, and the more time I spend around organic natural elements, the better I feel.

2500 Year Old Tree

Drive Thru 2500 year old tree

In August, my husband and I took a trip from L.A. up the coast of California touring the beautiful coastline stopping in Cambria, Monterrey, then going inland to Clear Lake, and over to Eureka, and back across through the beautiful redwoods near Trinity Lake and along beautiful rivers to Redding and Lake Shasta. Then down to Sacramento and returning to Cambria for one more walk on the beach in the wildlife reserve! We enjoyed driving through the 2500 year old redwood “Chandelier Tree” with the top down on our convertible, in awe of this ancient tree. Click here to read about my trip on my face book page.

In June, after watching the movie King Corn, I made a commitment to myself to give up caffeine, sugar, ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, breads, and fast foods. I easily dropped pounds, and it continues to melt off. Our planet is very dense and in order to shift the energy we must start with ourselves. With less body weight, we become lighter and our vibrations become healthier making it easier to carry more light energy within us, and enjoy our life. As you become lighter, your health improves having more energy and vitality.

More people understand the importance of prevention, realizing there is another path to good health, than using prescription drugs. Since the FDA now requires listing the side effects from prescription drugs, people are waking up and becoming aware of the risk to their health when using any type of drugs. Our reliance on prescription drugs as a society has caused our youth to roam through medicine cabinets to see what their parents seem to be so dependent on. Old and ancient home remedies are returning as more and more parents seek answers for challenges their children are experiencing with a natural remedy. Recent studies have shown unless we make changes to our lifestyles and diets that parents will outlive their children. Responsible parents are making life changes now so they and their children will be healthier. One parent told me just by switching to a bottle of Gatorade 2 in his son’s lunch, instead of Regular Gatorade, he is reducing his son’s sugar intake by 2,000 calories a year! Our bodies are changing and more and more people understand that what we put in our bodies, including more positive thoughts, contribute to our longevity and improved life experiences.

It is more important now than ever that you cherish yourself and focus on your gifts taking care of your health. The Aquarian Age is about humanitarianism. This focuses on service and uplifting each other. When you are doing what you love, being in your passion, taking care of your needs, you have a childlike energy of joy and it is contagious, giving others permission to cherish themselves by your example. It is important now more than ever to focus your thoughts on the positive outcomes, realize how you are feeling in order to make the best decisions for yourself, use positive words, direct your attention to what feels good to you and utilize as much as possible the areas of your homes and work spaces that have the potential to bring abundance, good health, creativity, love, power and authority!

See below for the energies in each areas of your building ~
September 7 through October 7, 2013:

Center Quadrant: has the potential for creativity, travel, learning new information, and also a potential for a new love for some.

Northwest Quadrant: has the energy for delays, pain, and struggles. If this is an entrance, best to choose a different door if possible to enter and exit this month. This energy has the potential for “death of the old”, and/or arguing depending on the permanent energy in your building in the Northwest. This quadrant is best to avoid when possible or use just for rest and relaxation.

West Quadrant: this energy has the potential for power and authority. This energy is good for support of wealth and good for decision-making.

Southwest Quadrant: has the potential this month for wealth and fame, and it also increases what it is with bringing the potential for more separation and/or sickness because it is with the 2013 yearly visiting energy of separation and/or sickness here in the Southwest until February 5, 2014. If you are selling your home and this is your master bedroom or front door, then chances are good you will move this year.

South Quadrant: has the potential to bring you wonderful energy for abundance, expansion of clients, new relationships, harmony, prosperity and wealth. This is a great area to do business. Abundance flows in the South this month.

Southeast Quadrant: has the potential for whining and complaining this month. It also brings the potential for feelings of betrayal or legal concerns depending on your permanent energy specific to the Southeast part of your building.

East Quadrant: has the potential for separation and/or sickness, which could be a change of job, a separation in relationship, or more travel, or money loss. I would suggest if this is your office to work in another area this month if possible to avoid money or loss of clients.

Northeast Quadrant: has the potential for money to come to you! Also you may have a higher potential for arguing this month, and the potential for feelings of betrayal, or potential for robberies.
North Quadrant: energy here has the potential to increase what it is with. If you have had a report done by me on your building than you will know that the energy in the North will be increased this month to its highest potential. For some that energy is good and for others it may be more challenging.

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