Feng Shui Water Trigram

There is one Water trigram, a Yin. You will see also the supporting and diminishing trigrams in the chart below.  


K'AN - East Group *(SE, E, S, N)

Element Water
Yin/Yang YIN
Tendencies Diplomat, great negotiator, always knows what to say to everyone.
Symbol Water
Body Parts Ears, blood, kidneys
Colors Blue and Black
Supported by
(energized by)
Metal (Water condensation forms on metal)
colors: white and gold
Supports Wood (Water is parent of Wood. More you water trees and plants - they grow)
Dominated by
(reduced by)
Earth (Earth blocks water)
colors: yellow, tan, beige
Career gardener, lifeguard, naval career, swim instructor   or coach, diplomat, negotiator; they flow like water, enabling business and families to run smoothly 
Leisure swimming, fishing, surfing, snorkeling
Number 1
Orientation North (*underlined indicates best sleeping direction for head to be pointed. First direction indicates best to be facing in creativity, study or work)  

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