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When I speak with people about their thoughts of our US Presidential election campaigns there is a common theme, stating “I have never seen such an unpredictable Presidential election”. No matter who you are in favor of for president, I encourage you to hold the intention that the person who takes office, whoever that may be, will be for our highest good, furthering our spiritual evolution for a unified and loving world and a thriving planet.

2016 Feng Shui Year of Change

One of the most important considerations in Traditional Feng Shui is to begin by selecting an environment that supports the personality of the individuals in the space. Therefore, Feng Shui personality charting is the first step. Marriages were matched and leaders in China have been selected using the mathematical formula for Traditional Feng Shui Charting. For those of you who have signed up for my newsletters, you have received an added bonus for a link to chart your Feng Shui personality type and other relationships in your life for compatibility. In my Feng Shui Crash Course I teach the two formulas for charting Feng Shui personality types. Men and women are charted according to two different formulas. Be aware that there are two different formulas to chart men and women because if you use the wrong formula, you may come up with an incorrect personality type.

USA Presidential Candidates

USA Presidential Candidates

I thought it would be fun to write about the Feng Shui Personality types of our political candidates in this month’s message:

Donald Trump born 6-14-46, age 70 and Bill Clinton born 9-19-46, also age 70, both charted as Fire Yang types. This Feng Shui personality must have a career they love. They are often referred to as workaholics. They have lots of energy and go and go and go as their yang energy causes them to be outgoing, and have high energy. They are supported by fire elements and fire colors; such as burgundy, maroon, and purples. The element of wood as in nature; trees and plants and Wood Feng Shui Personality types are very supportive to them. It is interesting to find that both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have close supportive Wood Feng Shui personality types in their lives.

Chelsea Clinton born 2-27-80 age 36, charts as a Wood Yin Feng Shui type. Wood Yin types love to travel, and are called “The Wind” or “The Traveler”. That would cause her to enjoy traveling on the campaign. Her Yin energy causes her to listen, read, and would have a calming effect on others, and be very supportive to others.

Melania Trump, wife of Donald was born 4-28-70, age 46, is a Wood Yang Feng Shui Type. Wood Yang types are known as being kind, secretive, and generous and due to their yang characteristic are outgoing. There element is thunder, and they can get upset quickly and then they are fine, like the flash of thunder. They think quick on their feet.

Hillary Clinton born 10-26-47, age 68 charted as a Metal Yin. Metal Yin Feng Shui types are known for their humor. Often comments from people who know Hillary say in private she is very humorous. Yin types are able to listen. Metal Yin Feng Shui types are known to bring fun to a situation. They are known to be talkers because their strongest body parts are their mouth and teeth. Often when tragedy happens the Metal Yin Feng Shui types can lighten the air helping to relieve stress to those around them. Yin types tend to be calm and more introvert. The campaign for Hillary would bring her out of her comfort zone and cause her to be more Yang in order to fight for the office of President.

Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine born 2-26-58, age 58 is very compatible to Hillary. Kaine is a Metal Yang Feng Shui Personality type. Hillary being a Metal Yin, and Kaine a Metal Yang are both of the same element. It makes sense why Hillary would choose Kaine as her running mate. Metal Yang Feng Shui types are known as “The Leader”. It is a very powerful sign in China, and at one time woman in China born under this sign were suppressed because women could not have that much power in China. Metal Yang Feng Shui types must lead, and they are organized and naturally take charge. If they are not in charge, they will create a position where they can lead, initiate ideas, and manage others. Interesting that Tim Kaine is supported by Earth, because Metal comes from the Earth. Mike Pence is an Earth Feng Shui Personality type.

Mike Pence born 6-7-59, age 57, is an Earth Yin. Yin types as I mentioned before tend to be good listeners. They support others and are good team players. The Earth Yin Feng Shui type is known as “The Nurturer”. They are also known as “mother earth” because of their nurturing qualities and relate to all the other Feng Shui personality types. Pence as an Earth type is supported by Fire, which is Donald Trump’s element. Donald being a Yang, and Mike Pence a Yin, would be very compatible to each other, and it makes sense why Mike Pence would accept being Donald’s running mate.

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