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Have you, your child, or a loved one been labeled by a medical professional as being afflicted with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, anxiety or depression?  All of these conditions may be caused by a condition known as Pyroluria.

According to statistics, Pyroluria has been identified as the underlying cause of 20% of those diagnosed as bipolar, 25% of disruptive children, 30% of those with ADHD, 30% of those labeled schizophrenics, 40% of alcoholics, 50% of children and adults called autistic, 70% of those with Down’s Syndrome, and is also seen in 11% of symptom-free persons.

An article released from the Health Recovery Center in Minnesota stated: Pyroluria is connected to an abnormal production of a group of body chemicals call pyrroles.  Pyrroles are a worthless byproduct of hemoglobin synthesis.  Most people have very little if any of these pyrroles circulating in their bodies.  We know that through measuring levels of pyrroles excreted via the urine.  Some of us, however, are not so fortunate.

Pyrroles do damage to us by binding to aldehydes throughout our bodies and causing their excretion along with the pyrroles.  B6 (pyridoxine) being an aldehyde, is systematically removed from its many needed sites and a severe B6 deficiency results.  Equally damaging is the further scavenging done by the combination of B6 and pyrroles.  Together, this duo also seeks out and attaches itself to zinc, and so both of these essential natural chemicals (B6 and zinc), are promptly dumped into the urine.  The loss of B6 and zinc are cause for many seemingly unrelated symptoms.  This lack of B6 and zinc causes bouts of anxiety, and symptoms of nervous exhaustion and fearfulness that can be traced back to childhood and the teen years.

researchWithout proper identification and treatment, these Pyroluria sufferers slowly tend to become loners to avoid stressful situations. Their lives become an ongoing struggle to protect themselves from too much emotional and physical stress.   Mild and moderate Pyroluria usually involves a fairly rapid response to treatment if no other chemical imbalances are present. Those with severe Pyroluria usually require several weeks before progress begins and for them improvement may be a gradual process over 3 to 12 months.  The biochemical imbalance will usually recur within 2 to 4 weeks, if the nutritional program is stopped.

I was shocked to find most medical physicians do not request testing for this condition. My doctor told me that in medical school he only had about 20 minutes of nutritional education, and he recommended I do my own research and to make my own decisions regarding supplements to my diet.

The good news is this condition is determined by a simple urine test and is extremely easy and inexpensive.  The test is offered to the public, without the need of a physician, by the Bio-Center Laboratory in Wichita, Kansas.  Call the lab at 316-682-2062 and request the urine test kit be sent to you.  Visit their website at:    The lab told me Pyroluria is their most requested test.  Once you have followed the instructions for proper sample gathering and return the sample by Fed Ex mail, you will receive your results within a couple of weeks.  This same urine test can also test for Candida and High Histamine, which I will cover in a later blog.

If your results are positive, seek your own nutritionist, healing practitioner, or medical professional who has experience with this condition.  I have been studying the effects of nutritional supplements for the last three decades and have been amazed how it has positively impacted my whole family.  My mother is 95 years young and has high energy.  Her doctors are amazed that she takes only two prescription drugs along with her natural supplements and healthy eating habits.  My mother also receives vitamin B12 shots monthly from her doctor, which results in her overall state of well-being.

All supplements are not created equal, and you must be sure your supplements are natural and bio-degradable, made with high quality organic ingredients and without fillers.  Pyroluria is a condition discovered about 40 years ago. Because prescription drugs have been dominating our culture for years, and doctors have not been educated in nutrition, the condition is mostly ignored by the medical community. The lab in Wichita, Kansas, is rated as the top testing lab for this condition.

I have added a recent quote from a father about his son:
I am a Ph.D. biochemist by profession and on the faculty of a large medical school.  My son was once diagnosed with TS, ADHD, OCD, ODD, episodic rage tantrums, mood swings (possibly bipolar), and learning disabilities (visual processing, dysgraphia, Executive Dysfunction). After eight years of seeking solutions to his problems, he is now completely normal and getting all A’s in school—completely on his own, without tutorial help. He is especially good in math, whereas I heard for years “I hate math” on a nightly basis. He has been emotionally stable and episode-free for about a year now. He had two problems. The first was a tapeworm, picked up when we lived in Europe, which took six years to get properly diagnosed and eliminated. The second problem was a genetic disorder in the family, known in the alternative medical literature as “Pyroluria.”

The symptoms depend upon the genetic makeup of the individual and wax/wane with dietary intake. The newer treatments for Pyroluria include about 200 mg of P5P, 50 to 150 mg of zinc, Mg, Mn, antioxidants (particularly reduced glutathione), and primrose oil. The value of each supplement that is needed depends upon the level of the abnormal pyrrole in the urine. Although the symptoms are different for each individual, I have noticed that individuals, who easily experience side effects to medications are more likely to have Pyroluria because Pyroluria can definitely adversely affect the function of cytochrome P450s, the proteins which clear medications and toxins from the body.

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