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Abundance arrives November 7 to occupants in all buildings bringing the potential for a raise, increase in your income and/or unexpected gifts.  November has a higher potential to acquire new friends, clients, additions to the family, and if you have a home for sale, November brings the highest potential for a buyer.  To receive these energy posts by email, just click the request on the right for my free MP3 and you will also be added to my email list.  You will get a heads up early about the incoming monthly energy with an email arriving in your inbox, two weeks before it is posted here on my site.

Right now I am working on yearly update reports for my clients who have had a full comprehensive report on their home or business.  The reports provide my client with predictions and remedies for the upcoming year.  I really enjoyed hearing from this happy client who validated the information on the report I did for her last November 2016.  I thought you would enjoy reading her testimony.

  “Selling a home presented me with some challenges and also tested my patience to Let Go.  I remain committed to Feng Shui.  I have had my Feng Shui yearly energy report prepared by Patt for several years now and I cannot believe how accurate it has been.   In 2016, I ordered my 2017 report, prepared a year prior, Patt indicated I would sell my home in November 2017, thus a pending sale should occur in October. She saw the abundance coming to me and suspected it was from the sale of my home.   I had not made up my mind to sell or lease my home when Patt prepared the report.

I did list my home and during my showings I phoned Patt regarding the situation and she advised me to adjust my remedies due to the challenges I was experiencing with cancellations.  Patt wanted to give me the best outcome for the sale of my home to receive the abundance I desired from my home sale.  Patt said that the energy would peak October 27 and to expect an offer!  After my remedy adjustments, the phone rang four times within hours and another call came in for a showing on October 27th.

By 3:00 PM on October 27th an ALL CASH offer came in!  Absolutely wonderful!  Just like Patt said!  Wow!   I love and believe in Patt and Feng Shui!  If you have had a consultation on your home or business with Patt in the past, I recommend that you contact Patt to order your yearly update report as it is well worth it.

Happy Client ~ Faith, from Ventura, CA.

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Messages from Spirit

Grasshopper Brings Abundance

Grasshopper brings Abundance

I think I am being guided to expand my client offerings.  My passion for Feng Shui is strong and I don’t think will fade, but I am experiencing one synchronicity after another, plus messages that seem to be encouraging me to take a leap forward, as implied by the grasshopper I encountered on my mother’s hibiscus plant yesterday.  I saw large holes in her plant leaves and as my mother and I were cutting a leaf to take to the nursery to see what bug might be causing the destruction, I spotted a light green grasshopper on a leaf enjoying his meal.  I snapped a photo to take the nursery.

When we got to the garden department my mother asked what she could do to rid her plant of the grasshopper.  She was shown a bottle of organic spray made from soap and water.  My mom decided to try her own mixture of soap and water first.

After we got back to my mom’s house before she applied her soapy water to her plant, I decided to relocate the grasshopper out in the community gardens, hoping he would find a more suitable home.  I knew that grasshoppers in China are considered to be symbols of good cheer, good luck, abundance, and virtue; the message of abundance coming.  Such a synchronicity since the month of November according to Feng Shui brings the energy of abundance, reaching its peak around November 22nd.

My Animal Speak book that I love to refer to indicated that in China some believe that relatives would come back to life as a grasshopper or cricket, and they would construct small cages for those they would find.  Even to the ancient Greeks the grasshopper was a symbol of nobility.

When returning home I read more about the grasshopper which seemed to be encouraging me to move forward indicating that grasshoppers move differently than other insects.  I read; take a chance; take a leap forward. Since I have been getting so many messages from my environment lately, I have been thinking about doing a weekly call with others who want to discuss how to identify and understand how to read your environment and surroundings, connect with Source, and strengthen your intuition.  I am a firm believer that we each have spirit guides supporting us.  When you become more aware of the messages you are being given, the greater joy your life will be.

This grasshopper reminded me of when my father went to speak with my teacher in kindergarten because I would write my name backwards and enjoy how I could read my name perfectly when I held it up to a mirror.  My dad told me the teacher reassured him nothing was wrong with my ability to read, or learn.   She told him “Your daughter just looks at the world different than most.”   I feel the grasshopper came to me to remind me of my ability to see things differently, and to encourage me to teach this now.

For several months now I have been receiving undeniable messages of love from the Universe.  Everywhere I go whether to see a client or to walk in nature, or at breakfast while traveling, hearts are appearing everywhere for me.  I feel it is the message about how love will heal the planet and is needed more than anything now.  The message of love was not only to support and love others since we are all connected, but the deeper message I am getting is the importance to love yourself.  Many who have cared so much for others, have neglected their own self care and now is the time to love yourself.

Do you know what brings you joy? Now is the time to let go of fear and distractions and seek joy.  When you connect to your heart center, you are connecting to Source energy.  Source energy is the highest vibration you can feel.

JOIN ME for MASTERMIND CALLS to Create the Abundance You Desire!

If the above message resonates with you, I would love to speak with you.  I am thinking of offering a reoccurring 4 week mastermind call with Week One: Feng Shui Monthly energies and remedies for your space.  Week Two: How to write your Intention and how to manifest what you desire  Week Three: How to attract and identify and interpret the signs, symbols, and synchronicities within your environment, and Week Four: How to be in balance, focused and able to “let go” in order to create more abundance.  Each month these four calls will repeat each week.  I am still in the process of planning these calls.  I would like your feedback.   Please fill out my contact page if you would like to share your thoughts.  I would love to know if these calls would be of interest to you.  Include your phone number if you have time to chat, be sure to include the best time for me to phone in you so I can get your thoughts.

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See below for the Feng Shui
Visiting Monthly Energies from

November 7th, 2017 – December 6th, 2017

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Sherlock Holmes with a magnifiying glass over a hourse.

Center:  this energy brings abundance in the areas of wealth, health and relationships.  Everyone in the building will be affected by abundance experiencing unexpected gifts, new relationships in family, friends, and/or business, improved health, and/or an increase in income.

South:  brings the potential for whining and complaining.  For some you may experience feelings of betrayal, cravings for sugar or alcohol, and/or potential for robbery depending on your buildings permanent energy.

Southwest: brings the potential here for delays, pain and/or struggles.  You may find it is hard to get started if this is your front door in the Southwest area of your building, or if you spend a lot of time in this area working or relaxing.  You may find that you will experience more fatigue this month if you spend much time in this area or you may find you forget things and have to return to this area.

East:  brings the potential for power and authority to the occupant of this area.  Everything will seem to fall in place for you more easily this month if you spend much time in the East.

Northwest:  this energy here this month increases the permanent energy in the Northwest of your home or business according to your building’s specific permanent energy.

West: wealth and fame comes to this area this period.  This month could be a good month for real estate investing to the occupant of the East.

North:  brings the potential this month for travel, creativity, speaking, creative writing. and artistic endeavors.  You may enjoy a long awaited vacation this month or take a short weekend trip for fun!  You may also sign up to expand your education in some area this month.  If this is your bedroom you may experience more dreams and creative ideas.  This energy in the North this month supports learning new information to the occupant of this area.

Northeast: this energy brings the potential for sickness and/or separation.  If this is your bedroom and you have the option of sleeping in another bedroom, that would be good for this period until December 6th.  If this is a door, see if you can use a different entrance until December 6th.

Southeast:  this period has the potential for wealth and abundance.  The energy here is the Southeast continues to bring wealth to the occupant here.  Depending on your permanent energy the occupant this month in the Southeast may experience feelings of betrayal, potential for robbery, cravings for sugar, and/or a desire to shop and purchase new clothes.

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