Are you Experiencing Synchronicities?

I am!!!  The synchronicities that come into my life continue to make me believe that my Thoughts Become Things! Just one month after I spoke of healing with light look what I attracted!

I am writing this as I am losing one hour of daylight as we set our clocks back in the US for Daylight Savings time.  I am looking forward to having plenty of daylight through October now!  I hope by then I will have activated more of my own stem cells using light technology to decrease any reaction to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) for me!

You may remember that in December I wrote in my newsletter about low energy or depression  felt by many at that time of year connected to shorter days having less sunlight. See below to see a copy of that blog from December! I was amazed to find in January when I was reading various posts on Facebook, I saw a video from a friend I worked with over 20 years ago in a Japanese health care research company sharing a video how she had gotten involved with a company that uses your body's own far-Infrared light to create more energy for a feeling of well-being and healing!


That was only one month after I wrote that newsletter suggesting how seeking light therapy to help if you are challenged by the shorter days with having less sunlight, and there was my friend from the previous wellness company, in a video posted on her page talking about a 20 year-old research company she was now working with that uses non-transdermal patches, similar to a round band-aid applied to various meridian points of the body to reflect your own body's light back to you.  I felt that there was no accident that I had come across her video, since I had not seen or spoken to her in years,  I decided to follow those Spiritual breadcrumbs and take action, and I contacted her.  

I decided before I would share my excitement with you, I would use these patches myself and I ordered the products. I have now seen some remarkable results after using the patches for the last 6 weeks on myself.  I have noticed I have more energy, have a reduced appetite that has caused me to drop pounds, easily, and I am sleeping better.  My dentist asked what I have been doing that is different because he said my teeth and gums look great.  I told him, "I have no idea."   I forgot I had started using the patches several weeks before!

The exciting thing is that I have already been able to make a difference with people who have begun to use these patches.   I got this text from one of my friends who ordered several patches in a pack.  She said, "I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring since 2019, after an epic illness.  My joints have swollen so that I can't even get my ring over my knuckles,  Yesterday was the first time I put patches on, starting in the afternoon,  I used all of them! This morning, I woke up, put my patches on, all except for one and about an hour after breakfast I went to see something in my dressing room, and my wedding ring caught my eye.  When I was thinking about inflammation at the moment, I thought that might be a good indicator about what's happening with my joints, so I tried my ring.

She again sent me a text the next day, she wrote, "I was flabbergasted that I could literally get my ring over the center of my knuckle! I could not get it all the way past, but I got it much farther than I've ever been able to put it on in all these years. The first photo is of the stopping point where my ring used to stop, well in advance of my knuckle.  The next photo clearly shows the ring has easily slipped directly on the top of my knuckle.

On the third day she texted me this....
"I couldn't wait to send you this picture!  I haven't worn my wedding ring since 2019! And it slid right on this afternoon! "

Everyone's body is different and you won't know what the patches will be working on first within your own body.  Some may need organ repair; liver, kidney, or maybe spleen.  Others may need muscle rejuvenation, and others may need bone or joint repair!  It is recommended to give the patches time, using them for one month for every 10 years of your life.  Someone in their forties should give it four or five months for healing and stem cell activation.

Want More Information........

I will be happy to get you more information on this cutting edge technology.  Please text me or fill out my contact form so I can contact and share with your directly.

Are You Experiencing Depression 
and Not Sure Why?  (Here is a copy of my Dec. 2023 Newsletters)

Two days ago on December 21, we reached the shortest sunlight day of the year referred to as the Winter Solstice.  As noted by John Hopkins Medicine there is a condition which many of you may have heard of called Seasonal Affective Disorder, referred to as SAD.  This is a type of depression often going undiagnosed.  

SAD happens during certain seasons of the year and also in certain climates having less sunlight, like the states of Washington and Oregon here in the US on the West Coast that has quite a great deal of rain and cloudy days.  I have had clients tell me they needed to a return to a sunny state after living where there was so many cloudy days lacking sunlight,  

Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD, is a type of depression.  It happens during certain seasons of the year - most often in the fall or winter when the days are the shortest with less daylight which may trigger a chemical change in the brain leading to systems of depression.  Light Therapy can help treat SAD.  It is more common in women than men.

Here are some of the typical symptoms of SAD:

  1. Increased sleep and daytime drowsiness
  2. Less of interest and pleasure in activities formerly enjoyed
  3. Social withdrawal and increased sensitivity to rejection
  4. Irritability and anxiety
  5. Feelings of guilt and helplessness
  6. Fatigue or low energy level
  7. Decreased ability to focus or concentrate
  8. Increased appetite especially for sweets and carbs
  9. Weight gain
  10. Headaches

I am pleased to say that the daytime sunlight hours will be getting longer now as we head toward Spring.  That is why in Feng Shui the winter is referred to as having the great YIN Energy.  If you are experiencing many of these systems try light therapy sessions and see if this makes a difference in your outlook. Remember to seek professional advice if you are experiencing any type of depression.

Here's to your success!