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Get ready for a ride in October when another blast of angelic healing energy floods the planet! You may have all sorts of physical symptoms while your body integrates this new, higher vibration.  Give yourself extra time so you don’t feel overwhelmed and rushed.  Now is the best time to meditate.  Remember who you are, you are the energy of love.  Believe it and watch for the little things that you can give gratitude for such as a smile from a stranger, laugh from a child, or a happy greeting from a loving pet.

Nature helps Cope with Change

Be in Nature to Handle Change Now!

Start your day with an intention for what you want to experience. You can no longer afford to  ignore the experiences you are having.  Pay attention!  Everything in your environment is a mirror for your life.

I have been at a loss for words to explain the conditions of our world and give you words that will help comfort you at this time of great change.  Many are confused and say we did not have such a divide previously.  I think our instant communication with those who post cell phone videos from around the world, social media posts and comments, along with news reports all contribute to the awakening of humanity.  Many are finding their voice to speak out for the change they want to see.

Many feel helpless to help those who are suffering from the loss and devastation in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and Mexico and the tragedy in Las Vegas.  You can make a difference by sending loving intentions and healing energy from your heart with the intention to comfort and help those in need and give strength to the emergency workers and doctors. I am amazed how positive people are and how so many are showing great acts of courage and kindness toward their fellow humans.

Technology can be used to help us heal and empower us to join together for positive change.  The world has always had conflict, unrest, wars, and this contrast is what has brought about our evolution for society to move forward toward what we truly desire.  Now more than ever your love, gratitude for anything you can focus on positively, and your intention toward positive change will go a long way to help heal our planet and humanity.

Be patient and allowing of others.  I was once told by a counselor, when you hear something you do not like directed at you, visualize yourself in a snow blizzard and allow the unwanted comments to be like snow flakes going through and past you.  We cannot blame any one thing or one person, or expect one person to change and solve problems that have been caused by our choices and thoughts of society and the collective consciousness.

​​​The anger and disappointment and weather patterns we are now seeing are a reflection of the unrest on our planet.  Our environment is a mirror for our life.  Seek to be calm.  “Calm is contagious” and in doing so you will help those you come in contact with who are coming from fear and anxiety.

As Gandhi stated: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”   Like the negative ions coming from a waterfall or rain forest that calms us, I remind  you to send calming and loving energy from your heart to help transform any negative energy occurring on our planet.

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What does the Separation
and/or Sickness energy mean?

I often get asked when I am working up an energy report on a home or business, what does the separation and/or sickness energy mean?  First let me explain about the energy captured in a home or business.

When a building is built, it captures the energy representing the consciousness of that 20 year cycle based on a sitting direction of the specific building.  That energy remains as the permanent energy of the home, unless the roof is opened and daylight comes in to change the home’s energy.  The sitting direction determines if the home is an East Group or West Group home.  It also tells me if the building is a match supporting the occupants who are either East Group or West Group types.

The sitting direction means, the direction that represents the back side of the building which gives you support.  It is like when you are sitting in a chair and the back of the chair gives you support.  When sitting in that same chair, who you are speaking with or what you are looking at is what you are facing, and the same is true of a building.  The front door represents who you are greeting and speaking with when you open the door.  So we call that the facing of the home.

Usually the backyard is the sitting direction with kitchen, baths, bedrooms; more private areas, all on that same side of the home, unless the home has a beautiful expansive view overlooking the city, ocean or countryside with an entertaining area on the back side where you bring people to enjoy conversations and entertainment. then that back side who be an exception to the rule make the back the facing.   It a typical home the facing side usually has the front door, living room and areas where you greet guests and is more public.

So when I identify a quadrant where the separation and/or sickness energy is, you will find it is a reflection of what is going on in the lives of the people living in the home or those working in a business.  When the separation energy is the most important is when it comes to the front door quadrant which represents what is coming to you from the outside world, or your bedroom or office.   This fact has often been validated by my consultations.

Recently I had two consultations with new homeowners.  In the bedroom of one was separation for the entire year of 2017, and with the other, the front door quadrant has the separation energy for the entire year of 2017.  This is because the previous owner had chosen to sell their home and separate from it, and moved during the year the “separation energy” came to their bedroom in one case, and the front door in the other case.

The energy in a building is not happening to you, you are attracted to the energy that matches your thoughts, desires, and energy vibration so that you are supported in creating what you desire.  When you fall in love with a home, it is about the energy that matches your own vibration.

Lawyers and realtors will be attracted to homes with the energy of legal contracts and concerns.  Teachers and writers will be in a home that supports academic learning, teaching, and creative writing.   People with health challenges will end up in a home with delays, and pain for people in the center of the home, or separation and/or sickness in the bedroom.  Those people who are retired will end up in a home with delays on money in the center quadrant.  The center quadrant always represents what is the general overall potential for that home.

I have also seen the yearly visiting energy of separation coming to the front door when a relationship is about to end.  One client was fascinated how she broke up with her boyfriend of 5 years during the year when the separation energy came to her front door quadrant for that entire year.  I had a stock broker who said every time the monthly energy of separation comes to her office she would find her clients losing money on their investments and she felt it was important to remedy her office before that energy arrived.

I often help realtors identify the likelihood of people who will be moving based on where the separation energy resides in a home for the year.  It also helps to identify and remedy the separation energy to keep buyers from falling out of escrow once the home has been sold.

I can also predict when a client who has their home listed will actually expect to sell their home based on when the largest amount of money comes to the heart of the home for the year or their bedroom, or sometimes it shows up as large amounts of money coming through the front door representing an increase in income from the sale of their home.

When my husband experienced the helicopter crash at his fire station in 1998, with the loss of his fellow fire fighters, our home’s energy had the energy of “death of the old” with separation energy and pain visiting in the center quadrant that year, representing major transformation energy which had an effect on everyone living in our home that year.   Not surprising to me we sold the home shortly after that incident to a woman who was going through a divorce and she was experiencing a “death of her marriage.”  So “death of the old” does not always mean a loss of life, it can mean a loss of job, or relationship.

So, I am asked, “Once I know what the energy of my home is, what can I do about the energy if it isn’t something I desire?”    There are lots of things you can do.  First change your thoughts.  Focus on what you want, not what has occurred for you in the past, otherwise you will continue to attract experiences you may not want that you have experienced in your past.   All it takes is a decision to change your lifestyle and surprising events with the help of the Universe come in to support your desire.

Follow your Feng Shui report’s suggested remedies so you can place the proper remedies to decrease unwanted energies, and increase the positive energies which have a potential to increase your abundance.  Sleep in another bedroom if possible when the visiting monthly energy is problematic.

In extreme cases where the energy is just too challenging with a potential of foreclosure, you may be able to open up the roof and change your homes energy to something more desirable.  This happened to a client of mine and she was delighted to move forward with the new energies once we opened the roof.  She had been fighting a foreclosure for 5 years and once the permanent energy was changed, her house was saved.  Click here to read my full article.

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See below for the Feng Shui
Visiting Monthly Energies from

October 8, 2017 – November 6th, 2017

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Sherlock Holmes with a magnifiying glass over a hourse.

Center:  this energy  to increase the permanent energy in the center of your home or business depending on your building’s specific energy.

South:   brings the potential for travel, creativity, speaking, creative writing. and artistic endeavors.  You may enjoy a long awaited vacation this month or take a short weekend trip for fun!

Southwest:  brings the potential for power and authority to the occupant of this area.  Everything will seem to fall in place for you this month if you spend much time in the Southwest.

East:  this period has the potential for wealth.  The energy here is the East continues to bring wealth to the occupant here.

West: this energy brings the potential for sickness and/or separation.  If this is your bedroom and have the option of sleeping in another bedroom, that would be good for this period until November 6th.

Northwest:  Wealth and fame comes to this area this period.  Take care of your health this month to avoid the need for prescription drugs during October.

North:  brings the potential here for delays, pain and/or struggles.  You may find it is hard to get started if your front door is in the North area of your building, or if you spend a lot of time in this area working or relaxing.  You may find that you will experience more fatigue this month if you spend much time in the North or you may forget things and have to return.

Northeast: brings the potential for whining and complaining.

Southeast:  this energy brings abundance in the areas of wealth, health and relationships.  You may experience unexpected clients, gifts,and increase in your  income if you are working in the Southeast in October.

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