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Cravings come with December’s energy and brings the potential for a desire sugar, and also a potential for vanity.  If you like to shop and party, December’s energy will support that desire and arrives on December 7th, 2017.  Unfortunately for some depending on their building’s specific energy combined with December’s visiting energy may bring the potential of feelings of betrayal, robbery, or a potential for fire accidents.   Scroll to the bottom to read December’s energy.  To receive this energy report a few weeks early by email, be sure to submit your email along with my BONUS gift when you request my FREE MP3 Mind Over Clutter – 7 Highly Effective Habits of Professional Organizers in the right side bar of this page, or request my FREE Feng Shui Crash Course Videos at the bottom of this page!

Remember timing is everything.  Feng Shui is all about cycles and as I reflect over the year I am amazed how things fell in place with such amazing timing for me.  Maybe because I am finally learning to surrender and allow the Universe to unfold naturally!  LOL!  As they say, get out of your own way.

For those of you who have purchased my special priced $3.33 Five Element Personality Charting then you understand what your element is and what activities best support you.  According to the Productive Cycle observed in nature, the Water element supports Wood Yin and Wood Yang types because wood is the element associated with trees and plants, and as they grow they are nourished by water.  Metal types are considered to be the parent of water. because Metal strengthens water, so I always recommend a Metal fountain instead of a clay or ceramic fountain. Metal types love to be in the water or next to the water, often traveling to a lake to boat, jet ski or they enjoy skiing in the snow, another form of water.   If you must use a fountain made of earth then be sure to place coins in the fountain to strengthen the water!  Because Earth blocks water, the Earth Yin and Earth Yang types take their power back around water, like sandbags made of earth, redirecting the path of water.

Since we have lots of Feng Shui personality types in our family that are supported by and enjoy being around water, including myself, I have been looking forward to having a pool since we moved into our home in 2001.  We chose to remodel our home before adding a pool.  Usually the outdoor landscapes are done before the interior of a home because if you have decorated your home with new window treatments, furniture, and accessories, when you landscape, the dust is so problematic that all of your new decor is compromised.  In our case it was so important to finish our remodeling projects, last year expanding a bedroom and adding another bath, because if the pool had been added first, we may have found nails, trash, wood and other construction items in the pool.  It was good that our remodel contractor last year did not have to worry about the backyard landscape being damaged.

CLIENT TESTIMONY:  “I enjoyed meeting with you for coffee and hearing about my personality type.  Everything you shared about my personality type and my husband’s, made so much sense to me, right down to the cruise we just took and our career choices and favorite colors. Thanks again, I look forward to seeing you in January.”
Jacqueline S, Westlake Village, CA.

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rendering of pool


So after wanting a pool for 16 years we finally took the plunge (a little pun! – LOL!) in July.  A year before we started our pool, we worked with a pool designer to get clear about what we wanted.  He did a plot plan and several renderings (see left rendering) so we could see how it would look.

I visualized a lot ahead of time, and for years I had visualized seeing the pools waterfall as you walked into our home.  With the design and plan done, we were able to interview several contractors and compare bids.  I recommend anytime you are remodeling your home you begin with design plans, which serve as legal documents for you.



Everything fell in place easily including the financing that indicated to me that the timing was perfect.  We started the end of August and the pool was finished the day before Thanksgiving.  Even the 80-90 degree weather on Thanksgiving supported us.

The pool company came on Thanksgiving morning to acid water the pool’s finish.  Later that day we were truly blessed that our neighbor helped us fill the pool with a hose from his house when I offered to pay his water bill.  Because of his eagerness to help us, we were able to entertain our family with a finished pool on Friday, the day we chose to celebrate our Thanksgiving!

Without our neighbors help the pool would not have been filled.  The Universe works in mysterious ways and timing is everything!

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See below for the Feng Shui
Visiting Monthly Energies from

December 7th, 2017 – January 4th, 2018

Enjoy all the Cravings of the Holidays!

Click here to read last month’s November 2017~  Energy Blog.

Sherlock Holmes with a magnifiying glass over a hourse.

Center:  has the potential for cravings for sugar, and also a potential for vanity.  If you like to shop and party, December’s energy will support that desire!  If your permanent energy report shows a “3” energy in the center of your building, you would have a higher potential for feelings of betrayal, potential for robbery or fire accidents when combined with December’s visiting energy.

South:  has the potential for separation and/or sickness.  If this is an area in your home that you occupy often, you may find that you are away with separation being strong in the south this month.  You may end up spending more money than usual and experiencing separation of money.  Be sure to take care of yourself as sickness can happen if you are over worked or doing more than usual.  Be sure to ask for help when working on important tasks and projects.  This energy also helps anyone in the South of the building to clear clutter, donate more this month, and “let go” more easily.  This energy can also be connected to relationship break-ups.  Focus on what you want; abundance, good health and healthy relationships especially if you are spending a great deal of time in the South this month.

Southwest: this energy has the potential energy for creativity, speaking and presentations, travel, good academics and great for creative writing.  This would be a good place to study in December!  This energy is a refreshing change after the delays in November.

East:  brings the potential here for delays, pain and/or struggles.  You may find more delays occurring in your life this month if this is your front door in the East area of your building. People who you expect to visit may be late or not show up at all.  If  this is your bedroom you may have a hard time getting up in the morning.  You may find that you will experience more fatigue this month if you spend much time in this area or you may find you forget things and have to return to this area.  This is a good area for meditation as it will help you quiet your mind!

Northwest:  the energy here this period is very auspicious.  Spend as much time as you can in the Northwest this month.  This energy brings the potential for prosperity in all areas: new relationships, expansion to your family, good health, and wealth!  As always this is the most auspicious energy in Feng Shui.

West: this energy here this month increases the permanent energy in the West of your home or business according to your building’s specific permanent energy.  This energy also brings a higher potential for real estate investing this month to the person who occupies this area most.

North:  this month’s visiting energy brings the potential for whining and complaining. With the energy of separation following. You may complain this month and then realize it is easier to let go than complain. Next month could bring a job change, and/or relationship separation.

Northeast:  wealth and fame comes to this area this period.  This month could also bring a new love in your life, particularly if the Northeast is the location of your front door which symbolizes what is coming to you from the outside world.  You may find you have more respect and be seen as a pillar in the community this month, or be honored for your work receiving good recognition at work or in other areas of your life.

Southeast:  this area has the potential for power and authority for the occupant of this area.  Everything will seem to fall in place for you this month if you spend much time in the Southeast.  If you are running a business this will be a great area to support your business endeavors.  Clients will return calls easily.

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