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Delays arrive with May’s Feng Shui visiting energy in the center of all buildings and runs May 5 through June 4, 2017.  This indicates a major change coming resulting in new opportunities. I often see delays in the yearly visiting energy at a front door or bedroom for an entire year of the home or business when a client is starting a new venture, or moving forward in a major area of their life. You can move through change quicker by properly balancing the energy in your building with a Feng Shui consultation.

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Often it is the building’s permanent energy that is causing continuous delays for my clients. This month’s visiting delay energy keeps you from moving forward too quickly and the delays allow you to ponder decisions and get clear about how you want to experience your life moving forward in June. Know that you have the power to attract more joy, love, and abundance. Feng Shui is about change and the observation of cycles throughout history.

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Your ability to manifest what you desire is becoming easier with the higher frequencies occurring on our planet. Nurture yourself in order to keep your vibration high. A wave of energy will flood the planet in May and a more compassionate collective consciousness will emerge. If you are confused about your purpose that may be because you are one of the light workers who volunteered to uplift others and help humanity evolve.

As messengers of light you carried a big responsibility to help transform negative fear energies and remain positive. Many of you are now asking what next? With the energy visiting in May ask yourself, “What will bring me the most joy?” May’s energy will shine more light to help you have more clarity. Choose what brings you fun, more love, and joy. Allow any feelings of pain, anger, regret or rejection to come up to be cleared. Stuffing your feelings will keep you stuck. Write about your feelings and allow them to come up to be cleared. Then shred or burn the paper to help those old feelings release. Delays may cause you to feel frustrated so take a step back and know that this to will pass.

Many of you are extremely sensitive, and if you are, know it is best to avoid the news, and do not watch shows with violence or drama especially before going to sleep. Focus on anything that brings you joy and laughter. Spend as much time in nature as possible. Your anger or sadness about the world affairs will not help others heal. Healing is an inside job, and know that great healing is taking place for many with the struggles we see occurring on planet earth at this time. Send loving thoughts and a desire for solutions for peace. Your thoughts create, and love heals.

Mother Nature is also going through a major transformation mirroring humanity at this time with extreme weather conditions seen around our country.  You may hear concerns this month as more melting of icebergs occur.  Outdated beliefs that are holding us back may surface this month to help you gain clarity leading up to the visiting energy coming in August which brings separation energy to allow for more clearing and letting go.  Relationships are the key to helping you realize who you are.  No need to change others, focus on what brings you joy, letting go will help you make room for more supportive people in your life.

Here is a wise old proverb to help you avoid getting caught up in drama and feeling anxiety.   A man had a son that he loved dearly.  He acquired a beautiful horse and his neighbors said, “What a beautiful horse, that’s good”.  The man said, “No, it just is.”  One day the horse ran away, and the neighbors said, “Oh that’s bad”, and the man said, “No, it just is.”  The horse returned home and his neighbors said, “Oh that’s good”, and the man said, “No, it just is.”  The man’s son rode the horse one day and fell off and broke his leg, and the neighbors said, “Oh that’s bad,” and the man said, “No it just is.”  Then the army came to town to take all able bodied young men, and the neighbors said, “Oh that’s bad,” and the man said, “No, it just is.”  Then the army told his son they would not take him because he had broken his leg.  The neighbors, said “Oh that’s good”, and the man said “No, it just is.”  When pain, delays, and/or struggles occur, we must not fear that condition because when you look back you see how the experience lead to more understanding, clarity, self-growth, and joy.

Client Testimony:   Thank you Theresa for emailing this great testimony.
Hi Patt, I’m sure you’ve received lots of other good news from all your clients regarding this auspicious April energy.  I received another $200.00 gift check yesterday!  I want to share about the house up the street from me.  It has been on the market for 7 months and the realtor finally put up the sign, “In escrow.”  Before the sign went up, I talked to the realtor at her Open House, and said, “Don’t worry, according to my Feng Shui Interior Designer, this is auspicious April, and your listed house has a WEST front door with good Feng Shui and abundance coming in during April.”  She said, “I hope you are right!”  As of April 21st, the sign says, “In Escrow!”  Life is good!
Thanks Patt, for sharing all your knowledge and joy,
Theresa W. in Pasadena

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May 5 Through June 4, 2017

Center:  The energy in the center of all buildings in May is brings the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles represented by the May Monthly Visiting Feng Shui Energy.  This will be a month where you will be gain clarity of what you desire for your life if you slow down and allow the energy to lead you.

South:  The energy in the South in May brings pain, delays, and/or struggles to its highest point all year! This area of your business or home could result in frustrations with clutter piling up and delays causing a lack of movement forward if this is an area you spend a lot of time in.

Southwest: This area brings more separation to the occupants this month.  It could be change of job; loss or promotion, letting go of relationships, more travel, unexpected money loss.  It is important to use the separation energy here in the Southwest to focus on what you want to release and “let go”.  Letting go always makes room for more.

West:  This energy in May brings more entertaining, more potential for wealth, and/or possible feelings of betrayal or potential for robbery.  When you feel betrayal, let it go and know that you assumed the other person would be able to meet your expectations.  When change comes to others it often has nothing to do with you.  It is often related to a change in circumstances in their life.

Northwest:  This energy brings the monthly visiting energy of power and authority.  This area brings great energy for making good decisions. Possible surprises with an unexpected promotion may happen to you if you spend a lot of time in this area, or client’s will return your calls with ease.

North:  This area brings the potential to wealth and fame.  Possible new love, cravings for sugar or alcohol, or a real estate investment depending on your buildings specific energy!

Northeast:  This is where the abundance visits this month.  Is this your front door, office, or bedroom?  The northeast has great energy this month for expansion of relationships, good health, and/or wealth.  If this is a bedroom you may have guests visit this month, or If you are trying to get pregnant use this bedroom in the Northeast.  You may have additions to your home this month with more friends visiting, and/or additions to the family through birth or marriage if you spend a great deal of time in the Northeast, or if this is a door you enter.

East:  This area may be bothersome this month to some of you because you may experience more whining and complaining here.  Some of you may experience feelings of betrayal or potential for robbery depending on what your permanent energy is here specific to your home.  Some may experience potential for real estate investing!  Start thinking about what you want to release if this is an area you spend a lot of time in, because next month the East has the potential for separation coming here in June.

Southeast:  This is a wonderful energy this month, that could bring a new love, wealth, increased learning, spiritual awaking, and if this is your bedroom, more dreams.  Enjoy the Southeast this month.  It is all about increasing love in your life.  If this is your front door or bedroom you could be seen as a pillar in the community!

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