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Awareness plus creativity, travel, learning new info and/or teaching along with respect and movement forward is the potential for you to experience beginning June 5, with the arrival of June’s 2017 Feng Shui monthly energy.  This is such a welcome change from the delays that came in May.  I heard many people who shared how challenging the middle of May became as the energy of delays peaked.  Enjoy the next two months and then be prepared for news of big separation coming in August.

Awareness of the word Crisis using the Symbols for Danger and Opportunity

Awareness of Feng Shui Symbols

In August you may see a change in our US President, more house sales with people selling, job cuts and more people leaving their jobs to start their own business.  All of this change in August will result in our movement forward as our society evolves.  Even though it may look like things are challenging.  Remember the Chinese symbols for Crisis is…Crisis = Danger & Opportunity.

Don’t buy into the fear, focus on your joy because more and more people are realizing when they focus on what they want and trust in the Universe to figure out the “how“, things unfold with magical outcomes and timing!  I have seen many examples of this lately as the energy on the planet speeds up.  Thoughts create your reality quicker now than ever before!

A few days ago I got an intuition to write about being more aware in this next energy post.  Have you ever noticed that “What we tell others is what we need to hear!”?  Boy was that the case for me.  The message of awareness from the Universe was meant for me!  I am in the process of moving my two websites:  FengShuiCrashCourse and WithinYourSpace to another host company increasing security for my visitors.  My web designer pointed out to me that I had lots of comments on my You Tube video – “7 Feng Shui Secrets”.

7 Feng Shui Secrets with Patt
on YouTube

Chinese Imperial Palace symbolizes an Awareness of Feng Shui

7 Feng Shui Secrets with Patt Video Brings New Awareness

Many of you were on that webinar when I first hosted it two years ago.  When I checked YouTube, I was surprised and totally unaware that I had over 32,000 views to that video.  The frustrating part is due to my unawareness I did not know that another Feng Shui person copied my video title and also my video description, word for word!!!  Also I had tons of comments from viewers and my web designer said, “It would be good if you would respond to those comments about your video”.

I was shocked that I had never known the number of viewers and the comments from those viewers, and if you posted a comment, my apologies if I did not reply to you.  Being unaware is no excuse.  I look forward to replying to those comments and had I been more aware I would have done that by now!   If you have not seen my YouTube  video, you may find it under the new title: “7 Feng Shui Secrets with Patt”.

So my lesson was that of how important awareness really is.  What is it we don’t know we don’t know?  Never assume, be more aware, since the email connected to that video is one I no longer use, it would have been better to have all of those posts going to an email forwarded to my active email.  Instead I assumed no posts were being made.  It is so important when technology is moving so fast to make a conscious effort to slow down.  Life’s much more enjoyable when we slow down to appreciate and celebrate each creation and accomplishment!

So all this brings me to the question, “Are you aware of the energy in your home?’  Recently a woman in Malibu who runs her business out of her home, phoned me for a Feng Shui in home consultation.  Here’s her testimony after her consultation.

Feng Shui Testimony: 

Faucet with money coming out suggests awareness of wealth

Feng Shui brings Awareness, & Wealth!

“Patt helped me to gain clarity and awareness to make an important decision in my life.  I had been pondering whether to sell my home and I also wanted help to bring in more wealth.  Patt measured my home and created a drafted plan with a Feng Shui energy grid, and then began to tell me the potential for my success based on my home’s energy blueprint and influence on me.

The awareness I gained by knowing the energy in my home helped me to decide to sell.  I immediately implemented the colors, furniture change for my best bed position, and accessories she suggested.  Within 3 days I received several large orders for my products from a business I have been downsizing, including one order from a client that I had no idea would bring in over $1700.00 since her order was for a product now out of season!”
Thanks Patt ~ Your Feng Shui Interior Design works!
P.K. Maxx C. Ht. Hypnotherapist

Feng Shui Visiting Energies for
June 5 through July 6, 2017
are listed below for each of the nine directions:


Center: This month’s energy brings the potential for travel, creativity and/or love, respect, creative writing for everyone in the building.

Northeast:  More wealth along with some possible arguing.

North:  The energy increases the permanent and yearly energies. You will need to increase your remedies I suggested for this area if you have had a Feng Shui consultation with me.

Northwest: The energy brings a potential for pain, delays and/or struggles to the occupant of this area.  This is a challenging energy visiting in the Northwest this month.  If possible avoid the Northwest this month.  If this is an entry door, use a different entrance.

West:  The visiting energy here in the West has the potential for power and authority for the occupant here.

Southwest: This month the energy here in the Southwest brings the potential for wealth and fame, more recognition, and/or an increase in your buildings permanent and yearly energies!

South:  Much abundance, wealth, good health, arrival of new relationships, old friends visiting and/or additions to the family occur with a higher potential in the South in June.  A good place to hang out all month!

Southeast:  Whining and complaining comes to this are in June.

East:  Separation and/or sickness may occur this month.  Last month I had separation/sickness in an important area of my home and it caused me to use the energy to upgrade my cell phone, move my websites to a new hosting company.  Plus I had work done on my teeth to have two crowns replaced.  It was all separation energy that I choose.  Separation is not a bad thing, it just is.  When you are aware of the hidden energies you can use those energies to your benefit.

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