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A Feng Shui energy report on your home or business is one of the fastest ways for you to move forward in your life. When your home or workspace feels good and is in harmony you enjoy more ease and success in your life! You attract what you need at the right time, blocks are released and relationships improve. It is hard to put your finger on what is happening because Feng Shui is all about the invisible energy around us. Things fall into place easily for you, money comes to you, and clients and relationships seem more enjoyable and satisfying.

Patt can come to your location for a one-on-one consultation, or you can choose to SAVE MONEY by taking your own compass reading and submitting a floor plan by email. The video below will show you how easy this is to submit what Patt needs in order to work up your 6 page report. Download the sample floor plan PDF with easy instructions.

Included in your ten page Feng Shui report is a everything you need to get the results you desire. You will learn the energy captured in your building when it was built, this year’s visiting energy. The remedies include for both energies, plus the monthly energies also! Know where delays or separation energy may reside that may be interfering with your success. Discover where to place your phone to attract more clients. Know where to place your bed to attract a new love, or to receive a promotion! Know where hidden wealth and power and authority is located so you can tap into these prosperous energies. You will receive monthly remedies for each area of your home and a floor plan grid to know exactly where to place your remedies each month. Allow 21 days to receive your report once you place your order and submit your floor plan with compass reading.

In addition to your written report Patt follows up with you available by email so you understand her suggestions and get all your questions answered. Watch the video below and get started immediately by clicking “buy now” at the bottom of this page!

Download the following PDF to submit your request

What you don’t know, you don’t know, may be blocking your success!

Do you work and work on your self-improvement going from one guru or coach to the next only finding yourself stuck in the same place as you were to begin with? Do you feel like you are going around in circles? It may not be your fault.

What if you knew it was going to rain tomorrow? Wouldn’t you want to take an umbrella? Well the same goes for your home. What if you found the energy where you sleep had the potential for delays and struggles causing you to not want to get out of bed, or when you did the energy caused you to feel tired all day? What if I could tell you how to remedy that so that you looked forward to your life and the day ahead, waking up with enthusiasm?

What if I told you arguing was the energy coming in your front door or the overall potential for your home, but I had the tools to help you shift that energy within 3 days to 3 weeks and all you needed to do was request a Feng Shui report on your home by email? Wouldn’t you want to know that simple remedy that would change the energy almost overnight?

Most people never realize that everything is energy, including what was captured in your home when the roof went on. Since we are all individual, your home’s energy, and the placement of the front door and your bedroom are specific to your home and influence you. There is no marriage corner and love corner in the Traditional Feng Shui “nature science” based on cycles in nature and mathematical interpretations. Math is a Universal language and I have helped thousands of clients move forward just by making simple changes to their environments. Read their testimonies.

NEW CLIENT Initial Comprehensive FENG SHUI Report Delivered by E-mail

With this report you SAVE MONEY by taking your own compass reading and submitting your floor plan.

Order your comprehensive report. The content of the report is the same as Patt’s in-person report.

Please be sure to download the PDF with instructions on how to submit your information!

New Client 10-Page Minimum Written FENG SHUI Report by E-mail Includes:

Here’s what you’ll receive…

1. Nine box energy grid on your building’s floor plan indicating where each energy is located and where each remedy is to be placed.

2. Outdoor remedies and overall potential of your building for each occupant.

3. Includes details of your specific permanent building’s energy and the yearly visiting energy described in detail. Bonus you will receive a chart of remedies that includes each month’s visiting energy, yearly and permanent energy remedy to place for your best success. The remedy chart is for the present year from Feb. 5 through Feb. 5 of the upcoming year.

4. The letters of the building, what they mean and what doors to enter and exit for the most success.

5. Summary of 2024 “visiting energy” for each quadrant of the building. in addition to the remedy suggestions to change the energy in your building each month.

6. Summary of the building’s best interior areas for potential for: huge fortune and wealth, health, peace and good management, and harmonious relationships.

7. Suggestions for outdoor remedies to increase wealth and health.

8. This purchase includes a your questions answered by email.   A  one-hour Zoom follow-up call Yis available if client requests more clarification.  Phone consultation subject to client’s availability.


To receive your 10 Page FENG SHUI Report
with 2024 remedies available by Email ~
Allow 21 days for completion.

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