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Get ready for an auspicious April. The energy visiting in the center all buildings from April 4 through May 4, 2017, brings power and authority, as your phone calls will be returned easily for business and/or social events. With this energy, there is little effort required to receive good results; attracting abundance in all areas of your life. Having this great energy in the center of your building has a positive affect on everyone because the center energy in a building indicates what is the predominate theme for the home or business.

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The entry of any home or business indicates what is coming to the occupants from the outside world, so always read the monthly energy visiting for the quadrant direction where your front door is located. Abundance comes to the West this month so if your front door faces West, you are in for an abundant month!  Be sure to scroll down to read more about Mercury Retrograde arriving on April 9th.

Are you considering a remodel?
Here’s some lighting tips, since “light” is a key to good Feng Shui!

Here to the right is a photo of the backside of the house just BEFORE construction began three months earlier. The goal of this project was to expand the bedroom and add-on a bath creating a second master for this home.





BELOW is a close up view of the completed remodel at night and day to show you how important lighting is, especially in a bathroom! I designed the footprint of this remodel to jog out only 2 feet beyond the new master bedroom for the new bath. This bump out allowed for the design of a small window in the new bath to allow for daylight and air circulation. The window is adjacent to the bathroom sink/counter top and mirror. The daylight is perfect for applying makeup. No more going out into sunshine and being surprised by streaks in makeup. LOL!

Inside the bathroom there is a light fixture over the mirror facing the user and then 4 overhead LED down lights in the bathroom ceiling on a dimmer to add to the lighting of the room. It is always a good idea to have light facing the occupant on the wall, as well as overhead down-lights for task areas, such as; kitchens and baths so the user is not in the shadow of light. Also using incandescent down-lights in a kitchen over a eating counter helps to soften the light and makes the occupants in the room look healthy!

In the new Master Bedroom adjacent to the Room addition outside viewbath add-on, I created a lighting plan for my electrician to wire two duplex outlets, one for each side of the bed to be half hot. The top half of each duplex outlet is connected to a 3 way wall switch. That way the lamps can be turned on and off when entering the room, and on or off when going outside to the backyard with a second switch.. That way when you entered the room and hit the switch the soft lighting from the night stand lamps with 3 way bulbs light the room. It adds a very relaxing lighting to the room and allows for the lights to be adjusted with 3 way bulbs in the lamps when more light is needed. Another great way to add lighting to any room is up lights on the floor behind plants in the corners of the room. This lighting in the corners accent the plants and add depth and drama to any room!

Client Feng Shui Testimony: I would like to take this opportunity to give Patt Sendejas a raving review for her Feng Shui expertise! I have known Patt for about 8 years. After my divorce, I was looking to find support for my new life journey. I had a Feng Shui home consultation with Patt and I have continued to have my annual update report prepared by Patt as I truly believe that she is the best in her field!

In general, my bedroom has great energy. In March, I had the option to use water to attract a new love, or fire for wealth. For the first time due to lots of home expenses I chose fire for wealth. I put a large dark red blanket over the top of my bed. To my surprise, money has been flowing in!!! My raise showed up without any delays, which is a blessing! Plus, my yearly tax appointment took a turn for the better upon completion. I am no longer paying the IRS money, but they are refunding me $2,000. The State is also sending me a refund too! OMG – This is amazing and I am very grateful!!!

I am an avid supporter of Feng Shui home environments, and will continue to implement the principles of Feng Shui in my home. Thank you Patt! I enjoy reading your newsletters which I always find insightful.
Kathryn W….Thousand Oaks, CA


The Feng Shui Visiting Energies for
April 4 through May 4, 2017
are listed below for each of the nine directions:

Center: In the Center of all buildings for April comes the visiting energy of power and authority. This is a good month to make decisions, negotiate home purchases or sales, plan for your future, draw lines and take back your power. Remember to sign all contracts for major purchases before April 9, because once mercury retrograde arrives on the 9th communication may be more challenging. Be sure to read over important documents carefully if you have been in negotiations and see if you can schedule any surgeries before April 9th or after May 3rd.

Northeast: In the Northeast is the energy that increases what it is with. The Northeast has yearly visiting energy of creativity and travel, so this month brings the highest potential for that energy to influence you.

North: In the North this period comes the potential for separation and/or sickness. This energy can result in positive outcomes when it relates to travel or job or residence changes. Separation can be good when it fits in with what you desire. This month in the north is a good time to clear the clutter here in the North.

Northwest: brings wealth, and can also bring the potential for cravings for sugar or alcohol. This energy may also bring the potential for feelings of betrayal this month only, or potential for robbery. Be aware if this is an important area where you spend a lot of time, such as your bedroom or front door to listen to your gut feelings and honor your intuition about relationships and choices you are making. Remember to follow your first thought which comes from Spirit. The second thought is your mind over analyzing the idea.

West: In the West comes abundance, expansion of wealth, friends, and/or good health. If this is your kitchen you may find more people gathering in the kitchen this month! Spend as much time in the West this month to attract good health, wealth, and new relationships! This energy will reach its peak around April 19th! Watch for unexpected abundance!

Southwest: The energy here brings the potential for whining and complaining. You may find some feelings of betrayal or potential for robbery in the Southwest this month. Focus on what you want and listen to your gut feelings.

South: In the South you will enjoy wealth and fame this month. This energy also increases what it is with. It will be a very auspicious. You may notice extra attention resulting from people noticing your skills or talents this month.

Southeast: The Southeast brings the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles this month. If this is your office, see if you can work in another space most of the month, like the West where abundance is strongest this month.

East: In the East comes the visiting energy which supports creative endeavors; art, dance, writing, learning new info and the potential for travel. If your bedroom is in the East you may see an increase in dreams this month, a new love coming into your life, or more travel this month! Water placed in the East this month will increase this creative energy and also have the potential to increase your wealth!

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