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Happy Chinese New Year – Welcoming in Wealth and Fame for the Year of the Rooster!   After 2016 brought a year of separation energy you will enjoy wealth for the month of February and also good health, making new friends, expansion of families, or added clients and/or employees for business owners.  This is a month where prosperity and unexpected abundance flows.. DURING FEBRUARY – SAVE $300 on my Feng Shui Consultation for your home or business – by email or in person.  Call for details at 805-523-8488.

2017 Brings Wealth & Fame!

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Valerie H. ~ Redondo Beach, CA.

I am in the process of extending a bedroom and adding a new bathroom to the back of our home.  I thought it would be good to share with you how important it is to protect the energy existing in your home, especially with the more challenging energies now being captured in homes built during 2004 through 2023.  If you look closely you can see that the indented section below with the pink insulation is a temporary new wall to seal an opening until the room addition is complete.  This temporary wall keeps the home’s energy from changing to a different 20 year cycle.  Most of the time when we are intentionally wanting to change the energy of a home, it is best to open the roof with a section that is at least 4 X 6 feet.  Click here to read more about how I helped a client avoid foreclosure by opening their roof for 72 hours changing the original energy having the potential for legal issues and foreclosure.

2004 through 2023 is the 20 Year Cycle of the Young Male
On January 12, 2017 the LA Rams selected 31 year old Sean McVay as their Rams new head coach.  This is just another example of how young males are being selected during this 20 year cycle to lead teams, companies, and even countries.  Other examples of young males leading are: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada who is 45, and President Of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto age 50.  With this energy we may see a change in our U.S. President during this coming year with separation being strongest in the East in June, and in the center of our country and all buildings in August 2017.

When you read about the Feng Shui visiting energies posted below for February know that this year will be much more positive than last year.  The Chinese say “May you live in interesting times!”  This certainly is one of the greatest times of change, heralding in the Age of Aquarius which is an age which has great concern for all humanity.  As we move forward you will see this theme becoming greater and greater.  The changes that will continue may push people to feel overwhelmed.  Your best solution for when you are feeling stressed is to be out in nature, if you are unable to do that, just take 5 minutes to do some relaxing breathing.  You will find this action to be very calming.  Calm is contagious.  When you relax with slow breathing, you will see others around you become calmer.   Think of ways to uplift your environment, live flowers or bring snacks or cookies to work to share, surprise someone with a funny card, or do or say things that make people laugh.  Tell 3 people a joke and see what happens.  Laughter is healing.  I like to remind myself to always leave a space better than I found it!

See below for Feng Shui Visiting Energies
February 3 through March 4, 2017

Center: The monthly energy in the center of all buildings and in the heart of the USA has great energy for prosperity, expansion of friends, wealth, good health.  It is one of the best energies in Feng Shui!

Northeast:  On the other hand, the northeast this month brings the potential for separation and/or sickness.  If you have things you want to sell, a good place to put those items are in the Northeast this month, especially if this is your front door.  This energy indicates a good potential to let go of anything that does not serve you during this period.  If your home is for sale and this is your master bedroom or front door, this energy will help you move and increase your changes of selling your home. .

North: This energy has visiting energy which brings the potential for travel, love, respect, creativity, and is also a great place to learn and study new information.

Northwest: You will need to know what energy is in your building based on what was captured when the roof went on to know what is coming to the northwest during February, because the visiting energy increases what it is with; the permanent energies!

West:  This energy brings wealth and fame, but also like the energy visiting in the northwest increases what it is with!  So whatever the permanent energy is in your building in the west will be increased during this period.  .

Southwest: Sit back an relax in the southwest this month because the visiting energy brings the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles.  You may be concerned about changes that are happening and unclear as to how to proceed.  Take care of yourself, and know that February’s slower energy will help to bring you more clarity.

South:  The south brings the potential for whining and complaining in February which means if this is your office you may have more complaining clients, if it is a kids bedroom this could mean they experience unusual out of the ordinary whining.

Southeast:  This area brings money, but can also bring craving for sugar, feelings of betrayal or potential for robbery depending on the permanent energy in the southeast.  Due to the yearly visiting energy there is a stronger potential for craving for alcohol, sugars, or shopping for clothes and/or vanity.  This energy can be humorous if you find people checking themselves twice in the mirror this month!

East:  In the east comes the monthly visiting energy of power and authority.  This will be a good month to make plans, negotiate contracts in the east.  This energy also brings a feeling of peace of mind.  Enjoy!  When negotiating use the east in February to your advantage.  If you have a conference room in the East, use it more in February.

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