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The Ultimate Women’s Guide for Advancing Your Career & Increasing Your Wealth

Feng Shui for Career WomenFeng Shui for Career Women offers you the first step toward aligning your environment with the basic principles of Traditional Compass Feng Shui. In chapter one, you begin with charting each of the eight personality types, determining your own most supportive elements, colors, bed directions, and work directions. The Yin and Yang Theory helps you focus on those eight personality types to help you determine tendencies and compatibility with your work force, clients, associates, and friends and family. Once you learn the personality types of each person in your life, determine your building type based on how it sits on the land according to its East/West Group type, which gives you greater insights to your success. As each building has a potential for certain outcomes and experiences for the occupant, each person in a building will have slightly different life experiences, even though they live and/or work in the same energy. Find out how your building can predict your success. Feng Shui for Career Women speaks to the 21st century woman who is focused on advancing her career and creating wealth.

Based on a 2,000 year old “nature science,” traditional Feng Shui, uses personality typing to identify the best environments for work and play, along with your best sleep and facing directions. Using personality typing to understand yourself and others helps to develop good relationships. Good relationships are the foundation of wealth and career advancement. Gain creative solutions on how to be a smarter and more effective businesswoman and leader: starting with the birth charts to determine which one of the eight personality types you are. The personality types, determined by your birth year, reveal your personality tendencies, most supportive element in nature, whether you are a supportive yin type, or an outgoing initiator yang type. Learn why you connect with some people and find others more challenging. You may find that you have intuitively applied some of this information, which has already helped you in your career and personal life. Others will be amazed how this important information is validated as you chart yourself, co-workers, friends and family. Avoid costly errors now by knowing what simple changes you can do to your interiors and exteriors. Discover what environments are best for you to be more productive and prosperous. Feng Shui charts and graphs in this book are a valuable guide and reference tool to help the career-minded businesswoman move ahead in the business world, while making sure she is supported by her environment and relationships.

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