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Trust is important in order to cope with all the changes that are occurring in our world today. July brings the potential for real estate investing.  This will be a good month for home sales and prosperity,  Know that some complaining may occur as negotiations increase throughout the month, but trust that everything will turn out well.

Last week as I was getting ready for my 3rd follow up appointment to see my dentist to adjust two new crowns, I asked what shall I write about in my blog? The message I got was to share the importance of “trust”.  Clearly I needed to hear that.  As I thought about it, I realized that if things aren’t happening fast enough I look for what I can do to make it happen quicker.  I realized things turn out better when we allow the Universe to take charge, stop controlling and allow things to unfold with no attachment or doubt in its own time.  I needed that reminder of how to live my life demonstrating trust as an example of how everything always turns out well.

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At my dental office, as my dentist mentioned the hurt coming from the tooth above the new crowns could mean the potential for a root canal, I admitted that I did not want a root canal.  I noticed that I was resisting instead of having trust, letting go, and allowing that which would be best for my highest good to occur.  I know what we resist persists.  My dentist asked how I found him,  “Was it through a referral?”  I answered, “No, I researched various websites and read the reviews to see what people were saying”. Then it hit me, I had no trust in my own opinion and research.  I picked him for his experience and knowledge.  I had even referred him to my family.  Then I started second guessing myself because things were not falling in place the way I expected them to with the speed I expected.  The chatter in my head was causing me to doubt the dentist I had chosen and the knowledge that Spirit takes care of us.

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So with my new gained knowledge I stopped in to my printer to order to pay for my new business card printing.  I realized that I did not have the artwork from my designer for my husband’s card yet.  I had already sent my designer an email the night before, so I decided to let go and allow the artwork for his card to come in whenever.  While sitting in the printers office, waiting for the staff to help me, I got an email on my phone,  Of course it was an email from my designer sending the artwork for my husband’s new business card just in time to place and pay for the order with my other order.  This was just another reinforcing example for the benefits of being in a state of “trust” knowing Spirit’s got this.  Being aware of how life flows is an important skill that takes observation and attention to our action in each moment.

I seem to be getting more messages from Spirit lately and I wondered why this was not happening all the time.  Again I got the answer, because you do not trust what you are hearing is from Spirit.  Recently I could not deny that I was picked by my brother who passed in 1996 to get a message to his son, my nephew.  It is so obvious now, but I was second guessing if the message for my nephew was really from my brother or just thoughts I was making up in my head.

It was an early morning a few weeks ago when I was just waking up.  You know how you are just waking up and you are coming out of a dream/sleep state?  I noticed I had gotten a text from my nephew.  His father, my brother, had passed in 1996.  Here is a shortened version of our text message conversation.

My nephew texted:  “Happy Sunday.  Hope I’m not interrupting your day… had a question… got my GPS in hand…what’s the best way to take a Feng Shui house reading?  After sharing with him how to do that and learning his house type, I said, “Sounds like it is a South sitting house which is a fire.  It seems to me the Universe is supporting all your efforts!”  He texted,  “Nice…I could use a lot of support right now…LOL!  Hopefully it’s working for all of man kind right now???”

I replied, “The world is challenged right now because many believe what they see and hear and create what they see and hear with their thoughts based on the thoughts of others who doubt that all is good and will be fine.”  I went on to say, “You are clear about what you want and are taking positive action to enjoy a successful life”.  He said, “That is good news 🙂 cause I don’t think I’m too needy LOL!…there’s plenty in this Universe to make us all happy…no reason I shouldn’t get my slice right?  I’m a nice guy. :)”.

I texted him back.. “That is why I am proud of you.  Your dad is next to you enjoying your success!  Ask for a sign from your dad that is clear he is with you.  He would love that!  He always liked to do tricks on people and do funny things!  Give him an opportunity to say Hi, by asking for a sign, even if it’s just to have the phone ring!”

I couldn’t help remembering how my brother connected with me a few years ago around the time of his birthday as my ceiling lights were going on and off! I thought I was going to have to replace all the bulbs!  The flickering bulbs stopped on their own about a week later and they have been fine ever since, never having to be changed.  At the time I did not realize it was my brother until a friend asked me if it had happened during a time of anyone’s birthday who had passed.  Then I knew, of course that would have been my brother playing tricks on me as he always did when I was young.

My nephew went on to text me, “Yup…life is good…getting ready to go hit the river for a few…yesterday we had a ghost in the boat…it may have been dad playing a trick for all I know…just sitting there relaxing and all of a sudden the motor starts going up all by itself…no joke…I jumped back to override the switch on the motor…really hard to explain how it all turned out…just a few minutes of madness then back to a normal day…really strange…I hope it was dad just saying Hi.”

I replied, “Yes, I’m sure it was!”  Then I explained, “Spirits are known to be able to manipulate electricity easily! My brother would have gotten a good laugh on that one.”  My nephew replied, “He’s probably saying,let’s get this boat moving! It was really, really freeky stuff for like 5 minutes…motor doing things on its own…hydraulics moving motor up with nobody pressing controls…or either short in wiring harness???  Or dad saying, Hi…didn’t have problems for rest of day…so not sure if there ever was one…just know motor had a  mind of its own.”

Then it hit me, I was getting messages, thoughts coming to me from my brother. I needed to trust in order to be open minded to receive these messages.   I said to my nephew, “Why do you think I am telling you all this now?  Because your dad wants you to know it was him and he is always with you!”

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See below for the Monthly Feng Shui Energies 
for your building for 
July 7th through August 6, 2017


Sherlock Holmes with a magnifiying glass over a hourse.Center:  the visiting energy in the center of all buildings this month brings the potential for whining and complaining, arguing and also a potential for legal issues.  You may be signing legal documents for a refinance on your home or be making a real estate investment this period.

Southwest:  the monthly visiting energy expands the permanent energy blueprint here in your building.  This month’s visiting energy here in the Southwest reaches its highest potential all year with expansion of wealth, and/or cravings for sugar or alcohol here.

South:  brings the potential for money.  The energy here also brings a potential for competitions at work.  This energy can also bring a potential for arguing.  Depending on your buildings energy blueprint the visiting energy can cause a potential for robbery or feelings of betrayal and/or cravings for sugar, alcohol or a desire to shop and improve your appearance this month.

Northwest:  the energy this month brings the potential for travel, creativity, learning new information.  You may take a class this month that is related to your work, or just learn something for fun.  It is a great area to meditate

West:  brings the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles this period.  If this is your office, you may want to work in a different area if possible.  Be sure to avid leaving your phone in the west this period or you may be waiting for calls to be returned.  This area may bring major change to the occupant of this area this month.

North:  brings the potential for wealth.  This energy in the North this month brings unexpected abundance.  You could receive a raise, if you are in sales you may find your closing rate will be higher this month if you are working in this area or spending time here.  If you are gambling this month, be sure to spend your time in the casino in the North.  Good luck trying to figure that location out with no windows for better orientation in casinos, LOL!  You may see expansion of relationships, new additions to your family, new clients, improved health, and/or more money coming to you this month if the North is an area you spend a lot of time in.  If this is your front door, expect more abundance coming to you or anyone in your home or business this month.  Lots of good things coming into the North this period.

Northeast:  brings the potential for power and authority when it comes to making decisions.

East:  this period has te potential for career development in 2017 with great abundance and expansion of health, relationships, and wealth to the occupant here in the East.  Enjoy your abundance!  You may find you are offered new and exciting positions, or your career brings you more wealth and/or fame.

Southeast:  this energy visiting here this month has the potential for you to let go of something.  It could be a relationship that isn’t working or it could be money going out for a project or trip you will enjoy.  You may find that you will be able to clean closets in this area with ease this month, donating things you no longer use.  Remember to trust that “letting go” always makes room for more abundance to come in.

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