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2018 will be a year of great change!

The energy for the month of January 2018 brings power and authority and is increased by love.  That energy arrives on January 5, 2018 and becomes strongest around January 20th.  You will see things falling in place for you, and if you are observing how things are occurring in your life, you will see that synchronicities happen allowing everything to fall in place quite easily for you.

There will be no more need to rescue others, because more and more people will begin to see the game that we are all playing.   The theme of this email for January is responsibility.  As you take responsibility for what you have in your life: the relationships, the work, the feelings you experience, you will begin to expand your awareness, which increases your own personal enlightenment.

Words describing "Show a Little Love"

Show a Little LOVE

As you begin to receive and realize the love you have within, your heart will open in order to receive more love.  When you begin to ask yourself, “Is this choice going to bring me joy, or is this choice going to keep me stuck?”, then you will know that your heart is opening with more love for yourself.  It is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself.

Many of you are now realizing that you are creating your own reality and the dramas you got caught up in previously are only the bright shiny objects here to distract you from seeing who you truly are.  You are love!    Discovering that you are love is your purpose.  Each of us on this planet has the ability to shine a very bright light of love on the planet.  Your true purpose is to know that you are love.  That’s it.

For many this is hard to do because of all the opinions and comments in the world, causing great distraction from this message.  That is all you need to know to live a life on purpose is that you are love.  When you come from a place of loving yourself, you make the best decisions.  No longer will you be doing something in order to please others, because you will know that they can also attract joy.   No longer will you feel you need to receive love from another to fill you up because you are realizing that you are already full of love, by your own choices.   It is this realization that will happen to more and more people this year.

When you know that you are love, you do not need to give anything, because love is all there is.  Love takes you into a higher vibration of joy, and when you are feeling great joy, others feel your energy, and they are automatically uplifted.  Being in a state of love and joy, allows you to manifest and attract all the things you desire.

Remind others that they too are love.  When they know they are love and loved, then everything in your life and in their life improves.    Just “be” in the state of allowing love to come to you.  When this happens, you feel great joy.  You see others as loving beings as well.  When you do not approve of another’s choices, know that they are making the best choice and are caught up in the distractions on earth.  That is part of the game.  Encourage others to connect with their heart.  No need to rescue others, because you know that they are like you, with the same access to source, a powerful energy of love.  Remind them who they are!

The first step is to take responsibility for how your life is going.  If you feel that you are stuck or cannot feel joy due to certain circumstances, then it could be that you are not looking at how you have created your present situation.  The circumstances cannot keep you from feeling love for yourself.  Remember you have guides and angels watching over you and that everything always works out fine.

Are you taking full responsibility for loving yourself?  Are you feeling you have too many people who depend on you and there is no time for you to do what you like?   Do you feel that no one ever helps you?  This time of year is a good time to reflect.  If you would like to learn more about your personal Feng Shui Personality Charting and to watch my FREE 5 Element Personality Video, just CLICK HERE!

I like the movie with Jimmy Stewart that is shown every year around the holidays—“It’s a Wonderful Life.”  He is so down on himself for not accomplishing his dreams that he wants to take his own life.  He does not realize how many lives he has helped by taking responsibility for his own actions.  He would always choose the path of integrity and responsibility which caused him to feel good.  He would not hesitate to ask for help.  He asked for help from the town when his bank almost went bankrupt falling into the hands of the town’s richest man, Mr. Potter.

For many asking for help makes them feel weak, but it is by letting others help you, that will uplift others and then everyone wins.  After an honest review of his own life, Jimmy Stewart realized how his existence had purpose.  You may never know how many lives you are impacting by being yourself, choosing joy over sadness.  Changing your vibration is just a matter of changing your perspective and your focus.  Think for a minute what the holidays would have been like for your family without you.  Realize how much you contribute by just being yourself.

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See below for the Feng Shui
Visiting Monthly Energies from

January 4th, 2018 – February 4th, 2018

Sherlock Holmes with a magnifiying glass over a hourse.

Center:  has the potential for for power and authority.  It is a powerful time to put out your intentions and watch how they manifest.  Because this is a new year celebration month, this energy is even more powerful with so many taking time to decide what they really want for the coming year!  Trust the process.  Everything happens in its own timing, and what you ask for eventually comes to pass if you are willing to trust!

South:  has the potential to bring delays, pain, and/or struggles.  This energy is often a gift to slow you down so you won’t move too quickly in a direction that is not as supportive for you.  Take care of your health this month getting lots of Vitamin C to prevent the potential for a need for prescription drugs.  This energy will have the greatest effect on you if this is your bedroom or front door.

Southwest: this energy has the potential energy to cause feelings of betrayal and/or the potential for robbery this month especially if this is your bedroom or your front door.  You may also see more arguing and/or whining and complaining in the Southwest during January.    If you do not have expectations of another, then you will avoid feeling betrayed.  Let go of your need to fix anyone, and focus on your own joy!

East:  this energy brings the potential here for travel, creativity, speaking, presenting, and expansion of wealth and/or new relationships such as; friends, co-workers, or additions to your family.  This is a great area to spend lots of time during January.  This energy expands your career, and may bring you unexpected money if this is an area where you work, sleep, or spend time!

Northwest:  this month’s visiting energy brings the potential for wealth and separation.  You may be choosing to let something go this month, that will bring you more wealth in the future.  In this area the occupant may experience some health challenges this month so if this is an entrance, use another door if possible, and if this is your office, see if you can work in another space this period.  Be sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation this month if this is an area you spend much time in.

West: the visiting energy here is just as auspicious as the energy in the East bringing wealth, and/or new relationships to the person occupying this area.  You may find some whining and complaining in this area also, but in general, the energy here is very lucrative and the West is a great place to spend time.

North:  this month’s visiting energy brings the potential for separation due to your clarity and expressing more power this month.  You will have an opportunity to speak up for yourself and let go of anything that does not serve you in order to make room for some very good energy coming in February in the North!

Northeast:  this energy has the potential to bring a new love into your life, or a new passion, plus the potential for more wealth.  You may be seen as a pillar in your industry this month!  If you are looking for a new love relationship, this may be the month it happens, if this is your front door.   Enjoy this energy this month and spend as much time as you can in the Northeast.

Southeast:  this area has the potential to bring the greatest delays, pain, and/or struggles for the year in the Southeast.  Have patience and use this area to relax and meditate.  This will be a good area to discover your own clarity.  Avoid doing important work in this area, as you may become frustrated that things do not move as quickly as you would like this month!

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