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Feeling a flow of more positive energy in your life?  This could be due to the arrival of the “Year of the Rooster” on February 3, 2017.  Those of you who have been following a spiritual path, working on nurturing yourself, being kind to others, doing what you can to speak using positive and uplifting words will help put you in the flow manifesting what you desire as we move forward in the new energy.  Others who are focused on what is happening outside of themselves with the world events and/or relationship drama will find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time attracting more drama and blocks.  What you focus on expands more than ever now.

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The potential for abundance in 2017 is huge. I can tell you what the potential is for 2017 and list monthly visiting energies for you here each month, but that doesn’t mean you will experience all that flow of abundance unless you can attract and be willing to receive the positive and high energy. Start to become aware of how many times in a day you say, no when someone offers to give you something.  Saying, yes, thank you, attracts more abundance to you.   I have seen the shift occurring in energy on the planet which is effecting people differently.  What I am noticing is that those who are choosing peace, love and positive expressions are attracting amazing abundance, joy, harmony and seem to be experiencing a new flow in their lives, as opposed to those who are constantly focusing on separation and getting caught up in expressing fear and talking about what they do not want, as they are experiencing a reflection of that unwanted energy.

When you hear people expressing fear, it is important for you to immediately focus on more positive thoughts of what you desire to remain in the flow.  I recently took a trip up to the snow with my husband and two grandsons leaving on Friday morning and coming back Saturday afternoon.   My grandsons and I put out a positive intention for our trip a few days before by talking about having a safe and easy drive with little rain and a desire for snow falling after we reached our destination.  We also put out an intention for a fun time in the snow with a safe drive home with little rain.

Snow at Lake Arrowhead

In the Flow!

We decided to leave town by 8:30 am last Friday so we could get ahead of the rain and we enjoyed a great drive once out of Los Angeles without rain. Remember that was the day with the worst rain, wind, and flooding in Los Angeles.

When we arrived at our destination, I spoke with the hotel owner on how excited we were to get snow that night.  She said, “Oh it is only going to rain here!”  I allowed her her point of view, and thought in my mind, we are looking forward to snow.

Snow started to fall at 9:00 PM hours after we were settled in our hotel.  We woke to a beautiful white blanket of snow on the ground much to the excitement of my grandsons.   The other great thing was that all the mountain roads were clean with no need for chains. The trip home had little rain and light traffic!   It was a great trip and I felt connected and in the flow as things fell in place for us.  My point is that setting an intention each day for positive experiences makes a huge difference in what you are attracting.  Supporting your desires with positive thoughts is essential.

It is like the farmer who doesn’t just get a great crop, he does the preparation to harvest a great crop.   If you have seen a tornado hit a neighborhood, how is it that one house is left standing and the others are demolished?   In school we had an assignment to find out where a house fire had started based on the energy within the building.  As I write in my yearly update client reports, where your master and front door are located have the biggest impact on the occupants.  So based on the floor plan of the house that remained unharmed during a tornado compared to the one that was demolished, the energy in their master and front door would have been very different, even though the two houses were standing side by side.  The energy captured within a home is a mirror for your career, your health, your life experiences, and is a reflection of your thoughts, intentions, and the flow of your life.

I consulted with a contractor who was building a new 8,000 sq. ft home overlooking the beach in Newport.  When we looked at his existing home in his tract neighborhood I told him that if his master had been on the other side of the house, he would probably have had a divorce instead of the happy marriage he was experiencing.  He said to me, “The house next door that sits the same direction as mine, has the master on the other side of the house, and the owners got a divorce!”  Did the energy cause their divorce or did the owners attract that home based on what they were focusing on and feeling years before?  I believe it is the latter, and people just don’t realize how powerful their thoughts and words are in attracting their life experiences.

With our heavy rains here in Los Angeles, if we listen to what people have been saying for the last year, then you can better understand how our collective consciousness attracted the down pour of rain we had last Friday.  There were signs on the highway for months about reducing the drought, and news about the worst drought in years, and laws passed to reduce consumption of water to help cope with the drought.  People began to say prayers to bring rain, and when rain did come and the news interviewed them, their comments were, “The rain is great, we need this rain.”  or “I don’t mind the rain, it is so needed!”   “My plants are doing so well in this rain”,  “I have collected barrels of rain water”,  Many bragged about how pleased they were to see the drought diminish.  Over and over we heard these comments for months until the Oroville Dam was over flowing and the rains in Los Angeles came at such a downpour it made history.   There is great power in your positive words and thoughts which help you stay in the flow!  Be aware of what you are asking for and focusing on!  We are creating faster than ever before with the new energy on our planet.

Feng Shui is all about the cycles that come and go.  This summer may be he hottest summer on record as our temperature swings just like the rains.  Also this year the earth will have more earthquakes and extreme weather changes as the earth and people on the planet evolve.  Our society is also evolving and as you watch the changes that are taking place you will see a new form of government coming from the efforts of the people who realize we all want a better life for all.

If you are focused on fighting something, then you are focused on what you do not want.  As our nation continues to be divided in opinions we can use the collective consciousness to support our nation.  No matter if you want to see Trump out of office or you are happy he is our president, your thoughts and comments about him contribute to his strength by your negative or positive focus on him.

The way to truly manifest what you desire, is to first get clear what you want, then let go of how it will occur, and then believe what you desire is possible.  For example, you may desire a strong court system, unity in our nation, safety for all and prosperity, having a strong and mentally stable president who represents all people with a positive rating.  Letting go of who is the president and focusing on what you want to experience in our nation is profound and allows everything to unfold in a perfect manner.   Either our existing president will fulfill your desires, or he will be replaced with someone who will; therefore allowing you to have what you desire as long as you are not attached to how that will happen.

This month’s Feng Shui energy arrives on March 5, 2017 and will reach a peak from March 15th to the 25th.  The planet will be bathed with a steady increase of divine light.  Our planet is evolving. We are birthing a new planet and a new nation.  It is difficult to return to what was.  Birth can be painful, as you may find you are experiencing unusual symptoms of discomfort in areas of your body that never bothered you before.  This is because your energy is changing like that of our earth..  The results are going to bring more love, more humanitarian efforts, more unity.  In March you will see a slow rise in the flow of the Feng Shui energy causing many to manifest more easily.

What this means is that people start to have more empathy for others, some will be waking up receiving strong intuitions to move forward in their purpose.  This year we will have major earth changes reflecting the change in people.  Everything is a mirror for what we are going through in life.  Everyone has the potential to experience delays, sickness, wealth, harmony, and creativity but it is your focus that determines what will be most dominant.  If you have a setback, the length of time to bounce back is determined by how quickly you can pivot to positive self-talk in order to bring back good health, wealth and happiness as your experience.  No one can do the self talk for you.  I like to say often, “Everything always falls in place for me!”  The more I say that, the more it is demonstrated in the experiences of my life.  I am grateful for the support of the Universe and all the angels that help make my life flow with ease!”

Those with a “3” permanent energy of whining and complaining in the center of their building may find this month’s visiting energy brings some feelings of betrayal or potential for robbery.  Make sure you do not fall victim to those internet, email, and/or phone scams.  My 98 year old mother just received the phone call where the caller asked a question in order to get her to say “Yes”.  She knew better and hung up.  If they were successful, they planned to record her answer and then bill her for something she never ordered with a recording showing she had agreed.  She was pleased that she was aware of their scam and listened to her intuition.

Feng Shui Visiting Energies for March 5th through April  3rd are listed below for each of the nine interior quadrants:

Center: The Feng Shui energy in the center of all buildings and in the heart of the USA for March continues to have a good flow of wealth expansion.  This energy may come with a potential for robbery or feelings of betrayal.This energy of wealth will be seen through April.  We may see economic challenges and decline in May with loss and separation occurring in August.  That separation in August could mean a new US President.

Northeast:  In March the Northeast brings the potential for wealth  and fame.  People working in this area may experience recognition and unexpected honors, a possible new love, and/or being seen as a pillar in the community.  If this is an area you spend a lot of time in, you will find this month you will be very creative and may travel more this month.

North: This energy in March brings the potential for whining and complaining.

Northwest: Is a wonderful area to work in March with the flow of wealth and good health expansion and the potential for new relationships coming to the Northwest.  You will notice unexpected surprises coming to you if you spend more time in the Northwest in March.  I always talk about this energy referred to in Feng Shui being like a rich uncle coming to this area bringing gifts to the occupant!

This March visiting energy here in the West increases what it is with, so you will need to know what your permanent energy is in order to see what is being increased in March by the monthly visiting energy.  You may also see some complaining coming from this area this month.

Southwest: The March energy here will bring the potential for creativity, travel, learning new information, teaching, and is also great for creative writing, and journal writing.

South:  The south brings the potential for separation and/or sickness.  If this is your office, you may find you need to replace equipment this month.  In kitchens this energy brings the potential for replacing appliances.  Usually letting go of the old, makes room for new and helps us to move forward and evolve.

Southeast:  This area brings power and authority to the occupants in March.  This is one of the best energies in Feng Shui.  With the intense energy of March on the planet this energy will be increased with a higher potential for power and authority here in the Southeast.

East:  The March energy here will bring the potential for delays and struggles this month.  If this is your bedroom you may experience more fatigue this month, over-sleep and/or find you are running late.  You may also find that clutter builds up in this East area this month.  This area also brings a potential for arguing this month, and/or teeth concerns.  If this is an important area that you use a lot, be prepared to relax and recharge, or use a different area if you need to get things done quickly in March.

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