Ready to Manifest Your Joy?

So many components come into play when you desire to attract something new. The most important is to raise your vibration.   Mainly if you feel you want something then you are in the vibration of lack just by your longing for change.  A feeling of lack keeps you stuck.

When was the last time you did something playful?  It is the vibration of play that brings joy.  So many things can bring you pleasure that cost nothing or very little.  When you trust Spirit and ask for an amazing connection with nature, for example, you will be surprised what you attract just by stepping outside or visiting a park or your favorite place in nature.  Your actions create.  I refer to your actions as taking baby steps in the direction of your desire.

Do you enjoy having at least one day a week where you wake up and feel you have nothing you need to do? If not, it may be time for you to get away, even just for an overnight visit to see a friend, or to a city near by overnight or just for the day to see something new.  You may love to read, so take a train to a nearby city with a great library, or drive to a place that has wonderful boutiques to shop or just explore, or how about finding a new restaurant you have never been to?

I remember a great trip when I was in college studying architecture and our class took a 2-hour train trip to San Juan Capistrano to study the architecture of Michael Graves in a newly built library.  The whole experience was new an uplifting.  Raising your vibration is the key to manifesting.  

How about calling a friend you haven't seen in months to meet at the park or for coffee or tea at a nearby Starbucks  or coffee shop just to catch up?  COVID's isolation was a gift to teach us how important relationships are to each of us.

Your Thoughts Do Become Things!

I had such a fun time celebrating my birthday on my trip to Eugene, Oregon early in April. We were joined by our good friends Eugene.

I first met Ken at college here in California and he has been a long-time friend of my husband, Sal, since High School.  Ken went on to the University of Oregon where he met Treesa.  It was quite fascinating how their busy schedule opened up to allow them to join us!   Especially since they were graduates of University of Oregon and the reason my family was coming to Eugene was to tour the college with Tanner's recent acceptance.  Their encouragement to Tanner was special!

As soon as I knew everyone could join us, I picked a fun location for dinner in Eugene.  I was able to reserve the Wine Cellar Room that seated 12, at the "Old Spaghetti Factory" for the 9 of us pictured above. Coincidentally, it just happened to be available the day we arrived which was on my birthday.  A perfect place for my dinner party celebration!  

Fun Times with Family and Good Friends!

Donna, a good friend for over 50 years, drove up to Eugene from her home in Brookings, OR.  To my surprise, Donna's schedule also opened up with only a week's notice!  The next day Donna, Sal, and I met for lunch and after, Donna and I took a walk through this beautiful park along the river.

Magical Synchronicities Kept Unfolding.

Everything fell in place, including the fact that my schedule was also open at the time, as my husband reminded me.  We decided to drive to Portland and fly home from there the following week.  Absolutely fascinating how we had such nice weather and along with great experiences Sal and I enjoyed; lunch at the Multnomah Falls on the Columbia River, then returning to Portland to take a dinner River Cruise on the Willamette River.  We visited Washington Park, and I enjoyed several well needed energy consults at the Renaissance Bookstore!  

Here's Where the Manifesting gets good...

Looking back on the entire experience, I realized my mantra for several months has been, "Love and laughter, and connecting with family and friends!"  The Universe lined everything up for me that was so much better than I could have imagined, and the whole 6 days in Oregon was planned in the spur of the moment only one week in advance.

Stay tuned in my upcoming newsletters how I am attracting our next family dog. I am so excited to see what Spirit is lining up for us after we lost our beloved Golden Retriever, Bear, over a year ago.

Are You Confused and Want Help Moving Forward?

When I work to coach clients on Manifesting they often don't even realize what they have been thinking, and saying that is causing their confusion.  Caught up in your emotions, it is understandable if you are feeling stuck. 

Usually it only takes one to three coaching sessions with me and you will find you are off creating and enjoying a new renewed outlook about your life!

I Love to See My Clients Enjoy More Happiness!!!

I love to see my clients enjoy more happiness connecting with what brings them joy, free of guilt, and able to let go of all the limiting thoughts going around and around in their heads. Know that you have invisible helpers constantly surrounding you.

I have experienced way too many synchronicities in my life to think that I created it all alone!  Just because you can't see your guides, angels or relatives who have passed does not mean they are not with you all the time.  Energies of those on the other side of the veil are so high in the vibration of love that you are unable to see them.

Picture a ceiling fan.  When you turn up the fan to move the blades faster, you often do not see the blades anymore, but they are still there revealed to you again when the fan stops moving!  My play is teaching others about how to manifest.  It is so much fun to watch as people start creating synchronicities in their life, and realize how much they are supported.  As those synchronicities begin to come about, my coaching client's are in awe.

I am now opening up more hourly coaching sessions by phone to help you move forward now! If you feel stuck, frustrated, sad or angry not knowing how to find joy in your life with what is happening in our world today,  Let me be your guide to help you create a more joy filled life! Don't waste another minute of your life wondering what to do to move forward!  Click Here to BOOK a PHONE COACHING SESSION - one hour or more for an impactful and beneficial session with me.

I have been working for years studying how we each manifest our own reality along with learning how to tap into my intuition so I can also help guide you. Our time together will be based on some simple steps that I will share with you in our coaching sessions.  You'll become more aware in order to take the next best step for you.  Whether you would like help with your career, relationships, health or wealth expansion, let me help you create the life you desire with ease! If you are struggling, maybe the path you are on is not the best path for you.  Let's chat.

Click here to read a recent  post on my  website testimony page from one of my coaching clients; Debra.  I helped Debra, a future author, move forward and she is now excited to release her book in May!  After publishing several books myself and years in the field of design, and achieving top sales my first year working in an 80 Billion Dollar company, I went on to run my own business.  I am confident I can guide you to create more success in your life like Debra; to live more spontaneously feeling you are in the right place connected and supported by the Universe.

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Buckle Up For Visiting Energies Arriving on May 5, 2024!

May will be a more turbulent month in the World.  You may see more fighting, arguing and escalations with a possible "letting go" in some form of surrender or agreement coming closer to or after May 25.  More and more people are focusing on peace and that energy of love over fear is powerful and highly creative. 

We just came out of eclipse season.  I hope many of you got to enjoy the historic eclipse best seen on the Eastern part of the US.  We had a lot of things happening with the planets in April, like Mars connecting with Saturn as well as Mercury going retrograde on April 1.  It began the first Mercury Retrograde of the year ending April 25, 2024. This retrograde has been quite impactful for communication and technology glitches. 

Everything will be shifting in May and eventually improving.  People are experiencing many more life changes which validates this separation energy visiting in May   Those born under the sign of Taurus (born end of April and in May) will be having a very good month in May. Remember separation can be a good thing when you are moving to a new home, starting a new job or just letting go of things that no longer serve you.  Expect to see a lot happening in May.  

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