Refresh Your Home's Energy for the Year of the Dragon!

I have always burned sage to refresh the energies in my home.  During my training course  Everything is Energy in January, participants asked me for instructions on how to clear old or negative energies from your home.  You can purchase white sage or lavender sage at most health food stores.  Before going through your home be sure to allow the smoke from the burning sage to clear your own body's energy.  Begin with your feet including the bottoms, and rising to your head.  I have even taken sage to my dog to clear any negative energy she may be holding.  

Hold the sage over your cooktop or a flame to make sure it is gets properly lit so that you have continuous smoke appearing.  Do be careful when holding the sage over flames to light.  It is important to use a container like a tin pie plate, glass bowl or an abalone shell as pictured to catch the ashes as the sage continues to burn. Many who do energy clearing will use a large feather to spread the smoke as you go through your home.

Have a prayer written that you can read as you circle through your home burning the sage in each room and reciting the prayer.  Make sure you open interior doors and cabinets and leave exterior doors and window open as well.  Call in your angels, spirit guides, or ancestors to help you bring in more loving energies to fill your home.  Command all negative energies go into the light out through open exterior doors and windows.  Use a large bell to ring.  In Feng Shui moving metal is a great remedy to clear unwanted energies such as ring a bell.  You may want to use a helper to do this because it is cumbersome holding the sage while you read the prayer and ring the bell as you move into corners and smaller spaces.  Move slowly and have a good intention that love fills your home.  Thank your home for helping you replace unwanted energies with the vibration of love and joy!

If you have done this right you should feel a lighter energy after, especially if there has been any arguing or feelings of sadness recently.  Be sure to never leave burning sage unattended,  Once you are done extinguish the sage outdoor in the dirt.  It can be saved for your next energy clearing. 

Are You Cleaning Your Crystals?

Did you know that your crystals collect negative energies and must be cleaned often? During my building energy consultations I use the 5 ELEMENT THEORY to help my clients improve their health, wealth, and relationships. It is not recommended to place all 5 elements in one quadrant and we do not recommend using Crystals as a remedy. Your home or business should not appear to have a remedy to improve energies. One client told me when the proper elements were put in place her home felt so good it was as if it was humming!

If you do like to use Crystals be sure to clean them monthly or anytime they have been exposed to arguing or those feeling of grief or sadness. As I mentioned above you can use sage to clean your Crystals when you are giving your home a sage cleansing. Make sure you keep the Crystal in the sage smoke for one minute. There are many ways to clean your Crystals.

If you are able to visit the ocean you can clean them in salt water. Bring the water home in a clean container and submerge your stones tin a glass bowl completely covered when you are home making sure they are covered for a minimum of 48 hours.

Using Brown Rice just like you would with a cell phone that has had too much exposure to liquid will work to clean your Crystals. Be sure your Crystals are completely covered with brown rice for at least 24 hours and make sure you dispose of the brown rice immediately in an organic recycling bin.

I like to put my stones outside focusing on them with an intention for healing, happiness and joy, Just like the experiments conducted by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese businessman, author and pseudoscientist claimed that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. His 2004 book The Hidden Messages in Water was a New York Times best seller. I suggest you read that book. It has amazing images of his work. Your Crystals are also effected by your consciousness so be aware of your intentions.

If you choose to place your Crystals outside on the dirt, you can put them in the lunar light or the sunlight or longer through moonlight and daylight. Be sure to clean the dirt off, the Crystal when done, and avoid leaving them in sunlight longer than 6 hours. Putting them out in the moonlight and bringing them in before noon works well.

When I do an energy reading on a home or business the suggested elements are based on the energy captured in each of the nine quadrants of your home or business. when the roof when on based on the year built 20 year cycle. When I take a compass reading the energies reveal to me where the good health and money expansion are located and where the delays or sickness may be coming from. I can tell in a Real Estate office which realtor is making the most money based on where they are sitting and the energies I discover based on my building's compass reading.

I feel people attract the energies to them based on their beliefs and thoughts, since thoughts become things! There is visiting yearly energies that arrive each month and monthly visiting energies added to your permanent energies. I give suggestions based on all four of these energies. Some have thought if they remedy for the yearly energies that all quadrants are taken care of. Unfortunately there are many layers to energies in your home. There are four types of buildings: good for Health only needing a remedy for wealth, good for Wealth only needing a remedy for Health, good for Health and Wealth, or needing a remedy for both Health and Wealth . A lot of businesses that need a remedy for wealth is hard to do being in a commercial space since the outdoors elements need to be placed.

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