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I had intended to post another tip for your outdoor Feng Shui landscape today, when I received a very special phone call from a client last night.  I have asked for a personal testimony from her, and in the meantime due to the nature of our results I will keep this client’s name confidential.   I was very touched by her phone call and appreciative comments.  This client and I have worked together for many years and have become very close.  I have been helping her with her Feng Shui remedies and for the the last five years to hold onto her home, keeping it from foreclosure, and to insure her 3 children complete college and have a good education while she and her husband provide a safe and secure home for their family.

Avoid foreclosure with Feng Shui

Unknowingly, my client did not realize that the energy changed in the center of this home when it was  remodeled in 1996.   The permanent energy became a “2-3” which represents the potential for legal issues, contracts, arguing, and potential for lawsuits.  The energy captured in the center of the home during the 20-year-cycle when it is built, or opened up with a remodel, is the potential for what reoccurs over and over to the occupants.   This is called “the permanent” energy.   This client owns their own contracting business and the energy which brings the potential for contracts could be a very positive thing to increase her business having more job contracts.  Unfortunately she is a West Group type in this East Group North sitting home, so on top of everything she was not supported by this house type.  When her house went into the final phase of foreclosure I knew we had to do something more.

In addition to contacting me for remedies she worked directly with a lawyer.  Year after year when I did her yearly update report I would make the best suggestions for remedies to keep the legal issues at bay.  Finally in January of 2012 she contacted me and told me  that the bank was taking back the home and foreclosure had started.  They hired a friend who was a realtor and he began the listing of their home.

I decided to help her in a way I had never done with a client before.  Since her home was built earlier with a remodel that changed the house energy in 1996, I decided since we are in a new 20-year-cycle now from 2004-2023 we could open the roof and change the energy again.  This process has a lot of requirements in order to do this correctly.  An appropriate day based on the Chinese 10,000 year calendar needs to be selected based on the owner’s year of birth.  We selected February 20, 2012 being the most auspicious day to open the roof.  Since the client was not supported by the home, it was best for her to sleep at  a different property during the 72 hour period when  a 4 ft.  X 6 ft. opening in the roof was created.

The client liked having more light in the home after the 72 hours of openness, so she decided to add three sky lights in the opening when closing it back up.  During  the 72 hours when the energy was changing, my client shared that she dreamed that spirits were spreading bread around the home.  A dream I knew represented nourishment coming to my client.   The new energy that was captured for her house type sitting in the North during this 20-year-cycle now brings the potential for good academics,  creativity which supports her contracting business, creativity writing, and travel.

When my client called she admitted it was such a relief after almost a year of changing the energy.  What was great was that she was determined and never lost faith.  She said she is looking forward to making payments on her new house loan, and feels very blessed.
I feel very blessed that I could help this client avoid foreclosure and I would be happy to speak to anyone who would like to contact me if they feel this might be a solution for them!  This is just one of the reasons I do Feng Shui.  Thank you to all of you who enjoy learning more about this very ancient nature science of cycles and energy called Traditional Compass Feng Shui!