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A shift comes September 7th after the August eclipse that caused a huge downpour of divine light to the planet. Just as Texas has experienced more rain than has ever been seen over the past 1,000 years, our planet is receiving more light and love than has ever been felt. This loving blast of angelic energy is causing society to wake up. Texas was a demonstration of how people are stepping up to support each other. I have been working to integrate this new, higher vibration, of energy within me by resting more, taking daily walks in nature, and making an effort to set aside time every morning for meditation.   Each of us can change the outcome of events by focusing on a calm, loving and peaceful world.

It is as if a thought is all that is needed for it to manifest. Now more than ever our thoughts need to be monitored to receive what we truly desire. Even better would be to take time to write out your intention on paper. It will not only help you gain clarity of what it is you truly desire, but also create with greater speed and focus.


A Shift Toward More Love

The knowledge I have gained during this last eclipse and retrograde period helped me realize that the love we seek to experience on our planet must come from within each of us. As the song implies, are you, “looking for love in all the wrong places.” The love we seek can be achieved by our focus on what brings us the most joy.

Criticism, hate and fear can be replaced by having more love within us. Once we have filled ourselves with love for who we are, it is harder for others to throw us off with their anger or fear. But you must first go within taking care of yourself, resulting in more patience, compassion, and understanding for others and for yourself.

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Change your Environment and Improve your Life.

I recently was working with a client to create their home’s energy report. In order to put in the proper remedies we had to determine what cycle of energy the home had captured. The home had been built in 1961. This was a recent purchase for my client. They told me several areas of the home had been remodeled. Because of the large areas of walls that had been bumped out, I knew that the energy in the home had changed during the previous client’s remodel. The client wasn’t sure if the remodel was completed in 2003 or 2004.

That presented a problem since one 20 year cycle ran from 1984-2003 and the other 20 year cycle runs from 2004 through the present until 2023. I felt it was important to speak with them about both cycles of energy to see if they could see a pattern occurring in their life.

They had now lived in the home since June which would give them some indication of the predominant energy in the home, especially if they did not have their Feng Shui remedies in place. Upon my return visit I said, “If your newly captured house energy is from 1984-2003 you would be experiencing legal issues, arguing, and possible car accidents. If the energy is after 2004 you would have more creativity related to earning money and/or travel related to career. Her husband immediately said, “I had a car accident last week!” Bingo, validation that the energy we need to shift is the 1984-2003 energy!

I call the Feng Shui I do “Evidence Based” because I can always find evidence of how the energies are influencing my clients. When taking a closer look at the husband’s home office I saw how the energy in that room was divided into two quadrants with two different energies. One energy was very auspicious for career development. In that area he had a sofa and a book case and a TV on the wall. In the other half of the room was the energy having the potential for legal issues, arguing and car accidents. Of course, that was where he had positioned his desk.

Now I knew that by rearranging his office furniture we could change his potential for good health and financial success. By switching the location of his desk and sofa, we could place him in a better energy, with a shift in his experiences, especially since, it is where he spends so much of his time. Now he would be in a more auspicious energy of the room. In addition, I looked at colors and accessories in the room and made sure they were of the most supportive colors and elements to increase the positive energies and reduce the more challenging energy influences. He planned to move his desk that day!

Plus the energy in the center of their home, validated by my client’s car accident, indicated a need to remedy and shift the energy of this home! Since my client was planning a remodel, I knew that the new energy for 2004-2023 would shift the owners future experiences having more desirable outcomes which required using calculations based on the owner’s years of birth.  Calculations would need to be done first in order to select a beneficial date for the roof to be opened before starting their remodel.

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See below for the Shift in Feng Shui
Visiting Monthly Energies from

September 7 through October 7, 2017

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Sherlock Holmes with a magnifiying glass over a hourse.Center:  this energy here this month brings a shift in energy with the potential for wealth, fame and/or recognition.  It can also be great for career development.  This energy brings a double dose of movement to increase the permanent energy in the center of your home or business depending on your building’s specific energy.

South: brings the potential for delays, struggles, and/or pain.  If this is an entrance, expect to return to get things you forgot.  This month gives you time to slow down and relax before the energy of creativity, travel and movement forward comes to the South in October.  Enjoy some downtime this month if you spend a lot of time in the South.  If this is your office, you may want to work in other areas of your building this month.  The East would be a good prosperous location this month for a second work area!

Southwest: brings the potential for wealth and career development.  Depending on your permanent energy specific to your home, you may experience possible cravings for alcohol, and the potential for shopping, vanity.  Great month to expand your business endeavors resulting in success.

East:  this period has the potential for great abundance, good health, new relationships and harmony.  Spend time in the East this month and enjoy unexpected prosperity with expansion of wealth, health, and/or relationships.  If this is your front door you may have more visitors, new friendships, improved health, and/or wealth expansion!.  If this is the front door of your business you may experience expansion of clients and/or wealth.  If this is your bedroom, you may experience a raise, unexpected income, improvement in your health, and/or additions to your family this month.

West:  this energy brings the potential for whining and complaining.

Northwest:  this energy has the potential for separation and/sickness. Lots of letting go may occur this month for the occupant of this area. Expect people to experience job changes, promotions, retirement, or resignations, relationship break-ups, renters or homeowners moving if this is their master bedroom, and much change coming related to a major transformation.

North:  brings the potential here for power and authority.  It is a good month to go for that job you have been thinking about, particularly if you spend a lot of time in the North; such as a family room or your bedroom, or even a front door entrance into your home that you use often.  The North is an important area this month to tap into this powerful energy.

Northeast: brings the potential for travel, creative writing, great academics, any type of creative activity, and the potential for teaching and/or speaking.

Southeast:  this energy increases the permanent energy of your home and/or business to its highest potential all year here in the Southeast.

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