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Sychronicities abound with my recent experiences.  Before beginning this month’s post it is important that I share my deepest condolences for the families of the victims of Pittsburgh, MA. and last night in my community of Thousand Oaks, CA  after the recent shootings..  This newsletter was written a couple of weeks ago and the energy of pain that visits in the heart of all buildings in November beginning November 7, is understandable with the recent shootings that have taken place in the USA,  The Universe is there for each and everyone of us, and believe that these lives lost have not sacrificed in vain, but will be a vehicle for change to help everyone understand how we are all connected and human life is sacred.  I believe each and everyone of us have angels and spirit guides surrounding us, helping to navigate this earth experience.  I wish that my post this month will give you comfort in that fact.

Have you noticed all the synchronicities coming in right now or is it just me? Maybe it is that we are going through another awakening as a society. Feng Shui has given me a deep respect for the invisible energies we do not see, and it has taught me to have a keener sense of observations as messages are all around us if we stay vigilant and aware.

When I first started my spiritual journey years ago, I would see 11:11 everywhere, and I soon learned it was a signal to help society and individuals awaken to a more spiritual way of living. Then I begin seeing 333 and 444. I purchased the book by Doreen Virtue, “Angel Numbers 101” which I keep in my car for reference, because I usually see these numbers on license plates. 333 means the ascended masters; Jesus, Saint Germain, Moses, Buddha, Quan Yin, Lao-Tzu, and Yogananda are working with you!

444 is the Christ Consciousness energy of love and it indicates that things are going in the right direction in your life., surrounded by protective angels. I also believe that Arch Angel Michael is part of these angels that support us on our journey. Lately I have been seeing these numbers repeatedly, plus animals I don’t normally see.

This is How I Talk to the Universe and the Universe Talks to Me!

The other night right outside my bedroom window as I sat and read I could hear a high pitched bird,  My husband came in and pointed out to me that high above our house right outside my window where I was sitting high was a hawk high in a pine tree.  Hawk is known as a messenger of divine energy, and is considered protectors and visionaries of the air,  Also I recently saw a field of deer on my drive through the Santa Monica Mountains.  Indians believed that a deer represent the energy of love from the Great Spirit.  Buddha is often pictured with a deer,  When deer shows up it means an opportunity to express gentle love and doors opening to new adventures.

Today I had the wonderful experience of seeing a turkey vulture and minutes later a hawk of the same family, both swooping up their prey and flying across the road in front of my car.  The Turkey Vulture is one of the most graceful birds in flight as they ride the thermals and wind-borne updrafts.  Their appearance is an indication that the observer may soon see auras and colors around people and things.  Then when I was outside the other night I caught a glimpse of a shooting star that looked more like a comet exploding as it speed through the sky.

This is how I talk to the Universe and the Universe talks to me.  Nature is so alive!  I know that something will be revealed to me soon with all these messages from the Universe.  As I began to write this newsletter I wanted to know how to tell you that in November expect delays, pain, and/or struggles coming to the heart of all buildings.  Then I realized that not everyone will have delays because there is so much more to Feng Shui energies than just what is in the center of all buildings.  If you are aware of the possibility of delays and/or pain coming, then you can better understand and allow this energy in order to move through the month, taking more time, being thorough, and doing more self-care this month.  Remember the energy is not good or bad, it is our human perspective.  Some of you who have been so busy and stressed may welcome the slow down!

I also look at what is coming through your front door and where you sleep; both are two very important areas of your home that reveal a lot about your life experiences month by month and year to year.  You can scroll below to see what energy is coming through your front door or bedroom in November, if you know the direction of the quadrant in your home where your front door or bedroom is located.  If your front door or bedroom  is in the Northeast for example, then you may be the one who hosts Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends, with the energy of abundance, prosperity and expansion of relationships coming through your front door this month!

It is important to look at many areas of your home to determine the potential in your life.  One of my clients had their house for sale and I thought they would sell in August because the center of their home had abundance, their front door had increased separation energy due to the visiting yearly energy, and their master bedroom had separation energy for the month.

To my surprise, they moved to another home in August, which was clearly shown by all the various energies in their home.  This explained why their master had separation energy that month, not due to the sale of their home.  They continued to keep their home on the market for sale,  In October came abundance to their front door indicating money from a sale of the home.  Sure enough the home is in escrow now and they are hosting a garage sale now at their previous home which will bring in more abundance before they complete their move.

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See Below for the Feng Shui Visiting Monthly Energies for
November 7, 2018  through  December 6, 2018

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This Month Your Home Supports Academic Success and Career Advancement!

What’s the Energy in Your Home?

See below to read about each of the nine quadrants in your building and what you can expect in the areas where you spend the most time.

CENTER: has the potential for delays, pain, and/or struggles.  This month this energy may also be a challenge if you force things to move ahead to quickly.  Use this delay energy to meditate, relax, and give yourself plenty of time to accomplish tasks that have a deadline to avoid feeling pressed.  Avoid spending time in the center of your building this month if possible.

SOUTH: increases the permanent energy within your building to its highest potential all year.  The permanent energy was captured when your building was built.

SOUTHWEST: this energy has the potential to bring separation and/or sickness.  The Universe loves a void, so use this energy to “let go” of anything that does not bring you joy, and watch how the Universe brings you more!

EAST: energy has the potential to bring whining and complaining, feelings of betrayal and/or the potential for robbery.  Robbery is usually not a concern unless you are a jeweler and the East is the front door entrance to your business or where your most valuable items are kept.  Usually the energy of complaining occurs before letting go, so this month will help you get clear by expressing your feelings.

WEST: the visiting energy here brings the potential for competitions at work.  If you are self-employed this is a good time to step up and be seen.  This will have a bigger influence on you if this is an entry,to your bedroom or area where you work most.

NORTHEAST: this month’s energy brings good health, expansion of wealth, new relationships, visitors, and/or an increase in clients if you are a business owner.  This energy is very auspicious.  This energy benefits you most if this is an entry or bedroom, or office where you work.  This is a great place for your business phone. If you want to get pregnant and this is your bedroom, you may have positive results in November, or you may hear about coming additions to your family through marriage.

NORTH: this month’s visiting energy brings the potential for the expansion of wealth and fame.  You could receive recognition this month at work, in school, or in your community.  You may find you need prescription drugs this month if you spend a lot of time in the North.

NORTHWEST: this month’s visiting energy brings the potential for power and authority and wealth here.  This is very auspicious energy and if this is your office, people will return calls easily!  Spend time in this area this month to enjoy more success.  This is a great place for your phone.

SOUTHEAST: this energy brings the potential here for travel, creativity, speaking, presenting, and along with the 2018 year’s visiting energy of expansion of wealth and/or new relationships such as; friends, co-workers, or additions to your family.  This is a great area to spend lots of time during November.  This energy expands your career, and may bring you unexpected money if this is an area where you work, sleep, or spend time!

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