Feng Shui  Fire Trigram

There is one Fire trigram, a Yang.   
You will see also the supporting and diminishing trigrams in the chart below.  

LI - East Group *(E, SE, N, S)

Element Fire
Yin/Yang YANG
Tendencies Determination, drive, high energy, tends to be a workaholic
Symbol Fire
Body Parts Eyes and heart (can see their heart through their eyes)
Colors Red, maroon, purple
Supported by
(energized by)
Wood (Fire burns better with more Wood)
color: green
Supports Earth (Fire is parent of Earth. When it burns it leaves ashes = Earth)
Dominated by
(reduced by)
Water (Water extinguishes Fire)
colors: blue and black
Career computer related jobs, landscape designer, fireman, zoo related positions, fireworks or pyrotechnics, lighting consultant, electrical engineer, chef or cook; can work long hours indoor or out 
Leisure camping, hiking, bowling, archery, aerobics, gardening, cooking and computer classes, trips to Las Vegas, Sedona 
Number 9
Orientation South (*underlined indicates best sleeping direction for head to be pointed. First direction indicates best to be facing in creativity, study or work)  

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