Expect an Exciting New Life!

Sal and I pictured here are just playing around at the Mall in the Easter Bunny booth!  Good memories of taking our kids to get photos with the Easter bunny!  

Happy Easter if you are celebrating this holiday weekend!  For those of you who are, I hope you have a joy filled day with family and friends, being with those you love!  So many stories have been told through the years about Jesus.

I have always felt that the most important message Jesus was teaching was that you are loved, and that we are able to do what he did; heal and never die.  This was a reference to our Spirit within.  I believe our thoughts are prayers no matter how you celebrate the joy of life and that it is important to stay positive with your thoughts being in a vibration of love. 

Feng Shui is More Than the Art of Placement!

When I first began to study this nature science which is so much more than the art of placement referred by many as Feng Shui having no connection to religion, I learned that it is a study of the combination of many sciences that focus on nature and how cycles of energy reoccur making events more predictable.

In class, we were taught that everything is made of energy. Just like an ice cube that is frozen and then melts when held in your hand, changing into water. Then just like snow melts and goes up to the clouds and comes back down as rain, we see the cycle of life with what we call death is really only changes in form. Many of my clients have shared with me that they know their loved ones including pets who have passed are close having unexplainable experiences. When my brother passed years ago, I had undeniable experiences that helped me change my view knowing that our loved ones are with us.

I know now that thoughts really do become things even for those who do not believe it!  Now that we have moved into the new 20 year cycle of energies beginning in 2024 through 2043, in conjunction with the Age of Aquarius we are seeing that more focus on humanitarian concerns is attracting amazing technologies to change our lives for the better.

Expect an Exciting New Life and New World!

Those who quiet their minds and have an intention to help improve the world are open to the exciting information coming in from the Universe with ideas of new technologies to transform lives. We are moving forward into a much different world where the old ways of power, greed and control no longer work. It does not matter who receives the ideas for cutting edge technologies, it it out in the Universe for any one whose vibrations match the manifestation with the best of intentions!

More and more you will hear of new and amazing technologies that have never been seen before to improve lives. Being open minded and in a vibration of joy with focus on everything you love; such as animals, people and fun activities help attract more happiness into your life!

When I started observing my thoughts and watching experiences that would occur, I became intrigued how what I desired came into my life which lead me to do the following experiment!

WOW!  Our Thoughts Really Do Become Things!

One day I decided to test my theory about how our emotions are an important part to help us create.  I started by getting in a positive mood and then picked up a spiral notebook and pen and went outside to my patio, close to nature, where I always feel good.  After relaxing in a comfortable chair, I cleared my mind and asked my self, "What would I like to do to have fun?"  It was that simple!

In my mind, I began to picture attending a wedding.  I really got into this exercise by describing on paper how much fun I was having.  I pictured a wonderful experience where everyone in attendance were joyful and loving toward each other.  I visualized the wedding as quite an extravagant event taking place in a beautiful environment, with dancing and music, and delicious food.  I savored the experience and relaxed into the daydream, then I closed my notebook and let go.

Within a few days I received an invitation to a bridal shower at a beautiful home where the food was delicious, the outdoor setting was beautiful, the bride and everyone attending were happy.  The invitation was not for a wedding, but it was a hint of what was to come, like seagulls let you know you are nearing land if you’re on a boat in the ocean.  I knew I would be receiving an invitation to a wedding.  I was surprised when I received more than one invitation.

A week or so later I received a wedding invitation for October 1st, six weeks after my original journaling. Then to my surprise, my mother received a wedding invitation from her former neighbor, who she had not seen in years. She wanted me to accompany her. Both weddings were scheduled on the same day, though at different times, so I was able to attend both.  And I did.  I took my mother to her friend’s wedding, held at noon on a chartered yacht in the harbor at Marina del Rey, California.  We cruised around the harbor, enjoyed music and food and watched the loving couple exchange their wedding vows at the ship’s bow.  

After driving my mother home, at 5:00 PM that evening I attended a wedding ceremony at a beautiful country club near my home.  The outdoor wedding garden ceremony was followed by a social gathering, where hors d’oeuvres were served before the guests were invited into a ballroom to be seated at elegantly decorated tables.  A delicious meal was served, followed by music and dancing.  I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of both celebrations:  the joyful feelings and camaraderie, the music, the food, just as I had pictured it 6 weeks earlier!

The most surprising event happened that same week in October.  I had made plans to meet Donna, my friend from Maui, in Las Vegas on Thursday, October 6, and looked forward to enjoying a relaxing time together enjoying a visit to a hotel spa. Donna also had plans to attend a co-worker’s wedding that same week.  You guessed it, when the bride discovered I would be meeting Donna in Vegas, she invited me to her wedding as well.  My third happy wedding was set in an outdoor garden, followed by a sit-down dinner inside, with dancing and music following.  The joy and feeling of connectedness between everyone was exactly what I had asked for.  I never met the bride or groom before, yet I could not have been more graciously welcomed to their special event.

My experiment worked!  I had written down exactly what I felt would be fun and enjoyable and focused on the emotion of the event I wanted to experience. What I received was even better than I had imagined. 

April 5th Visiting Energies Bring Whining & Complaining!

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Based on the fact that your building's energy contains nine equal quadrants of energy  and each of those nine quadrants will have an energy unique to that area of your building.  The new monthly energies arrive on April 5, 2024 and peak around April 17h through April 21st, falling in the middle of the monthly cycle. 

The Center of your home or business is symbolic of the heart of your building.  This means that everyone working or living in this building will be effected by the visiting month's energy along with the energies captured when your home was originally built. 

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