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Patt Sendejas – Certified Life Coach – Interior Designer-CID/Feng Shui Consultant – Author – Speaker

Feng Shui For Career Women

Feng Shui for Career Women offers you the first step toward understanding your environment’s energy.  In chapter one, you begin with charting each of the eight personality types, determining your own most supportive elements, colors, bed directions, and work directions. The Yin and Yang Theory helps you focus on those eight personality types to help you determine tendencies and compatibility with your work force, clients, associates, and friends and family. This is a great book to help anyone selecting a home or business building to determine what best supports the occupants. 

Letting Go To Create A Magical Life

Letting Go to Create a Magical Life tells how letting go of old habits, negative thoughts and fear creates a more joyful life.
Chapter exercises guide the reader to move forward to