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Ready to Manifest Your Joy?
Ready to Manifest Your Joy? So many components come into play when you desire to attract something new. The most important is to raise your vibration.   Mainly if you feel you want something then you are in the vibration of lack just by your longing for change.  A feeling of lack keeps you stuck. When was the last time you did something playful?  It is the vibration...
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Want Good Health? See What Home to Avoid!!!
Want Good Health?  See What Home to Avoid!!! I enjoyed seeing all the great architecture having an exciting birthday month traveling to Oregon!  My grandson, Tanner, was just accepted to the University of Oregon. I was able to travel with my family to visit friends when he and his parents toured the University in Eugene.  Sal and I travelled on to Portland to visit...
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Expect an Exciting New Life!
Expect an Exciting New Life! Sal and I pictured here are just playing around at the Mall in the Easter Bunny booth!  Good memories of taking our kids to get photos with the Easter bunny!   Happy Easter if you are celebrating this holiday weekend!  For those of you who are, I hope you have a joy filled day with family and friends, being with those you love!  So many...
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Are you Experiencing Synchronicities?
Are you Experiencing Synchronicities? I am!!!  The synchronicities that come into my life continue to make me believe that my Thoughts Become Things! Just one month after I spoke of healing with light look what I attracted! I am writing this as I am losing one hour of daylight as we set our clocks back in the US for Daylight Savings time.  I am looking forward to...
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You'll See it when You Believe it!
You’ll See it When You Believe It! I ran across this previous post I did several years ago. For my long-time readers you may remember this post. I thought it was so important to run again because this is a perfect example of how to manifest! Recently I lost track of this important step. As a type “A” personality, I forgot that the Universe is just...
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Refresh Your Home's Energy for the Year of the Dragon!
Refresh Your Home’s Energy for the Year of the Dragon! I have always burned sage to refresh the energies in my home.  During my training course  Everything is Energy in January, participants asked me for instructions on how to clear old or negative energies from your home.  You can purchase white sage or lavender sage at most health food stores.  Before going...
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Thank you to so many of you who came to my Feb. 3 and Feb. 4 Healing Faire Event and attended my talk! I welcome many of you who are new to my newsletters after requesting to sign up at the Healing Faire earlier this month at the Residence Inn in Oxnard, CA.  It was great to meet so many new Spiritual Seekers and also seeing so many familiar faces in my audiences....
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