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I have always had a love for Environmental design.  It began at the age of 7 when I stayed overnight at a friend’s home and asked her before going to sleep if we could go downstairs and rearrange her parent’s living-room furniture.  I continued to pursuit my passion of design by starting my own Interior Design business after graduating from UCLA’s Interior and Environmental Design Program. Shortly thereafter I was invited to teach all the interior design courses at Moorpark College while running my own design firm and attending Cal State Northridge to complete my B.A. Degree.

In 1997, my design assistant and friend gave me a book on Feng Shui. I immediately became fascinated and wanted to learn more about this practice.  To my surprise, a Feng Shui Master, from China, had come to America to teach this ancient practice the year before.  It was as if I was being guided to learn.  The Master was selected at the age of 6 to learn from his uncle, who had been part of a long line of family Feng Shui Masters.  

Feng Shui is often misunderstood.  This is a “nature science” based on a compass reading to determine the orientation of a building so that mathematical calculations can be created to interpret the energy within the building.  It is often called Chinese geomancy, and is a traditional practice that originated in Ancient China and claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. This is not a religion.  The term feng shui means, literally, "wind-water". According to Wikipedia.

This had been a very secretive practice for over 5,000 years observing nature and its cycles of energy. We have heard of the effects of time, some refer to this as “astrology”. We know that everything is based on change. Some years are marked with great benefits while others seem to be filled with obstacles and struggle. For years man has been captivated by the stars. As a result, numerous types of astrology have been developed to chart the nature of these changes over time.

The Chinese have spent centuries observing the effects of these forces. Ancient philosophers, meteorologists, and astronomers studied and worked out systems for determining how the forces of nature play out in time and space. This centuries old system involves an intensive study that takes many years to master.

I have spent over two decades consulting thousands of clients to improve their lives by helping them realize and improve the energies within their environments. My testimonies give greater insights on how this ancient nature science has helped many of my clients over the years.  My consultations caused me to be fascinated by how change would occur quickly for my clients once they made simple changes of colors, and accessories based on the five elements in nature to specific areas within their spaces. Running my own Interior Design business after graduation, prior to learning how each building has its own energy blueprint within the building, I realized that I had been unaware of how important selecting the proper color palette is to the health and wealth of the occupants living and/or working within the space.

As I began to apply my knowledge of the energy within the building in my consultations, my clients experienced new opportunities in their life due to an awareness of their unique building’s energy and my suggested changes made to their environment once completed.   I have been amazed how quickly my clients receive benefit, resulting in a home selling or a business increasing clients, once the correct elements are in place.  Once I help clients identify and change the energies within the environment, they report having greater abundance. I look forward to assisting you in identifying the energy within your building that may be blocking your success. CLICK HERE to inquire about a consultation.

When a home or business is built, and the roof goes on, this is when the specific energy is captured for that building, based on the year and the orientation of the building on the lot. For a future home, or business, different energies can be captured just by changing the orientation of the building to capture best energy during the design stage when the home or business is being built.  Once the roof is completed the building’s permanent energy has been captured.   Developers and architects find this information very beneficial in order to select the best energy to support the occupants living or working in the building when selecting the building’s orientation.

I also offer a very comprehensive report by email if you would like to submit a floor plan and send a compass reading for me to determine your building’s energy along with proper elements to be placed in specific areas to increase wealth and improve health! CLICK HERE to inquire about a report by email and I will contact you how to summit your information.

I have helped a client stop a foreclosure of their home after years of legal struggles just by doing technical mathematical calculations based on the occupant’s year of birth and determining when to open the roof to capture more positive energy. When a building’s roof is properly opened for 8-10 days, the energy changes within the building and can bring the potential for more wealth, good relationships, and improved health to the occupants.

Very few buildings need to have their roof opened in order to have daylight hit the floor changing the energy within.  Usually in my 2-3 hour on-site consultations I am able to provide needed and simple changes to colors, accessories and sometimes a different placement of furniture to properly balance any unwanted energies. Clients report positive results within 3 days to 3 weeks once the proper energies have been placed.

The forces of the universe are constantly changing. However, these changes occur in cycles. Our planet rotates on its axis to go from day to night. We move through time as we pass week to week, month to month and season to season. Our passage of cycles goes through many forces. The Earth has gravity and magnetic fields. Our environment is actively and passively affected by these forces as we go through our cycles.  These energy forces and time cycles have a direct effect on how we react and interact with our environment and affect humans profoundly.

Becoming aware of your buildings ENERGY BLUEPRINT is the traditional Chinese art of living in a harmonious environment in order to receive the greatest benefits in life: health, love, and prosperity. Charting a building is an analytical system developed by centuries-old cumulative tradition based on meticulous observation and experimentation.  Just as many of us do not know the technical knowledge of electricity and how it works, and yet we enjoy appliances, and read by lamps utilizing electricity.

Don’t let your lack of knowledge of Feng Shui deprive you of its wonderful benefits.  Knowing the ENERFY BLUEPRINT of your building helps to show you where it’s most advantageous for you to live, how to create a beneficial environment, which colors elevate your personal living space, and shows you how to change your work place, business, or home into a center of power.

In my consultations I provide you with a floor plan identifying the ENERGY BLUEPRINT of your building and how to create results for the improvement of your health, love, and prosperity by determining your correct placement within the natural order. I also provide guidance to builders, home buyers, designers, architects, and realtors. My consultations give guidance that enables a home buyer to decide whether or not a home is compatible with their family.

When I consult, I gather information on a home or business, and determine if there is going to be harmony or prosperity for the occupant based on elements and information about the environment and its occupant. If the information indicates that the home or business is unfavourable, I am able to make suggestions for adjustments to that environment in order to bring about a more desirable situation.  Where an architect may give advice on adding a bedroom or bathroom to give a client more needed space, my ENERGY BLUEPRINT consultants may suggest a change in furniture placement to help the client increase concentration or improve sleep, which in turn will bring better productivity at work, therefore adding prosperity.

The system is based on both physical reactions of the elements in the natural environment and information about the individual. By identifying each personality type living in the home, or working in the business, I am able to personalize the report specific to the occupants within the space.  Personality typing is an essential tool for the home or business owner that brings about more awareness providing additional information in order for the individual(s) to make conscious choices to improve their life based on their personality type.

My years of design education, running my own design business, along with a comprehensive understanding of a building ‘s energy blueprint allows me to share ways for you to transform the energy within your environment so you can improve health, increase wealth, relax, reduce stress, and move forward.  Choose what works best for you; a Building Energy Consultation and/or an Hourly Coaching Sessions with Patt.

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